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Let me reiterate that Chase has horrible customer service in this area. When I called two days after my father's death to close his credit card--long before I had court papers appointing me as personal representative--they were happy to do so.

They also, without telling me, closed his checking account that had nearly $100,000 in it. When social security and his pension company attempted to recall direct deposits, the bank would not let them, and then tried to charge me a fee because of attempted drafts on a closed account. That was phone call #1, during which she told me she could not speak to me, only to the account holder who I told her several times was dead. She said to go to a branch, and I explained that there are none within 200 miles.

I finally hung up since she was unable and unwilling to help in any fashion. When I got the letters from the court, I called again--call #2. I was told to go into a branch. The closest one is 200 miles away.

I finally got an address to send all of the legal documents to them, which I did via overnight mail on the 17th. Their stated policy is 10 day turnaround. Call #3 was on day 11. They again said they could not talk to me again because I was not on the account.

I informed them that I sent them the court papers showing me as personal representative. I was told to go to a branch. I again said none within 200 miles and asked for a transfer to someone who could help me right now. That person was also unable to help me but finally gave me number for the Decedent Processing Group---but since they are in Texas, they were not open.

Call #4 to Texas: they finally found the account, and said it had just been started on the 26th. I told them wrong, it was sent via overnight mail and received on the 18th. She then gave me some line about the mailroom and scanning, to which I told her that their stated policy is 10 days and said nothing of that delay. She said it would be another 7-10 days to verify the documents and see if the account could be closed.

I asked if this could be done in a branch, and she said no---so why was I told twice to go to a branch?

This is one of many reasons I hate Chase and will never -- ever --have any relationship with them again. My advice: get a second name on every Chase account, and when the person dies, do not call them for any reason, write a check to take the account to $10 and then let the bank take as long as they want.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $94000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Chase Bank Cons: Customer service and practices.

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I have nothing but bad experiences with Chase bank They truly are *** Numerous times I have had to dispute charges Only to receive nothing but grief and *** Going again thru trying to get refund for a product that I ordered online Never received it Filed complaint with USPS States package is lost Gave all of this information to Chase bank Still nothing and more repeatedly *** From them And still waiting for refund


I refinanced my mortgage with WaMu in 2006 only to discover it was a mortgage backed security. All WaMu did was approve the loan.

The money to actually fund the loan came from various investment groups whose money was pooled together to fund many thousands of mortgages which were allegedly placed in a trust. So no one investment group owned any one mortgage because the money was all pooled together. Then the banks got bailed out after Congress voted against it and committed mas fraud to foreclose homes. Instead of giving the money to the investors, who were the actual creditors, the banks kept the money for themselves.

The investors all sued the banks in a class action law suit that included all the various trusts that owned all the mortgage backed securities. So when the case settled, it included all the mortgages in all the trusts because the money had been pooled together. Therefore all the mortgages were satisfied from the settlement. There were still many homes that had not been foreclosed which had mortgages from these trusts.

So the liens should have been released but the banks kept the liens in place, continue to foreclose on these homes, and keep the money for themselves. As a result the foreclosures on these homes are totally fraudulent because the banks did not lend a penny on any mortgage backed securities. the most fraudulent of all are the WaMu mortgages because around 2008 WaMu failed and went into receivership with the FDIC who sold it to Chase. However it is a well established fact there wee no mortgages included in this transaction.

Chase even sued the FDIC over this and received a huge settlement. Nonetheless Chase then sold these loans anyway. In my case the Deed of trust was sold to US Bank C/O a debt collection agency called Select Portfolio Servicing, Inc. which disguises itself as a mortgage servicer.

This is a total violation of the Dodd-Frank Act and was the reason it was repealed and replaced so the CFPB would not have to take any actin to stop these fraudulent foreclosures. US Bank admits they have nothing to do with the foreclosures or evictions for that matter but the courts ignore this and allow the fraudulent foreclosures and evictions to persist. SPS uses US Bank as a front for the plaintiff and Chase uses SPS as a front. Chase is actually in full control of the servicing, foreclosures, and evictions.

