The process continues, now on my 18th month. After my meeting with my Congresswoman, Lois Capps, I received communication from JPMorgan Chase "exectutive office" - as they are "looking into my application." I hope that this journey is nearing an end and going into a permanent Loan Modification.

Again, I urge everyone who reads this to write your local government authority and register a written complaint. It's time to put the banks on notice through our government channels. Why? Because they voted to lend them the money - they are involved and responsible. We are clearly not alone on this issue. Even though it feels like it. Also, copy your communciation to the media, i.e., CNN, New York Times, Wall Street Journal and President Obama. Our communciation will build.

Still looking into a class action suit, but have not found a firm who can take it on. That's more reason to get writing.

May we all do well on a collective basis.

Lisa Sands

Santa Barbara, CA

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I believe Chase pats their employees to keep delaying the process for a modification or short sale. We applied for a modification.

Chase had us reapply 3 times during a full year. Decided to short sale and went through sending in all the paperwork again twice with a full cash offer. Kept putting us off, switching investigators and appraisers for several more months until our buyer just gave up waiting and pulled out. Now Chase has set a foreclosure date in 7 days.

I have done everything right; sent every document in when requested. Chase states they will have an answer within 30 days on their website-it is in the California Homeowners Bill of Rights. But they could care less. Does anyone care?

They are the ones with the money the government bailed them out with and they plan to keep it for themselves. And no one in the government or anyone else is doing anything about it to stop them.

I don't have the money to pursue a lawsuit that would stop Chase's unlawful practices; heck, I don't have enough money to pay the mortgage. It's why I fell for their lies in the first place.

In the process since 10/09 No one, including Chase has seen or heard from my X wife since she talked me into a refinance of my home. She was gone before the ink dried and took the money.

Chase has my address and phone as her contact info. In spite of the divorce decree awarding the home to me, she also recently went bankrupt,(karma, ha ha) releasing her from this loan. In the hardship letter they were informed that my mom, who is 86 is in my care and lives at my home and that my wife to be who also lives in my home has just been diagnosed with final stage kidney failure. To continue,I finally made it to the underwriters After going through what you all have gone through, submitting and resubmitting endlessly.

I was told that "just last week they changed their policy" and no longer do mods with two names on the loan with out both parties applying. I would have to assume the loan first,,,, They knew I wouldn't qualify for that. I believe they lied and like a school yard bully said,
" what are you going to do about it?

" It goes with out saying, caring for no one, they have no soul and come from the dark side. :?

I've been dealing with Chase for 12 mos for loan mod, faxed papers over and over again. The lastest update is "under review by underwriter" .

Looks like it is a good idea to write to my congressman in San Francisco, CA. Thank you all.


Well like the rest of you , we also have applied for a loan modification in aug 2009. After submitting new documents every 3 months, and CHASE always misplacing one thing or another, in April of 2010...8 months after applying they send us a fed ex package Congratulating us on being approved to go in to a trial payment....They lowered our payments by $36...What a joke, but trying to be optimistic, we made 5 trial payments,just to get a letter from CHASE that as of Sept 1st, our loan will be serviced by another company...Called chase and asked how the trial loan modification will work since a new bank is taking over.

We were told not to worry, that our complete file will be transferred to the new bank. Called the new bank, and they have no paperwork from CHASE , and no idea that we were on trial payments!!! How can CHASE do this to people who are struggling to stay in their homes!! WE WAITED 1 YEAR JUST TO BE "SOLD" TO SOMEONE ELSE!!!CHASE IS FRAUD!!!!


Today I filed a complaint with the FTC and am looking for an attorney!!In the mean time we are most likely forced to let go of our house!!! please e-mail me if you had this happened to you or if you can shed some light on the situation!!!


My husband and I have been trying to get a modification since Aug 2009. Sent papework via FedEx at least 5 times, they keep saying they need updated paperwork, I send it, they tell me they are "missing pages". What a joke. I have spent over $100 with FedEx sending them this documentation they keep losing!

Just this morning I found out via an email that I was denied for a modification - no resoning just saying we're denied.

What a joke this whole process is, it took a year to tell me I don't qualify? That's great! And at least some of you got a "trial period" whatever that is, I couldn't even get that far in a year's time.

I would NEVER recommend this bank to anyone.


We've been at it with Chase since Jan. 2009.

We've made trial payments, and have been awaiting closing documents for almost a year, which I doubt will ever materialize, even though Chase has repeatedly told us we would get them shortly. Now they've sent us a letter telling us our mod has expired due to not sending them requested documents.

We have had a law firm handling this since Jan. 2010, and they have gotten nowhere either.


I applied on April 10th 2009.

They kept having me re-fax them stuff. Over and over... then declined me because my documents were old... lol... so I began the process again cause they said they were much quicker nowadays... they declined this time because I wasn't behind in my payments by 60 days and I hadn't proved a hardship... my loan's now been transferred to another servicer. I guess I'm not getting a refi. I've been taking loans out of my 401k to deal with it.

They seemed to encourage you to stop paying the loan, which seemed really weird to me.


We applied in march 2009.. they lost our papers..

applied in person in may 2009 they lost our papers.. applied in july 2009 got a trial plan.. completed that one.. then got a letter saying we are approved for a dif trial plan..

we completed that one.. and still no answer... they put you deeper into a hole and then slam the door shut... we were only 60 days behind when we started now we are 5 months!!!

even with making the payments on time... someone needs to say enough already...


Been fighting with Chase for a Modification, for over 19 months. My Congressman is going to bat for me.

I have also been interviewed and put on television.Interviewed by Dorothy Tucker of Channel 2 news in Chicago! This bank did not deserve a bailout.

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