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Let me reiterate that Chase has horrible customer service in this area. When I called two days after my father's death to close his credit card--long before I had court papers appointing me as personal representative--they were happy to do so.

They also, without telling me, closed his checking account that had nearly $100,000 in it. When social security and his pension company attempted to recall direct deposits, the bank would not let them, and then tried to charge me a fee because of attempted drafts on a closed account. That was phone call #1, during which she told me she could not speak to me, only to the account holder who I told her several times was dead. She said to go to a branch, and I explained that there are none within 200 miles.

I finally hung up since she was unable and unwilling to help in any fashion. When I got the letters from the court, I called again--call #2. I was told to go into a branch. The closest one is 200 miles away.

I finally got an address to send all of the legal documents to them, which I did via overnight mail on the 17th. Their stated policy is 10 day turnaround. Call #3 was on day 11. They again said they could not talk to me again because I was not on the account.

I informed them that I sent them the court papers showing me as personal representative. I was told to go to a branch. I again said none within 200 miles and asked for a transfer to someone who could help me right now. That person was also unable to help me but finally gave me number for the Decedent Processing Group---but since they are in Texas, they were not open.

Call #4 to Texas: they finally found the account, and said it had just been started on the 26th. I told them wrong, it was sent via overnight mail and received on the 18th. She then gave me some line about the mailroom and scanning, to which I told her that their stated policy is 10 days and said nothing of that delay. She said it would be another 7-10 days to verify the documents and see if the account could be closed.

I asked if this could be done in a branch, and she said no---so why was I told twice to go to a branch?

This is one of many reasons I hate Chase and will never -- ever --have any relationship with them again. My advice: get a second name on every Chase account, and when the person dies, do not call them for any reason, write a check to take the account to $10 and then let the bank take as long as they want.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. This person stated that there is a room for improvement of customer service and practices. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of chase bank account and associated monetary loss in the amount of $94000. Chase Bank needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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I’ve been dealing with Chase for almost a year since my mother passed away. I’ve sent them everything they’ve asked for but then they ask for something else.

It is ridiculous the run around I have received. I’ve been transferred to between 3-4 times every time I call. The closest branch office is 8 hours away and they keep telling me I need to go to a branch office . Really?

With the technology we have today that is unbelievable that we can’t take care of this over the phone or on line.

Chase is horrible! I’ve asked them if they’d like being treated like this when one of their loved ones passed away.

to Anonymous #1577746

" I need to go to a branch office . Really?" Yes Really!!!

Are you an idiot or what? Clearly you're either a fool who thinks they're going to force this bank to do it your way or the money isn't that important to you. You have to turn up, show ID just to set up the account the money will be transferred to. You have to show you have the right to the money (e.g.

a will or probate papers). This requires a face to face. Or would you rather deal with a bank that any fool can call and get money just by mining the obits and public sites for info. Get up off your lazy @#$ and make a day trip.

That is if the money's worth it.

If not stop whining.... IF you did what they asked, you would have been done with this in a week.

to Anonymous #1580340

You are the idiot considering you can't even read the first message right!! THAT CAN'T BE DONE AT THE BANK "

to Anonymous #1580561

What first message are you talking about? How many times are you out here posting your nonsense?

Please provide a guide for your banal nonsense so people know which message is yours. Reading the tripe you presumably posted on 9-15-18, you don't seem to get it that you're going to have to do what they say and show up even if it's 8 hours. If you don't, keep posting here, whining and get nothing....

Sounds like you chose to go belly up and whine like a sad child. For those who want to get through this as easy as possible, do the opposite of this turkey and you'll be fine.


All these horror stories have me scared when it was time to handle this type of business. That said we:1-Paid money for an attorney to get us estate administrator papers2-Obtained an Estate EIN from the IRS(You get these instantly M-F)3- Original Death Certificate4-Went to the branch and was out the door with new estate account ready to go in an hour or so.You must have all your ducks in a row before calling them for ANYTHING.

Do not call until you have your act together. Don't try to do this online, over the phone, fax etc.If you only have a rinkey *** branch in your town this includes a grocery store branch with a couple of chairs, plan a day trip to a town that has a larger, more experienced staff.Sadly this is what happens when big companies let experienced people go to save money and don't invest in the younger ones and train them well.