I sued Chase and SPS in 2014 but the court clerks dismissed my case without these even being a hearing. However this was so highly illegal that the lead attorney for Chase would not go along with it and made eth clerks switch the case status back from dismissed to Pending again! The case still shows it was dismissed but then you can see eth case continue afterward. The case number is 2014-16768.

Just change the year to 2014 and enter the # 16768. Then look at entry 40-43. Then notice how the case continued for along time afterward. This is because the lead attorney for Chase made the court switch the case status back from dismissed to pending again because it was so highly illegal to dismiss the case without a hearing.

Copy and paste the link into your browser and enter the case number 2014-16768. The executive responsible for my law suit is Karen Martinez. I know her name because she violated the National Mortgage Settlement Consent Order and my California Homeowner Bill of Rights while foreclosing on my home. So I sued for fraud, oppression malice ad proved this to the letter of the law.

After the court was forced to switch the case status back to pending, the judge and clerks removed documents form the case file which is a felony and committed fraud to cover it up. When I spoke out about this, they sent two Sheriff's deputies to my home who tried to break down my door. I called 911 and the police showed up but they let the deputies go. I called Internal Affairs for the Sheriff's department as well and explained what had happened with the my la suit but nothing was done about it.

Since the same judge and clerks continued to preside over the case, the judge would not allow it to go to trial and instead re-scheduled the trial date to allow the defense attorneys to continue to harass me with discovery that was a total misuse of the Discovery Act and to file litigation that had no merit and misuse case law. After the case was dismissed the Chase Executive who is total psychopath hired new trustless to foreclose on my home as the other two would no longer do it after the CA Attorney General got involved. Nonetheless the CA Attorney General allowed First American Title Company to commit fraud to foreclosure on my home. I defended the eviction and had the case re-assigned which took the control away form the curt clerk Tina Curry in the Dept.

60 Unlawful Detainer Court. As a result the case was dismissed because the attorney would not take it to trial because he knew it was a case of total fraud and I knew exactly what I was talking about. So the attorney simply filed the same unlawful detainer again. As a result I requested the case be re-assigned and under the law it must be.

However Clerk Tina Curry did not comply with the law as she tried to avoid the first time. However eth second time I was unable to compel her to comply with the law so I got a default judgment against me. I was evicted on June 27, 2019. The Property Manager Scott Varley who is also the real estate broker & listing agent, signed a notice under penalty of perjury saying all my belongings could be sold because they were estimated to be worth less than $700.

This is totally false and by law my belongings have to be appraised. No appraiser would appraise my belongings for under $700. However Steve Varley could not sell my home because it was still occupied and the Sheriff would not execute another eviction. Also the police told me they could not arrest me for trespassing because the owner would not press charges.

Therefore the only thing to do was file another unlawful detainer to get the Sheriff to conduct another eviction. Instead they hired a bunch of hoods to loot my home and board it up. This way there was nothing to go back to. I scheduled a hearing with the court to have the judgment vacated and issue a stay but Tina Curry would not file my documents in time for the hearing and continually took the case off calendar so the judge would not know about it.

I finally managed to get the Presiding Judge for the courthouse and his executive officer involved and the case was re-assigned to Judge Mathew Brower. A notice of case re-assignment was then sent to myself and the attorney, Nabeel M. Zuberi of the firm McCalla Raymer Liebert Pierce, LLP for gthe Plaintiff in the case. However the plaintiff is totally fraudulent as I explained.

Chase used SPS as a front and SPS used US Bank as a front to say US Bank acting on behalf of the original creditors which were the investment groups whose money was actually used to fund the mortgage. So this is all total fraud and the judge knows it. the notice of Case re-assignment says Division II rules are stickily enforced. So whey would the case be re-assigned after I got a default judgment against me?

