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I was a loyal WAMU customer for over 10 years. When WAMU was taken over by Chase everything changed. The WAMU credit card I had for 7 yrs that didn't have a balance was canceled and they never told me. I went to use it and it was declined, when I called to find out why I was told it was closed a couple of days before. I never got a phone call, email, or letter informing me of this. The reason was because I hadn't used it in a few months.

I tried to set up direct deposit and over a three month period and 8 paychecks none were posted to me account, because of their continuous mistakes. When my employer called to verify the account information Chase gave them the wrong routing number. This was a mistake that I tried to fix for over two months. Chase kept rerouting it to either a closed account or to the wrong routing number, each time telling me it was my fault. My employer each time would put the correct routing number and low and behold Chase would change it.

The finally straw for me was when the last paycheck was not deposited into my account eventhough the routing number was correct. The reason Chase gave was because my employer requested that my paycheck be held for 48 hrs past the posting date. Dealing with customer service was the worst, they were not helpful and very rude. They kept telling me that it was my fault or my employers.

They would also charge overdraft fees even when the account was made current the same day during working hours. I personally have witnessed them changing dates to charge people these fees.

I will never do business with Chase again and I urge everyone to switch banks immediately. I was able to close my account last month and I joined a credit union and I couldn't be happier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Deposit.

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First of all, learn to spell out words properly before calling people ***! I believe you are also one of those idiots who work in chase bank and do nothing but blame their customers instead of trying to solve their *** problems.


worst bank ever! They steal money through overdraft fees even though it was not your fault.

Everything gets posted late and then you get charged for it.

Also you do not see the pending transactions in balance preview which is very confusing. So never get involved with a chase bank!!!


I am going through the exact same horrible experience to date! Next deposit I am closing my accounts! The are the bank from ***!!!!!


Chase bank can eat a *** horrible bank


WORST BANK IN THE WORLD _ CHASE BANK - WHEELING WV - WOODSDALE BRANCH- Chase no longer allows anyone to deposit cash into an account (even with a deposit ticket) if the name is not on the account- even with a drivers license. Really?

SCAM SCAM SCAM - this is really difficult if someone is traveling - or has a medical emergency out of town - you use to be able to depend on banks to access your account from where ever you are- no more having anyone helping you out! OH GOD_ WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!!


all the chase banks are useless so dont do any business with any chase banks


All of these comments sound as if none of you all have any type of common sense.WTF.You all place blame on everyone but yourself.Learn to READ.Know what type of bank account you have.I have an CHASE ACCOUNT AND I love the type of account i have.Their are many types of bank accounts at CHASE like any other bank.Don't blame chase,Blame yourself for being to dumb to understand your option's and Difference in each bank account.


So how long have you been a manager there Connie? YOU ARE A JOKE - If you loved it how did you end up on this page brainiac? - Your boss make you do it?


Never in my history of banking have I experienced such horrible nightmares, hardships, unjust scrupulous fees and horrible service than with chase bank. You are making excuses for this horrible bank!


Funny most banks are the same however if you actually pay attention to what you spend your money on you won't worry about strange fees. I am sorry most people that complain about fees are looser who can not balance their own check book.

I have had nothing but positive things to say about chase bank customer service is great and when ever there has been a mistake they are prompt to assume responsibility. Inpatient please keep your money under your mattress so if you get robbed you'll have no one to blame but your own cheap self! :) plus go to a credit union I am pretty sure the bank would rather pay you the fees back than waist their employees hourly wages listening to you complain.

it would be cheaper than hearing cheap people fight over cents. Love chase!


Connie...Is this you again? GET A LIFE


CHASE is The WORST of THE WORST BANK EVER! They did everything with our money without letting us know and without our authorization.



Don't ever apply for a sears canada credit card,chase is the worst bank ever!!!!!!!


I opened my account in 2007 with chase since then they have gone so f'ed up that this bank is looking for ways to charge fees in a way of overdraft fee and account maintenance fee. first there was no fee...then make 5 transactions a month to avoid fees...then make minimum $500 direct deposit to avoid fees...then 5 purchases between every 3rd BUSINESS day...means every months i have to calculate 3rd business day to make minimum purchase and i get no rewards spending through my debit card! the only reason i am tolerating this non-sense is the feature to deposit small amount checks through phone...but if anyone doesn't want this facility DONT BOTHER EVEN LOOKING AT CHASE.


I have Never been Treated Worse by any Bank EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About a month ago I had opened an account at chase bank located on 3033 N Pulaski Rd and I have gone nothing but *** with these Nimrods. They froze my account and with held another Check of mine (all together an estimated 1,200 dollars just floating around) leaving me absolutely broke, I had to borrow money from my parents so i could eat, scrounge change to do laundry and ask friends for rides to work.

It's been one whole month and I'm still pulling teeth with these *** mouth breathers to return all of my money. Currently i recieved a letter from Chase that theres some mis-information with my W-9 and that I might be Fined cause of My bankers mistake (Just one more thing to cause stress)...Please stay away from Adoracion"Dora" Medina, she consistently belittles me on the phone and lies about when I'll be recieving my check, I cant speak highly of the *** that call themselfs"managers" there either.

If you respect yourself,the best interest for your family and your hard earned money, DO NOT GO TO THIS BANK! I had to choose a star to complete this review....believe me they dont even deserve that!


Move your money off from Chase. They received a record level write offs and still received a bail-out money. Research about how they don't pay their fair share of their taxes.


My experience with Chase has been completely terrible.

Someone stole my debit card number and somehow has been withdrawing and depositing fraudulent checks into my account.

After reporting it to them, they returned the checks YET still allowed more withdraws to take place, and then later accused me over the phone that since I had my debit card, that i must have been taking hundreds of dollars out of my account with it!

I am baffled at how bad their security is that someone could actually be doing these things through an ATM without even having my card!

I have now been to the branch 2 times and spoke with people over the phone twice as well and no one has yet to fix it until a month later!

Meanwhile this entire month of my account supposedly being "frozen" i haven't been able to cash any checks.

Now I have to wait 2 more business days to finally receive MY money that was in my savings and checking account when the fraudulent checks were cashed.

All i can say is GOOD riddance!


This Bank, or should I say Loan Shark is about the Worst Bank I have ever delt with. If you were a WAMU customer, your considered a worthless POS, according to Chase.

My WAMU Card I had for many years, went from 9% to 12% to 16%, oh ***, I was late one time, jumped to 29.99%...I called there office, talked to the Hindu Rep, told him where to go with his Chase Credit Card.

I later got a "Friendly Reply" back, call her self a Service Rep, told me she was sorry about the high interest, but since I was such a loyal customer, the interest would be dropped to 23.99%. I laughed and pretty much told this POS to close the account. I then managed to pay it off. I cant belive they can pull this can of shi@.

I also close my checking with Chase Loan Shark, now they want $12.00 a month for the free checking. What a joke, it looks like they are not making enough raping the people who overdrawal on there account... :(


Sleazy bullys. Here's a few reasons to leave:

-I've tried to close my account a few times. They gave me a lot of *** and wouldn't do it the first time.

-sleazy sales people everytime you walk into a branch trying to get you to upgrade your account to something that costs more money

-this is the best! If your balance is low, when you check it, many purchases will start to be missing on your statement in order to get you to overdraw. The second you overdraw, the old charges show up back on your statement with a fake date to make it look like the charges were on your statement days ago.

Join a credit union. There are fewer fees and you can use your ATM card at the tons of Co-Op ATM's. I love it.