Chase Bank would have to improve very considerably to become merely "horrible and unprofessional." In fact, it is impossible to believe that an organization could perform to such a low level of quality unless it was actually designed and planned to be so substandard. This unacceptable and inappropriate level of performance could not possibly be simple incompetence.

Therefore, my opinion is that Chase is actively engaged in preying on the families of deceased account holders. Unforgivable.


It is January 31, 2018, and I literally just had the same response from a Chase representative when I asked for contact information to email or fax the estate information. Why in the world do we have to snail mail this type of information in order to close an account when an account holder passes away??


Get in touch with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Columbia, South Carolina, United States #1339143

As you now realize, you made a big mistake in precipitously calling Chase to cancel the card. The best thing is to have all bank accounts joint if the parent will agree, then when they die you can simply go into the bank and withdraw the money as you are a joint owner.

Be aware that funeral homes are required to advise Social Security of the death and they will do this very soon. Thus, get to the bank ASAP. Writing a check to reduce the account to $10 doesn't necessarily work and it takes time for the check to clear and in the meantime the bank may become aware of the death and freeze the account making your check bounce, etc. All in all, circumspection is the rule as is fast and immediate action to protect yourself and the assets.

Good luck.

By the way, do not pay anything to Social Security as far as fees, etc. They have a tolerance amount and will just let the thing die.


what about if we all join and contact the media????


OMG I thought I was the only one crying my eyes out about CHASE bank in Lancaster CA. My mom died in June and I got the same run around as all of you.

The branch mgr. was happy to get death certs of my mom and dad but could not say more. On the telephone I was asked over the course of 7 months to send death certificates 5 times. Go to a branch and withdraw funds, not one in TN at all.

No one could get me information. I was crying and screaming the last phone call to the "customer service rep." (my ***) about how I'm grieving for my mom and its hard enough to take care of her estate. Asking why Chase Bank was the only one withholding funds and IMPORTANT INFORMATION to me. Just 2 weeks ago the rep said to ask for a Date of Death Balance Letter????

What is that I said and how come NO ONE has told me to get one before. She could say no more. Does this sound like a spy novel gone wrong? Ok so I request it get it in the mail and along with the thank you for contacting us and beneficiary and account balances it says...except for retirement funds, which I will receive in a separate letter.

That was March 24, its now April 14,2017 and viola NO letter about said info. Why should I be surprised, I can feel the stomach churning and overwhelming anger for CHASE BANK. I accidentally stumbled on this site here and just had to vent my anger and say Chase is the worse bank ever in deceased customer service EVER !!!!!

My heat goes out to anyone going or will be going through a death of a loved one and has to also deal with Chase.

I wish this unpleasant situation on anyone. Renee G.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada #1290893

Have the same issue as you friend. I never informed Chase that my father passed.

When we went to open a savings account for a death in the family the branch banker went on google and started looking for information. She quietly froze his account to "protect the security of our customers". When asked how to get access she informed us that they don't provide steps in a document and that she would only verbally mention it. Well weeks went by and we finally got administrator documents notarized and ready to go.

I've been to the branch 5 times already, they apparently never put the documents on the account. Each time they have to reverify the documents and make sure I am who I am. Then they call branch support which acknowledges the documents and notates the account. Then I'm told I can call telephone banking.

Well thats a lie. The notations never make it to the account and the documents are then lost. To make matters worse for us, they notated the account that my dead father called in asking for his account to be suspended. This was 2 weeks after his death and they won't even tell me who did that.

I told Chase I would bring my attorney with me next time and they got offensive stating they needed to let their executive council know so they can be prepared to serve papers to me or sue me or whatever they do to ensure customers don't get whats needed. It infuriates me that Chase is allowed to treat people like this all while referencing internal policies their customers can't see and you can't even record the call for your protection as they won't discuss business with you.

to JT #1342501

"they won't even tell me who did that."

Sorry for your loss. I know it's a hard time.

I'm dealing with this right now.

That said, for those who read this, one thing you have to understand is to keep your head about you.

Second is they can't just give you your folks money because you called and said they passed.

It is for the protection of the the customers.

Remember every rule and reg these banks have are for a reason.

The reason is people try to get over on others all the time including their folks.

Get a deep breath, put this aside if you can and then go back at it the right way. The right way maybe probate.

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