The case did not have to be re-assigned. Why would the case be re-assigned if nothing is going to change? When you read the rules the notice says are strictly enforced, it shows how thee are plenty of ways for the judgment to be vacated and my property returned to me. The problem is Chase literally runs the government and the courts because the government is bankrupt and in debt to the Federal Reserve of which Case is a member bank.

As a result these banks took over the government a long time ago. As the creditor, Chase believes the government cannot tell it what to do because it is bankrupt. Therefore Chase is able to commit fraud to foreclose on homes because the government and courts understand the banks are in fact seizing peoples property to pay for the loans the government borrowed and can not pay back. Since the government gets its money by taxing the people, the banks and government think the people are n debt to the banks so they can just seize peoples' property.

As hard as this is to imagine, it sure does explain a lot. This is why the banks got away with al the foreclosure fraud after the 200 financial crisis and continue to do so today. Law enforcement ultimately works for the banks. Although the police told me they could not arrest me for trespassing they arrested me on a warrant for failure to appear based on falsified court documents.

I was then held for 13 hours without any charges which is a total violation of my civil rights but when it comes to a bank like Chase, the government and law enforcement don't believe people have any rights. They believe the people are in debt to these banks for the federal government's national debt. The people who run the government agencies and law enforcement believe the banks own the government because it is bankrupt and banks like Chase are the creditor. Also the federal government is actually a corporation.

Congress incorporated the federal government in the Organic Act of 1871. As a result they regard the President as just the President of a bankrupt corporation. Read about this under The Effect: Therefore the people who run the government agencies, law enforcement, and the courts do not believe the government is a Republic. They believe it is bankrupt and since it is indebt to the Federal Reserve, it is owned by the banks and not the people.

Therefore they do not believe the government is a Republic. They regard the government as just a legislative democracy. These people are all traders who have sold out the American people. Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein are attorneys representing the owners of the Federal Reserve because they believe they own the government and the President is just the president of a bankrupt corporation.

So they do not believe Trump had the right to fire the FBI Director without their approval. This is whey they launched an investigation into collusion as a smear campaign in disguise. Mueller and Rosenstein represent the most powerful people in the world, the international bankers who own all the central banks. So everyone is afraid of them and that is why no one would stop Mueller or Rosenstein from totally abusing their power and not complying with Congressional subpoenas to produce documents.

In fact Mueller is involved is a highly secretive "mystery case" reefed to as sealed v sealed which received very little attention in the media. Just scroll forward to 3:10. Robert Mueller is representing the plaintiff which is the Federal Reserve and the defendant is the United States Federal Government under the Trump Administration. The Federal government is a corporation.

So when you watch the video notice how it says Corporation A is fighting a subpoena to produce documents. Also notice how it says this corporation is owned by a Country-named as Country A. Now notice how the corporation says that to produce these documents would violate the laws of the Country that owns this corporation. So the plaintiff is the Federal Reserve which has subpoenaed documents from a corporation which is the Federal Government and the Country that owns the corporation is the United States of America and the law is the Constitution.

The Constitution says the government is a Republic and the documents Robert Mueller subpoenaed support the case that the government is not a republic because it is bankrupt and in debt to the Federal Reserve. Since the government is unable to pay back the Federal Reserve which is the creditor, the Federal Reserve took ownership of the Federal Government/corporation. As a result the owners of the Federal Reserve do not believe the government is a Republic because a republic means the government is owned by the people/United States of America. As a result the bankers and their attorney Robert Mueller argue the government is not a Republic because it is owned by the bankers.

This makes it a legislative democracy and not a Republic. This is precisely why the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller launched a 2 year investigation into Trump/Russia collusion. They represent the bankers because they believe the bankers own the Federal Government and since they are employed by the federal government/DOJ, they believe they work for the bankers. As a result, after Trump stated the government is Republic, they launched a smear campaign disguised as an investigation into Trump/Russia collusion.

