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I've been getting a run around by chase fo 6 months. They asked me to go on 3 months payment trial which i completed.

I've been calling chase ever since and they continue to make excuses,computer conversion etc...my credit is ruined because of them.

I've been one of thier loyal customers, and applied for the Loan Modification Program at Chase bank. We are struggling to meet our monthly payments, because my hours have been cut to part time, my wife lost her job, and we are struggling financially. You can see that prior to these hardships, we paid our mortgage on time monthly. We try to continue to pay our bills on time, but we are greatly struggling.

We would like to continue living in our home with our children. We would like pay our bills, but we need help due to our shrinking income

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I started the process almost two years ago and its the same story I will write again if I have any news Thanks for the info







I have read all of the stories submitted and MAN do they sound familiar. I started this process all of the way back in 2009 when it was "WaMu, now backed by the strength of JPMorgan Chase" and stared the process with a 81 page fax sent to my rep.

Quite a few month's of faxing updated pay stubbs & other information I got notice that I would be doing a TEST payment schedule.I was told only make the 3 test payments. Nothing more! I was also told they would not take the test pmts. if I didn't sign the agreement 1st.

The bad thing was, I did not even see the agreement until after my 1st pmnt. was due. I sent the pmt. anyway so that it would not come back on me later.

I got another agreement sent for the next 2 months & made those pmts. ON time 2. I kept calling every week, as would they. This went on forever.....

about a good year into this process I got notice that we did not qualify for the program as our Mortgage pmt. was not more than 33% of our income. I could not believe that they had this simple formula that they use & it took them over a year to make a determination about my loan mod. Since they would not take any payment (beside the Test) unless the delinquency was paid in full I was only further behind in my mortgage.

Now I am having to go to court to fight for my home. These guys are Shady Shady Shady. I don't understand. This making homes affordable program is only to save the Rich.......

not the little people!! & Chase & other banks are only going to help save the multi million dollar homes!! Stay on top of these crooks when you start this process, as they have something different to say to you wit every different person you speak to!

I hope someone get's an actual modification with these "Bank" robbers! :zzz




I recommend to all of you that you request a transaction history and copies of the BPO's that were done on your property. I did this only because I recieved letters from Chase claiming that they had paid insurance premiums and realestate taxes for me.

Chase never paid any premiums or taxes according to my transaction history and I know they didn't because I paid all of them myself. I have no escrow. I also discovered that Chase had charged me a fee for 2 BPOs. They cannot charge for a BPO if no modification has been granted.

I also obtained copies of the BPOs and found that the description of my home was not complete or correct. The brokers who performed the BPOs had left off valuable information in the description of my home. ie: 2 covered porches, basement, garage, shed.

I have since contacted my states attorney general and filed a complaint against Chase and the broker.

Chase has contacted me but are sending me from one department to another. I record ALL of my telephone conversaions with them and state that I believe that their business practices are criminal and I also repeat that I want my interest rate lowered. I do not want to go through the modification process~it does not work! They make up their own rules and they can lower my interest rate if they want to.

When I contacted the brokers that performed the BPOs, one hung up on me when I asked if she had actually viewed my property in person.

The other broker was quite nice and stated that the BPOs are very unreliable.

However, a Chase employee named Bambie told me that Chase relies on BPOs heavily. Now what's the deal?


I have been going through much of the same stories, If anyof you are in ny shoot me an email, I found an attorney for a class action joejoe1815@gmail.com


Oh and the big thing is that Chase is not even the owner of my loan from GMAC, Chase is only the servicing agent, not the owner of the loan on my home, GMAC is still the owner and they did their part, Chase is a liar on all accounts and they will never give anyone a modification from their bank.


My loan mod was done prior to being transferred to chase. they have done nothing but give me the run around, even though my modification is filed with the county, they claim they have to verify everything with GMAC, it's been a year, i disputed the foreclosure and default because i had made payments and they would acknowledge them, i'm banking my money now, chase can get in line, they get no payments from me and all i do is ignore their phone calls, there is always someone who is going to get to the bottom of the problem but nothing gets done by chase, they are frauds, don't give them any money, write your congresswoman or man, your representatives and obama to get something done, if everyone stops paying chase, they will go broke and they will get no bail outs this time. Chase take a hike.


Chase is abusing the money that has been set aside from the Obama Administration, not only are they being paid from the government they also make you wait as long as possible because they have to have funds in the FCIC reserves for each house that they will be foreclosing on in order to be able to afford and not affect the bank funds and follow the FDIC rules... They are in what would be called double dipping it seems to be.

