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Chase is a JOKE!! This so-called bank doesn't care about working with anyone.

My husband and I tried to get a modification done on a home we've been unable to sell for YEARS. The economy has been too bad, particularly in the area where our old house is located. We've done our best to make payments on that home for years when we really didn't have the income to do so, including having renters to help with the payments due every month.

We started our modification process a year ago and after the first paperwork was sent in, we thought everything was all set… they said they had everything they needed and told us to NOT make any payments until we heard from them regarding the modification. We did as told and didn't hear a word from them for months, even tough my husband made numerous attempts to contact them. Next thing you know, our renters call and say they saw a Notice of Mortgage Foreclosure Sale on the house. WE WERE NEVER EVEN NOTIFIED!!! Don't they need to notify us at least with Certified Mail?

Needless to say my husband called Chase immediately and said we were told to sit tight until we here from them… and we don't hear anything but they've put the home into foreclosure?!! What the ***?! They "claimed" they didn't have all the paperwork and that we were now in default… and we were told not to pay so their employee advised us to default on the home?!! Talk about maddening! They said we could resubmit all the paperwork and start the modification over…. which we did.

They sent us a notice to pay so much a month for so many months. Not a problem, except the last payment is for around $10,000! Why?! The normal mortgage payment is around $900. Who on Earth with a $900 a month mortgage can afford to pay $10,000? If I had that kind of cash laying around I wouldn't have needed the modification in the first place!

Now the home is BACK in foreclosure. We have tried working with Chase for ANY option… lowered mortgage payment so the renters can cover the cost and not require us to pay more each month, deed in lieu of foreclosure, short sale, you name it! Nope. They seem happiest with a foreclosure.

What really ticks me off is back when the banks got a bailout, Chase supposedly got a lot of money and reportedly bought TWO luxury jet liners for its executives. Really?!! I thought that money was meant to help people out that wanted to work with them. It's not like we are deadbeats who just quit paying the mortgage. My husband and I both work A LOT, but unfortunately we are just one family of many in this scenario.

I will be sure to inform EVERYONE I know about how Chase operates. Nobody should do business with them… PERIOD! If they want to screw over the American people and the American economy…. I say, screw them back!!! Then when they're out of a job and struggling to make ends meet, we can all say "Welcome to OUR world!!".

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Same situation for me be submitting documents for 18 months, getting a different stories from each Chase-ite that I speak to and the attitude, like they personally loaned me the money is maddening! Today spoke to 16 different people got 16 different responses and now I am taking names and numbers.....Anyone know what we can do?


Same deal for me. One and a half years in loan modification.

Repeating every step they ask me to repeat. More paperwork of the same paperwork, more bank statements et al. Made the "trial payments" then asked AGAIN to resubmit all the paperwork (48 pages) and then got a notice that I was "denied loan modification for failure to comply with the requests for paperwork". Spoke with at least a half a dozen Chase-ites following this with each giving me a different story and accusing me of NOT sending in my Profit/Loss statement in the 48 page fax.

But I did send it and eventually one employee in the NY Loss Mitigation Department found the paper misfiled. He then resubmitted the request to be reconsidered for loan mod. Told me to call back in a week to ten days. Called on the 11th day and the deadbeat phone answerer said I'd been denied for failure to submit...

Chase is the worst institution to deal with.

They do not want to approve the loan modification. What can we do????