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In 2004 while my sister purchased a money order for me from Chase Manhattan for 100 dollars. Since I was not in dire need of 100 dollars at the time, I chose to keep my money order for a rainy day. As far as I know, money orders cannot expire, since they are fully paid for.

When I finally deposited the money order in early 2005, Chase Manhattan refused to pay, and I was charged by my bank for trying to cash a bad check.

I sent a written complaint to Chase Manhattan in New-York in 2005, visited a branch in Michigan in 2006, and talked to representatives on the telephone in both 2005 and 2006. None of this brought results.

I still possess the returned money order. Chase just unshamedly pocketed my sister's money.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Dear Strawberry Nightmare,

So what should I do about it now? Try to cash it again?



Money orders are not checks in that they are already prepaid unlike a personal check. Money orders, unless stated on the check, are good for an infinite amount of time.


After 6 months all checks become stale dated and are not honorable by any bank. Your bank should have reviewed the date and warned you about the situation. Occasionally some checks slip though by neglectful people who ignore the date.