I would call for an investigation in depth, some people they take payments and others they dont because they already know the outcome but they give people the hope that they will qualify giving them false hope and falling more behind. NOT WHAT THE PRESIDENT intended I urge you all to write to the President Obama and your Governor, assemblymen and women the word needs to get out and this needs to come to a stop. They also claim to have a program for those unemployed that is a total lie they put on a front just for the funding. I understand that we took on the mortgage but at the same time President Obama gave the banks a bail out to help those in need as well fair is fair we are trying to do the right thing atleast give us the opportunity to sell not give us a 2 day foreclosure notice!!!

Please post this email this and spread the word it is up to us ti unite and fight back otherwise they will continue to take advantage. Thank you all and best of luck...

We are too late they are going to foreclose on us keep in mind my husband is a 3 tour Iraq Veteran that they did not even bother to take into consideration... God Bless



send mail to the CEO of Chase

TO : Mr. Jamie Dimon Chairman & Ceo

270 Park Avenue,

New York, New York 10017

Phone: 212-270-1111

Fax : 212-270-1121

E-Mail Address: jamie.dimon@jpmchase.com



I started the modivication process end beginning of NOvember 2010. I went straight to the mod center and was assigned a Relationship Manager that same day.

She checked all my paperwork and submitted.. I call often (at least once a week)file was in underwriting for about a month... I finally got a call from my RM saying that I have been approved for a 3 month trial. I was not happy at first becasue of all the stories I've heard however she assured me that the Trials they are doing now are different..

said all I have to do is make the payments on time and 2 weeks after my 3rd payment I should receive the permanent package with the same payment.. Has anyone had the tiral payments actually approved to permanent??? I haven't seen the documents yet they at at my front door as I speak... I am excited and nervous at the same time.

Please followup with ne for more information. swtmthrof2@yahoo.com


Has anyone paid the payments during the trial period and then have a loan actually modified...loan amount reduced and payments reduced in 2011?

thanks for any help!~


I too went through the loan modification process with Chase. I made my 3 trial payments on time.

I even made a 4th payment. However, Chase cancelled my modification saying I never sent in updated paystubs. They said the paystubs are only good for 60 days. Nowhere in the process did anyone at Chase mention I needed to send in updated documentaion.

Now I am faced with an NOD being filed and having to resubmit an entire package to Chase hoping they will grant me a 2nd modification. Learn from my situation. Just because they grant you a trial mod doesn't mean you can sleep at night again. Stay ontop of them and send in updated information (pay stubs and bank statements everymonth).

Confirm they received the updated information.

Had I know this, I wouldnt be in the situation I am now. Best of luck to all of you.


I too am in the same boat, no communication, it is not my job to call them. it is thiers to notify me of any item needed, any missed line, or decission made.

Im tired of calling, this is my 2nd attempt at a Loan mod with Chase. i thought they only had 20 days, federaly mandated days, to respond to a loan mod???

Anyways Count me in too, i'll psare you all the story, just know this my thoughts and prayers are with you all...


I knew I wasn't alone.

After submitting my documents for the first time. I was told that they hadn't received my copy of my 2009 tax return.

I had sent it in, but sent it in again to be sure that they had received it. They told me they had now received it, but it had to be signed and dated. I said why as the I.R.S. did not require it to be signed when I sent it in by the Turbotax program.

"Chase needs it signed" she said.

I sent it in again.

They said again they had not received it. I sent it in again, once by fax and another copy by mail the same day. Two days late they said they had not received it.

I went to my local CHASE bank and got them to send it in yesterday. I got a conformation sheet from my local bank that the fax had been received. I called today to confirm that they had received it, and YES YOU GUESSED IT ! We haven’t received it was the reply I got.

I spoke to an operative, and she told me the fax number I sent it to, 614 422 7575 was not the correct Fax number, however it is strange that they got some of my paperwork and not others. I was told the correct number is 866 282 5682. I hope this helps someone at least. I am going to send the fax to the new number, but I know already there will be a problem tomorrow......

If Chase is really trying to help us all, why did no one at the Chase office with the wrong number contact me, or forward all of my papers?

I may wish to join your class action if you can get one going...

Good luck all.


I understand all the frustration. I too have been working on a loan mod with Chase. I called them again yesterday and was told that my modification was approved and the paperwork is being Fedexed to us tomorrow. So, assuming the paperwork shows up, we will be done with this nightmare. I though that I might outline what I did in case it helps anyone else.

Our home: probably worth around $700K but who knows in today’s market, nothing has sold around here in a couple of years. We owe approx, $400K. so we have a fair amount of equity invested.

Income – I lost my job in April of 2009, stopped making mortgage payments. However, I kept up all my other bills as best I could.

I found a new job in June of this year.

