Porterville, California

Chase my mortgage company approved my loan modification March 23, 2010. I was informed by the Specialist not to make April's payment because trial modification would start May 1, 2010.

I was approved to new monthly trial payments.

No paperwork to sign instead I received from Chase a letter that they were transfering my mortgage documents to Lender Business Process Services (LBPS) in August 1,2010.

I made the payment Chase asked me and in turn transfer my mortgage to LBPS. I received letter from LBPS August 17, 2010 stating I was currently in default under the terms of my loan and apply for a loan modification I am losing my home and its going into Public auction.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

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Hate to tell you this, but you should have listened when they told you to not make that first month payment. And it is very common for a mortgage to be sold from one company to another.

Sounds like that's what happened in your case. Perhaps you should have taken the advice to not make the first month's payment?

Lady Ilea

I really hate to tell you this, but you have been had by Chase Mortgage with one of their very common tricks.

The only way that I could stop their tactics was to file bankruptcy to protect my home. I did that and boy were they not happy. They also re-sold the original loan back to the original lender.

A Chase representative said they only bought the loan to be able to take all the equity I had in my home and then bail out. I became far too much trouble for them, so they didn't get what they came for. I ended up costing them a lot in legal fees and they got nothing.

I am saddened to see that they are still pulling these tricks after they got in so much trouble. They were ordered to stop this, but it seems they don't care if they get caught again.

I think the old corporate saying is that if you do something wrong enough long enough, it becomes company policy. Might have had Chase in mind.


1. Kathleen I feel for you, but you're a ***. The "bailout" money has been repaid by most (including Chase Bank) and with interest. They repaid loans, so should you.

2. You were far more than 1 payment behind for forclosure. More than likely they said they wanted a double payment and YOU said they'd get nothing. Forclosure takes more than 1 payment and usually takes about 3-6 months.

3. As for sale of house, should have sold it, paid money to Chase, then paid off the remaining amount. Your story makes no sense and you need to take a better look at your finances.

With that said, Chase is a s---y company to be with for anything other than a credit card, and even that's negotiable. Go with a lender that deals exclusively in homes, they'll actually work with you.


Are you in new york


I am looking for individuals to join me in a potential Class Action lawsuit against Chase Bank for violating my home owner rights and failing to follow Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) guidelines. If your property is in New York were approved for the trial period, made all of your scheduled payments on time, andthen you were denied for a modification, please contact me. joejoe1815 @ gmail .com


In 2005 we had a mortgage with Chase and missed one payment in early summer. I made the next payment on time and continued that way the next month.

I got a letter from C demanding a double payment the next month. I talked with their customer service and said I could continue to pay 1 payment per month until I got my tax return in February or pay a little extra each month until it was caught up. Also we were selling the house and all would be well soon. They refused to accept one payment, it was 2 or nothing.

They started forclosure. We had an offer on the house $3500 less than the loan payoff but they would not accept a short sale or a loan against our car for the difference. When they sold the house at auction they got $75,000 less than the payoff amount and we filed chapter 7. We were only 1 loan.

I have had 2 other people tell me the same story. What's the chance there are many more examples? I guess their attorney was not going to make any money if they didn't do the foreclosure. And the rest of the money?

Well it wasn't their money, right? It came from the government bailout.