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Legal Property Description: 2378308 Condominiums; are eight individual townhouses described on a document entitled Plat of Survey filed with the County of Cook , Illinois .

Complaint: Using file information obtained from the Cook County Recorder of Deeds claiming they own Josie Harris?s Townhouse Property at 7443 North Ashland Torrick Ward, Sue Smith and Mitchell Asher sold Harris property at a foreclosure for back taxes after obtaining possession as owners by using a 1998 lis pendens that was settled in chancery and results not entered into the computer.

Ashland Home Condominium Association (2378308 Condominium) claimed in Housing court they owned Harris?s property at 7443 North Ashland .

Torrick Ward, J.D., Homeowner and litigator for the City of Chicago argued in court they (Ashland Home, Sue Smith, and he owned Harris?s condominium unit within a building). The Cook County Recorder of Deeds contained false information regarding ownership. A Lis Penden was filed in 1998 (mortgage foreclosure) describing Harris?s property as a building with one address. Freddie Mac and Mellon settled the case with Harris being compensated for the wrongful complaint and the complaint dismissed as a nonsuit (Exhibit 2). However, the results of the Lis Penden were not recorded. Sue Smith and Torrick Ward, J.D., owners of condominiums at 7437 and 7439 respectively claimed they bought Harris?s property for back taxes from Mellon after suing Harris in rental court. Since the results of the Mellon foreclosure was not recorded at the Cook County Recorder of Deeds, Torrick Ward, J.D. argued in court Ashland Home Condominium and he were the

owners of Harris unit and she refused to pay rent. Harris current mortgage holder was not named in the lawsuit and refused to become involved when notified by telephone and mail and are not noted as Harris?s mortgage holder in the public document.

Chase Home Finance is the current mortgage holder for the property. Harris contacted Chase and informed them Ashland purchased the townhouse property for $90,000 after selling for back taxes which did not exist. They mailed documents stating the townhouses should only be sold as condominiums. Harris?s taxes are current and remained current the time the property was assigned to Chase from Mellon. Chase Home Finance refused to enter a statement or honor the attached rider and refused to change the assignment from Mellon to chase at the Eugene Moore Website; they claimed it would take time to make the correction (Exhibit 3).

I informed (by documents in case 05 M1 729339) Mitchell Asher, J.D. and S. Rissar, Ashland Homes Lawyer, at 157 North Brockway, Palatine Illinois 60067. Who then told me ?too bad? I should have had a lawyer to protect my rights. They claimed the condominium is owned by their clients. They refused to accept documents during discovery, changed document dates, claimed I was a renter and the Association owned the property and obtained possession of the property for his clients.

Judge Garber stated I should stop paying the mortgage. During a December 15 or 16 court date Judge Garber told me to stop paying my mortgage. He stated I had lost the property based on the information given to him by Torrick Ward, J.D, Sue Smith, and Richard Giaconda. This would allow them to then pay my current mortgage company the $23, 000 I owe on the property through the possession order issued by Judge Garber.

ps. They describe the townhouses as a unit with property to easily move between describing the townhouses as a unit without additional property owned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

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