Santa Barbara, California

After posting my first complaint on June 23rd I have been doing extensive research on other stories with Chase. All of the stories are the same: Chase is simply not cooperating with accomodating me and thousands of others in the same situation. Chase poses as "helping you" but clearly they are not. It is just one smoke screen after the other.

I have written my congress woman, Lois Capps, and have filed a complaint under her office. Further, I am seeking where I can start a Class Action suit. I highly recommend who ever reads this to do the same; write everyone you know in your pool of government officials and copy the letters to Chase. Somehow and some way this will all build to a change. This behavior is clearly intentional from Chase - we can't go on as they want. And they are still borrowing money from the federal government and we are paying for it! The demoralization of all of this is too much to take anymore.

Thank you for listening.

Lisa Sands

Santa Barbara, CA

  • Lois Capps
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I too attempted to go through a Loan Modification to keep my home. Chase always needed more paperwork, cannot find the paperwork, cannot read the paperwork, the pages arrived blank or black (so how did they know they were mine??).

All kinds of excuses. The scary part is all the while they will not take any money, they hiked my monthly payment from $1,200 a month to $3,135 a month, said that was legal according to Obama and still, after 15 months did not complete the modification.

I finally sold the house, but it cost a bunch to be in the phony loan modification process. I feel certain that the objective is to get as many houses into their posession through foreclosure as possible.


My son in Ohio is going through the same things as most of the complaints about loan modifications. Chase continually asks him to resend the same docs over and over and telling him its in underwriting when it isnt.

He started the loan modification process the end of March 2011 and as of August 15, 2011 still waiting. They have told him they cannot accept any payments because there is NO place to apply them!!!! What about his account number with Chase??? Isn;t that how they track him to see if his payments are late???

Come on!!!! You have people who really dont care about the house and walk away and then someone who wants the house can't get help! Seems like Chase jerks people around all the while getting them farther behind while collecting late fees and in the end probably forecloses anyhow because they make more money thru FDIC. That bank bailout didnt help anyone but the banks.

Mr. your eyes and clam down on the banks. When will the madness stop!


Wow...I'm a composite of all of the above who continue in this total "Chase cluster"!! After reading the last entry about the foreclosure proceedings scheme, I am dumbfounded.

Being in the loan mod program since 6/09, given a temporary payment, which I was told to make continuously, then being thrown into foreclosure because of that advice...REALLY? WTF IS RIGHT.

The most recent submittance of docs (8th time), I was told to fax it to H.A.D. So appropriate!


I have contacted a few attorneys and they all say the same thing. Chase doesn't have to give you a loan or modify it.

If I would have known this to begin with, I would have not spent the last 15 months trying to modify my loan.

I am looking for an attorney who has the courage and moral conviction to hold them accountable for their actions. But, then again, when is the last time you found an attorney like that?


Thank you Joe (8/7/10) for your comments on the deception by JPMorgan Chase and the loan modification scheme. It is clear that Chase is intentionally creating a smoke screen to not modify loans and foreclose on your property. Especially when they are being paid by the insurance companies after you foreclose. The class action suit that is being filed is on the local "state" level because Chase is well aware of how to do their damage by following "federal" required procedures. Anyone reading this comment may want to contact the firm Edelson & Mcguire who is researching such a class action suit that will filed on the state level. The phone number is 312 572 7216. The person to speak to is Arena Slavina, the case number is: CV100319. I found this information out by another posting by a gentleman, Jay Murrell, at 805 215 8622.

Thank you Joe for your comments, this helped me and I hope it helps others.

Lisa Sands

Santa Barbara, CA


Hi Lisa,

Please post info of the Class Action Lawsuit (if it really gets started), so that pissed Chase custromers like us can get on board and fight!!



You all are *** Chase has been the leading bank over the last several years that has been modifying the most mortgages than any other mortgage company. Do the research!

Secondly, you are talking about it hurting your credit? No matter what you do it is hurting your credit! YOU default on your mortgage, the bank does not default! How about you think about this, you have been living in your home with no mortgage payments for how long now?

Poor you!!! No matter what your credit will be shot, enjoy living in your home without any payments until your loan gets modified! I have known several people now who have been modified through Chase with not problems. I have heard a lot of problems with Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.

No matter what bank there will be people like you complaining!!! Shut up, enjoy your mortgage free home for a period, and quit acting so *** ***!!!


OMG! I'm going thru the same ***!! I've been in a loan mod since April 2009 and its July 20 2010! Submitted new docs every 60 days - they gave me a BAU payment since Aug 09 and have been making that payment every month since then. I call every 60 days to follow up and I follow up even after faxing to make sure they received it. I call every 3 weeks to follow up and they tell me the same thing OVER and OVER. then 60 days after that fax, its time to FAX AGAIN NEW DOCS. WTF?

Now my credit is in worst than ever since they're saying I"m 6 mos past due . and also now I'm denied for govmnt programs and have to START all OVER AGAIN with new docs and application. I signed the 4506T 3 times already!!

Help! Class action - count me in. I've been with them since 2002 ! my email is


I've had a whole lot of issues with Chase over a modification request that was denied and extremely rude representatives. You name it, I experienced it.

I mailed several complaint letters to the corporate office in New York and I've received phone calls and letters from the corporate office apologizing, but they still didn't approve the loan modification. I can prove financial hardship, but I have equity in my home so they were pushing me to refinance for 30 years instead of approving the modification. I should be back on my feet in 6 months so to refinance for 30 years over 6 months seemed extreme to me. It seems to me they were pushing for a refinance so they could make a lot more $ off my loan in the long run.

When I said that to a representative his reply was "Why do you care if Chase makes more money off your loan? You get to keep your house, that's all you should be concerned with." I only had 9 years left to pay so I would be adding 21 years to my loan. They also flagged my account as if it was 90 days past due even though it was only 2 weeks past due. I asked why they did that and it's standard procedure if you apply for a loan mod.

They also took away my ability to pay online so I was forced to call in my payment and they were really rude when I called in, asking me 5 different times if I still lived in my home and if it was in good condition.

I finally got tired of dealing with them so I decided to go ahead and refinance for 15 years, but with another company so as of Aug 1, I will no longer be a Chase customer and I could not be happier. Here are the names of two people who have contacted me from corp Darryll Johnson 888-310-7995 ext 1630 and Ashley Hall 614-422-3293.


Chase has been involved in criminal activity in this manner for the past 2 years. It is criminal because, rather than proceed with foreclosure per the mortgage contract you signed with them, they proceeded with an ongoing scheme of deception to foreclose on your property under the guise of following federal required procedures when they borrowed the billions.

Anotherwords they used deception to get to a foreclosure.

They have done this to tens of thousands of homeowners in the same manner without recourse by the federal government. The irony is that if they did not mislead you over this time period and simply foreclosed under the mortgage contract it would have been legal.