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They will rip you off with all there nsf fees. I recently made a deposit and had no idea that the atm's had different cut off times and basically got charged over 200 dollars in fees!

I feel completely robbed! Chase is a horrible rip off. I am going back to Park National bank ... where they actually care about their customers!!!!

I have never had a problem with bogus charges or trying to find any loophole they can to charge me fees! It is so ridiculous! I make very little and spend very little . ..

the sad part is that the transaction was for 1.19 and because the 50.00 was in some imaginary hold ? it sent my account into a whirlwind of charges!!!! I could see if the money was not there!!!

Do not bank here. You are warned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Deposit.

Monetary Loss: $230.

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Do not book Westin online - Thee is no cancellation with this and you will be charged for your rooms.


Totally agree!!! I just noticed - the sick charges they make!

I`m closing my accounts and switching the bank.... Totally disgusted by Chase!

Guess they washed a lot of money that now they allow to treat the customers like that.... These fees is smth new and pieces me off...


I opened an account with Chase in June. Shortly after, they cancelled a QuikPay transaction and froze my business account for 3 months.

They took no responsibilty only telling me it was my job to close accounts, get monies back, etc... Absolutely worst experience of my life.


Our business was given a line of credit of $50000 without us asking them in 2005 and then all of a sudden taken back in 2008. We have been struggling since then with paying back big payments at a very high rate.

Their credit card now jacked to 27% APR, can any small business make that kind of interest payments. Think soon we will be out of business. AMEX has also done the same on their business cards. Banks taking 0% from US government taking our tax money and charging us 27% on our own money.

Weird and complete ripoff. God bless USA!


DONT DO IT!! We were offered and excepeted a rate reduction for our loan on a property in Texas.

After agreeing to a rate we paid an applicatin fee of $395.00 and a closing fee of about $450.00 after the the loan was approved. We signed all the closing docs with a Notary and had a date to start the new loan a month later. Then all *** broke loose. To make a long story short our loan officer and Chase bank in San Diego were not authorized to make loans for Texas properties.

Our officer was still in training and didn't know he couldn't sell a Loan Mod for a Texas Property. We did not look for this loan, they called us! They wanted to start all over again with a new rate that was not exceptable to us. We said that we weren't interested in a new rate and wanted a refund.

They said they would not refund the App. fee and then charged us for the $175.00 for the Notary! We are going to be suing in small claims but this is a joke. They won't even return our calls.

We have been a Chase customer with no late or missed payments for about 5 years.

I will be looking to refi with someone else. Chase is a Rippoff...WTF Dont say you haven't been warned!!!


I had to comment to mr John adams up there who said people bring it on themselves. Correction no we dont.

Im a college student and a very organized one at that I know if i have 14 cents in my bank account and can only spend 14 cents. But chase makes me want to hurt them. I had 14 cents in my bank. I have the decline option that if i dont have enough money then they must decline yet when netflix and my gym membership charged my card they still allowed it to go through.

Which by the way i had already paid for netflix and my gym membership through my credit card it just didnt post yet. Fees after fees after fees.

I just called them to cancel my *** talking about some bogus fees. They are full of ***!!!!!


Chase closed out my business account without contacting me, which has now put my automatic deposits into limbo. This happened because I wasn't doing enough business with them! To top it off they are going to charge me to have a personal account with them unless I keep a rediculous balance ($5,000) in my account each month.

Get out before they start taking your money so you can be a "customer" of theirs.

HORRIBLE customer service, and a some very questionable methods of doing business. Basically, they have become "legal" loan sharks.


WATCH changed their policy, checking isn't free ...get out while you can!


I agree, their claims department sucks, they have a whole bunch of uneducated lazy people working in there, if a merchant still money from you, you will be screwed because they will not do a *** thing to get your money back, DO NOT BANK WITH CHASE, bunch of thieves.


:upset :upset :upset :upset :upset


I had an issue with an overdraft with chase. It was my fault, I paid the fee, big deal.