They knew the media would take this and run with it to discredit Trump because the corporate media is controlled by the bankers as well. Search YouTube for: Tyranny Soffer v CHASE.

Chase too down the website but the video is still on YouTube. watch al 4 parts and you will see how Mueller and all prosecutors use the judicial system to coerce people into plea deals so they do not have to prove people are guilty.


I have had a similar experience. I had sent all of the information I needed to on 7/18 and on 9/10 I have not yet had one iota of communication.

I have begun to call weekly to follow up. Chase this is one of the four banks I need to deal with following my grandmothers death, it has been by far the least cooperative. The account balance in this bank is relatively small, but in order to close the estate I need to have this dealt with. I could not imagine if this was the main branch I needed to deal with.

I feel for any of you in that situation.

My advice- phone often and persistently. I had assumed this bank would be as easy to deal with as the other 3 and because of that poor assumption my work as executor is at a stand still due to this problem bank.


You are but one with such horrible service from the deceased department. My story is even worse.

I will leave chase bank and never return. They're customer service from the deceased department is horrible. They even closed my accounts after my father died thinking I was dead. Amongst dealing with the grief of a loved one (in my case Both mother and father passed a week apart) you would think they would show some compassion to the rermaining family.

As it stands I am in a battle for their financial remains and struggling to keep my accounts open...... Worst service ever.


My mom had an account with Chase when she passed away and I didn’t have any trouble at all working with Chase. It really sounds like you didn’t know how to manage an estate properly.


Glad it worked for you. Doesn't work that way for everyone. TRUST ME!


Wow I wish I read this before my Dad died a month ago, having been a Chase (via m&a) with his Bank for almost 60 years. I will be drawing down on his account and painfully changing all direct debits to my account at PNC, which provides the best customer service of any other large bank (except USAA, which I wish my dad discovered as a wwii vet).


Same here


Agree, Chase SUCKS in estate administration, they clearly offshore the work and have ridiculous outdated policies that make it impossible for an adult child to help an elderly parent on the loss of the parent's spouse. Horrible.

And I've been a Chase customer since 1992.

This is a clear loose end here, makes me want to rethink being a Chase customer in 2019. Just, wow.


I am having similar problems with them too. My dad died and as if dealing with the death is not difficult enough, now I have to fight to get access to the money.

Today while I was there again, I heard another customer saying that her husband had just died and now they are making things impossible for her.

I have banked with Chase for YEARS now but I will be moving my $$$ out after this. I'm sorry for your loss.


I’m living thru this nightmare right now and I have all the paperwork in front of me. Almost 2 hrs after 4 weeks of going back and forth. Ridiculous!


Just great. I'm inthere early stages of this.

My father passed Oct 5th. Waiting on court papers for the reg checking account but he also had one as he was a private client.. so like a retirement fund which wasn't in the will or linked to the probate court. I am supposed to have instant access to it but when I wasin OR, where my father lived, they refused to help me.

Now that I'm back home in Boston there's not a chase Bank here at all so I have to do everything remotely.

This is gonna suck! So sorry for your loss and what you have had to go through!


It's not going to suck. Don't get caught up in these tales.

I was worried based on what I read here too. These stories are based on individuals,THEIR situations, attitudes and willingness to learn and do a little work for the money. Some of these people refuse to travel for money thinking it all can be done online and over the phone. Maybe it can, maybe it can't.

IF the money is worth it to you, make the trip. Find a decent branch in a decent city. Make a day of it. Find something to do afterward to decompress.

Perhaps stay over night. If you have a choice of branches in your town, go to the one that you think has the best crew in it. Do Not go in there or call loaded for bear or you'll run into all sorts of resistance. Be the nicest person they've ever seen and watch how well you're treated.

We did this and were out the door in 1.5 hours with an estate account from which you can distribute the money anyway you like. Write a check to yourself, break it out among family...Whatever. It will be your account.. Do not forget to get an EIN number for the estate before doing anything.

