Yelm, Washington
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My Chase credit card limit was lowered from $14,000 to $4,200. I have always paid on time, never missed a payment, paid more than the minimum amount, my credit score is over 800 and my credit card balance has steadily declined.

One of the reasons listed was that the balance was too high compared to the credit card limit. My balance was at 27% of my credit limit but when they lowered the limit, it became over 90% of the limit.

I believe I am being penalized because I am not using the credit card and trying to pay it off. This action will definitely have an affect on my credit score and I have done nothing to deserve this treatment.

And oh, by the way...I got this credit card through AARP!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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Yep, just did that to us.


You haven't figured it out yet. Banks lower credit card limits so that your FICO score drops so that they can charge you a hired interest.

The thieving hasn't stopped, they just find new ways.