On their customer service support line, they said it would not happen again because I was set up to DECLINE instead of them paying for me. Wrong. Because of a miscalculation on my part of a $200 emergency repair bill I had to pay, 12 overdraft fees in three days for charges of ten dollars or less. I completely understand paying one OD fee because I was unorganized, but why would anyone with any ethics keep charging a person that obviously has no money.

Several visits to several banks told me the same thing: that the lady in another country who promised me I had set up the decline service properly... didn't. And its not their fault. And why in the heck do I have to set up a system where the bank STOPS spending my nonexistent money.

And don't bother giving a simple answer like "just watch your finances better" because I do, and I had a fine system set up with WaMu, but when Chase took them over... poof. new rules without telling me. This is the first mistake I made since the switch and it nearly made me homeless.

I'm sure no one will read this, but stay away from Chase. And who the *** ever heard of needing a minimum $300 balance for a savings account? It's not that big of a deal, but seriously... if it dips below, as it definitely will for anyone using their 'service' of overdraft protection, they charge a $10 fee, and if you happen to withdraw more than 4 times a month...

another fee, and then a $4 fee if it goes below $300. Wow. Overdraft protection for a fee of around... $30.

Nice. Saved $4.


Sure Chase and many other banks are rip-offs. Banks by definition are criminal enterprises.

BUT you people bring the grief upon yourselves by taking out more than your balance and then trying to make up for it by making a deposit after the fact. If you have Bill Payer, then you must be certain that you have sufficient funds to cover it, rather than depending on a direct deposit at the last minute. You bring the grief upon yourselves because you believe that banks are here to help you. No, they are here to help themselves out - of your money.

Stop playing games with banks and this won't happen to you. And be certain to opt-out of "overdraft protection" that incurs overdraft fees.


Chase is such a joke i had a credit card with them, however before i could make the first payment...i got incarcerated, after getting out, 4 months later i immediately called them to try and set up payments to get it in good standing again, they wouldnt do anything they tried to sue me but they didnt win...they should have paid a little more for a better lawyer. cause now i dont owe them anything, but i offered, and they refused


Wow, I have a great idea. Do not spend money you do not have!

That's definitely the best way not to get NSF fees. Try one of Chase's numerous ways to monitor you account; a ledger, online banking, text alerts. Also, get a little responsibility. YOU'RE behaviors caused you to overdraft.

The bank charged you the fee. If you paid your bill on time and/or did not spend money you did not have, you would not have these problems.


Chase try to get me on an over draf becusae I had an account with Washton mutral in 2007 now chase want to collect on washinton mutral depts.


We have a small LLC free account opened with WAMU. Chase did not inform us but started charging $18.00 a month for the account and when confronted agreed to give the charge back but will not reinstate the account under the original agreement.

They want us to keep $5000 in the account or link it to a personal account to keep it free. Why?

So they can avoid incorpration protections. The account will probably be moved from Chase.


Chase is famous bully. Why people bank with them? Please stop!


If we all agree that Chase is a ripoff, inform friends and colleagues to boycott it. Withdraw money and take it to a small instution.

Only place it will hurt is decline in deposits. No other campaign will bother them. Jamie Dimon will continut get his millions every year.

Chase spends millions in upgrading their offices but will do nothing for its depositors. Send 100 emails to your contacts and have do the same and then we will see a ripple effect that will get them to realize a citizen rebellion.


Chase is a spinoff off the richest families in the world that get rich buy ripping everyone off to highest degree. If you really knew, feel good to know they are in court and their takeover of WAMU was hostile and illegal. You would be suprised if you knew who truly owned the company.


Chase Bank continues to en-slave its customers.

Chase has a history of participating in the slave trade. Durint the slavery era of our country, chase bank gave out mortgages to farm owners and land barrons to buy slaves.

They continue today to en-slave its cutomers. I had a mortgage with Washington Mutual when Chase Bank took them over. Since then my life has been a nightmare. For starters, they do not include in their statement a line for extra payment towards the principal.

I have to go personally to the bank to pay extra towad the principal.

If you attempt to pay off a loan, they hit you with enormous extra fees. Under any other circustance they would be haualed into court and locked upt.