You can get them online almost instantly M-F from the IRS. They CAN NOT set up that estate account without it. Also have your probate papers and original death certificate ready to go.

Have all this @#$# in a nice folder, hand it to the person and let them get to work for you. There are people talking about how long it took them, with planning and flex, this can be done fast.


Hey Anonymous, sometimes it's not as "easy" as you make it sound. And no, you shouldn't have to "work" for your money.

You sound like some over privileged @&* that is used to the luxury of having everything handed to you. Maybe you have time to travel 200 miles and make a day of it.

Obviously you didn't have to stress yourself with other time related factors like emptying a house out by a deadline and managing the aspects of funeral, etc. Try it from start to finish before you go giving advice about how nice someone should be at the bank.


Yes, it can be as easy as stated IF you do a little WORK. You mentioned having something handed to you.

Is that what happens if YOU DON'T DO some prep work or did you think you could show up and they would "over privileged @&* that is used to the luxury of having everything handed to you." No, we're used to WORKING to make someone else's job easier if at the end of the day we achieve our goals in the least amount of time. We don't have time to be on the phone hours on end, raising blood our blood pressure and allowing the situation to dominate us. By the way, how is your process working out for you? Everyone goes through things when a loved one passes.

You stand up, take care of the business you have to and keep moving. So to repeat...IF THE MONEY is worth it and what you're doing isn't WORKING, you will HAVE to find a way to get it done. Have the will ready...If no will, have probate papers ready. This will take some work or an attorney if you're not good at this.

GET an estate EIN# from the IRS. They are FREE and available ONLINE from the IRS Monday-Friday. Have the original Death Certificate and your ID and the ID for anyone else who is in the will or probate papers.... Wouldn't hurt to bring the deceased's ID just in case, you never know.

Check your attitude at the door, expect no sympathy beyond standard condolence(this is business)be NICE and hand your folder to the people. They will then WORK for YOU and later HAND YOU an estate checkbook. You can follow this advice, advice from a person who went through all sorts of @#$# after a death and only spent 1.5 hours of their life to get the money to take care of family business OR you can be nasty, resistant and come here to whine and not have the money. You've made your choice and appear to have reaped the reward.

This is for others who want to get this done and move on... Good luck to you...


Seriously anonymous? Pay for a hotel to accommodate CHASE instead of being able to make a phone call like with any other bank?

Get real. I have Chase banks all around me so this isn't my issue but that's absurd advice for anyone not near a branch.


For the last time, IF TRYING TO RESOLVE THIS BY PHONE ISN'T WORKING, IT'S TIME TO TRY SOMETHING ELSE. How's your process working out for you by the way?

You're tussling and fussing with people on the phone while people who want to act like MEN and WOMEN who know how to handle business and can work with other people have long since finished this and have moved on with their lives.

People like you, well people like you just don't do well at life... It's so sad you're this way but hey, we're whole...




I’ve been dealing with Chase for almost a year since my mother passed away. I’ve sent them everything they’ve asked for but then they ask for something else.

It is ridiculous the run around I have received. I’ve been transferred to between 3-4 times every time I call. The closest branch office is 8 hours away and they keep telling me I need to go to a branch office . Really?

With the technology we have today that is unbelievable that we can’t take care of this over the phone or on line.

Chase is horrible! I’ve asked them if they’d like being treated like this when one of their loved ones passed away.


" I need to go to a branch office . Really?" Yes Really!!!

Are you an idiot or what? Clearly you're either a fool who thinks they're going to force this bank to do it your way or the money isn't that important to you. You have to turn up, show ID just to set up the account the money will be transferred to. You have to show you have the right to the money (e.g.

a will or probate papers). This requires a face to face. Or would you rather deal with a bank that any fool can call and get money just by mining the obits and public sites for info. Get up off your lazy @#$ and make a day trip.

That is if the money's worth it.

If not stop whining.... IF you did what they asked, you would have been done with this in a week.