Please know that a Class Action has been filed in the State of California against JPMorgan Chase. It is filed on a state by state basis under "unfair business practices" - if you wish to file one, please contact Irina Slavina, Esq. at Islavina@edelson.com. This firm I contacted to investigate a class action. Also call Jay Murrell, 805 215 8622 - he can provide more information, as he is"in" a class action suit. JPMorgan Chase can not continue this unfair business practices any longer - it's all going to come out in the public!

We are all in this together.


Santa Barbara, CA

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California, United States #869994

Just throwing this out there...why would you want to file a class action lawsuit against Chase?Does everyone really understand how class action lawsuits generally work?

They typically end up as follows:

Monetary Damage Settlement - MINUS 30-40% For Attorney Fees = each plaintiff receives a "nominal amount" generally from hundreds of dollars to several thousand dollars.

This might cover a mortgage payment or two but is certainly NOT going to save your home.

There are some exceptions to this, however, history says otherwise.There are better formatted lawsuits available to deal with this particular type of issue.


IS anyone doing a class action in CT?We are filing ourselves against Chase but would love to go after them in a class action too.

They out right lied to us.I will have my day in court with them.


I would like information about any suits against chase in California.I was told in 2010 to stop making my loan payments so that I could qualify for a loan modification.

I had never been late on a loan mortgage in over 30 years but I did as they said.

I was put in the loan modification mode of paperwork requests for over two years. Then I was sent a foreclosure notice. While still being reviewed for modification. I was told that they would foreclose unless ( that I could not qualify for a modification as my home had equity )

I did not have the money to bring my loan current and lost my home.

They actually had me sign papers to stop modification in order to do a short sale! I agreed to the short sale as I had just had brain surgery and couldn't fight them anymore or under stand the paper work they continually had me update for my loan modification.

Really not 2 years later and recovered from surgery, I realize how they took my home when I really couldn't understand or think straight.

My home was all I had, My retirement and if I was healthy and of right mind I never would have agreed to sell my home in a short sale because of never being approved for a modification I never would have been involved in knowing they never had any intensions of approving.

I want my home back and all the stress and lies told to me to be redeemed from CHASE!BTW I was employed by Chase as a loan closer during the refi crunch (push the...

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Tocuhdwon! That's a really cool way of putting it!


I too got a modification however they applied all fees on the back end which increased my mortgage. The house is now worth 110 and I owe 127,000.00. I sent them all the trial payments and it toook them a year to figure it out now I had to default on credit cards to pay for house.


been at modification for 3 years paid forebearance plans top floor is rented for 750 original balance in 2009 was $45,000 now 3 years later, $77,000 been going to court once a month for the last three years. ready to walk away any class action in CT if so drucifer61@yahoo.com

to bobo #832037

We are in CT.Chase has donr the same to us.

If you hear anything please let me now.



Was it legal for Chase to start a modification program, never send receipts, and make promise after promise of lies for over a year to customers?I thought that loan modification was like bank bail outs which i am quite sure Chase applied for from the White House.

They were suppose to help not drown the customers. The debts were raised to the customers and the financial breakthrough only went to Chase. What a shame!

Customer satisfaction is not Chase #1 goal.It is obvious.


I was three months behind in my payments due to my father's illness and death and out of work (teaching) for a while. I was offered and told by Chase that I could lower my payments and sign for a modification loan. That modification period by Chase was suppose to last for three months. I was told to make payments of $100.00 lower from my regular payment until the modification period was over. I was also told that my credit would not be reported as long as I was making the payments on time. Three months came. I made over 100 calls and only promises were given. Three months went to fifteen months and over 1000 calls to Chase from me. I still got promises and were told of the backlog of customers that they had.

Finally,I got a modification noyice that requested my signature and it had extended my loan for 30 more years and added $133,000 in finance charges. The total consolidation loan was #233,000.00. Had my payments been on time,my balance on my current loan would have been only 104,000.00.

I was forced toget a loan from another bank and catch up my payments totaling now over $8,000.00 or be ripped off by Chase with a 30 year mortgage totaling #233,000.00 for the same house. What an attempted ripoff. The payment of $8,000.00 was an overpayment that Chase requested. They NEVER sent me a receipt for payments during the modification period or a statement because thay said that it was against company policy. I was instructed to just keep making payments and...

To date, Chase has not changed the credit reporting as being late during that rip off and deceitful modification period,they have not returned phone calls. They also should not have incurred any interest on my loan during that deceitful and lying modification tricky period. I would choose another bank immediately if Chase had helped with the points on my credit score as promised and not waste so much of my time lying and keeping me on hold with hope for nothing. Chase whole intent was to keep me hanging on for life and then drop a timebomb on me so that I could lose everything and they start the modification trick all over again with the same house and a new client. Chase's modification plan was definitely designed to help its customers fall while Chase gain. I definitrly want to be part of the class action lawsuit. God is Soverign. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap

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I live in Ga, tried to get a modification from chase, original mortgage was 1188.00 after the modification mortgage went to 1405.00, I advised them that this amount was higher that the original mortgage, now my family and I are forced to do a short sale, so that the house will not go into foreclosure.

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