I never called Chase to discuss my situation, I knew I would get a foreclosure notice but was ready for it. I know my rights in Colorado, Once you have been given notice you can call one of the government agencies and apply for an extension on the deadline, you will get a minimum of 90 days to do something, refinance, sell ( or short sell), declare bankruptcy, etc. But you need to have a plan and a backup plan. Depending on your own situation will determine how you need to deal with the problem. In our case, with the equity we have built up I would have sold before I would have let Chase take the house but with the market the way that it is I would have no gotten nearly what it is worth.

Once I received the notice, I called the government agency, got the 90 day extension, and called Chase. I went to their website and filled out ALL the paperwork and faxed to the number they provide. Waited one hour and called the customer service number and confirmed they have received the docs.

One note about these docs, as other have noted they expire. Particularly, and monthly income statement for instance pay stub, and you bank statement. During this process I would fax in my pay stub when I got paid and my bank statement each month, and then called to confirm they had been received and scanned into the account. Just get used to doing this, it will save time.

About a week went by and I called back and was told they had assigned a Relationship Manager. I think this indicates that you have passed some pre-qualification process. I was given his name and phone number and ext. You will et to know this person very well. At first I would call once a week and then I started calling daily. I don’t believe this person has any power and in nothing more than a clerk that provides you an update as to the status of the proceedings. Don’t expect to have any meaningful conversation with this person, you will not get any additional information other that where in the process you are.

Apparently they work up the paperwork and send it to underwriting, at that point they try and match your situation to one of the programs they offer, whether it’s a government program or one of their own. This is one of the black holes. I would call daily and be told that is was still in underwriting, this went on for over 2 months. Finally, I was told that underwriting was complete and they need to request an approval letter from Freddie Mac. This took another 3 weeks.

Once the letter came back from Freddie Mac I thought we were done, but now it has to go to Quality Control, I think this is a third part auditor but I am not sure. This took another 3 weeks. When I spoke with my RM he told me that QC found some errors and they needed to send it back to underwriting to redo the terms. This started another 6 week cycle.

During this process as I mentioned I called my RM daily. I found a time when he seemed to be available and called. My question was always, how much time would this part of the process take, he would not say but would send emails to the under writers to get pieces of information. I would ask what comes next and got very little information. I would ask what are the terms of the modification, got no information at all.

This process took from 7/1/10 until now.

Hopefully, I am done. If not I’ll let you know.

I hope this helps.


Untill 3 months ago all of you are 110% correct about the mod process. To be honest these banks got hit with close to 1,000,000 applications and did not have the man power to handle them.

Now most banks have relationship managers or people just like them. I would suggust you all find out what you need to do to get to a relationship manager. You will recieve there full name, Phone number and EXT. And also the hours there available to talk to you.

They will personally gather your docs and if something more is needed or filled out wrong they will contact you personally. The exact day they have a complete app they send you to Underwritting. Which the RM stays on your file as your personal contact. They stay that way untill you get a perm mod or denial.

All of you need to be careful about the trial payments you are all paying. During the trial period your original loan terms stay in full effect. So your actually still due for your

full payment every month. All of you should make the full amount If you can afford to do so.

It will save your account from falling further behind. There is a lot of things i am not a fan off thats for sure. But the mod process is getter better. Banks are finally getting there butts in gear.

And no i am not a paid person to type this stuff. A few tips for you all is CALL CALL CALL. Ask reps to send e mails to the U/W to the NEG to the RM. Blow the banks phones up.

The RM assigned your file knows if you are calling that they will have no problem getting all your info needed to send you to U/W. They get graded on how many loans go to U/W so they LOVE customers like you guys who call. So all of you ask on your next call what you need to do to be assigned a specific rep. And if that rep asks for a doc you have sent 10 times i promise is for a good reason.

One reason you have to update docs over and over is because the U/W process is brutal. So the more docs you send the better off you are.

Hope this info helps a few of you. Remember to annoy your banks and ask to have the file escalted every time.


thats how they get you and your home ,people just give up they are pure evil.we must stand as our god given rights as american stand against tirney.they make you weary ad tired ,if i loose my home iwill never forget and fight them with the last breath in my body.class action lawsuit in NJ we need a lawyer with balls join me .in a fight against evil derekmassio@yahoo.com we must unite


This modification process is a never ending cycle. Documents expire every sixty days.

Thats why they keep asking for you to resend them. So in other words, its a scam!

Theres no way anyones paper is ever going to get processed in two months. Chase sucks!!


I too have been in the hunt for a modification since April '08. Whole division was cut at the "company".

Been trying to work with the stone wall the entire time, has yet to make it to underwritting. Once, they couldn't read the printed form THEY forced me to use. Go figure...

Now, I've heard a lot of complaints but has anyone any real solutions?

How about a class action laws suit? Anyone?????