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On Friday December 14, 2012 in Detroit, MI I had made one $400 ATM withdrawal of my own funds from a Chase ATM. I've been a Chase customer for well over a year and haven't had any issues up until now. Later that night, while I was out in public (downtown metro area) my card/wallet was stolen at however, I wasn't notified of the thievery activity until the following morning. After being notified via my Chase alerts of the fraudulent activity (2) $600 ATM fraudulent deposits, (1) $200 ATM withdrawal, (1) $240 Liquor store transaction. From this point on I notified chase and had them discontinue my debit card immediately (Dec. 15, 2012) the rep in the claims department that I spoke to had assured me that incidents like these normally happen and that I had nothing to worry about, seeing as though chase would take care of the issue. I was wrong, and instead like the rest of you I have been shuffled and transferred from department to department with little to no answers. Sidebar: Although I had disputed these fraudulent charges the following morning unfortunately, there was nothing that Chase could do seeing as though you have to wait until those ''fraudulent'' charges have been posted and not pending..I HATE THIS. So from this point on, on Monday I'm under the impression that everything had been taken care of on Chase's behalf, and that the ridiculous charges have eventually been removed from my account. I was wrong, now did Chase credit the money back to me that was due? YES. However, Chase claims that I compromised my OWN pin and basically authorized these chain of events myself. I've never deposited a check via an ATM, in fact I have always made my deposits at a branch personally and will always continue to do so. I've never been to a Mays Liquor Store and to add onto the rest of these issues I barely even use my Chase Checking Account (aside from recent direct deposit from my job I barely even use the account), and for starters if you look at the screen-shots of the ATM check deposits you can most certainly be assured that my handwriting isn't even the same as the culprit. However, Chase still believes that "I" am responsible for the chain of events and that "I" myself, had made these transactions myself. Anyways, so I disputed and disputed over and over again and each time getting the run around. The claims department gave me a credit for the following unauthorized transactions: $200 ATM withdrawal, $240 Mays Market Liquor store transaction (DENIED). Ok so here's when things get confusing, my first credit and correspondence report from chase was the $240 Mays Market transaction on December 15, 2012 (cool), but I was still in the dark regarding the ATM withdrawal and two ATM deposits. I didn't spend a dime for that whole weekend especially seeing as though I didn't have a debit card to use for spending anyway. All I had equipped was the ATM card which I had gotten from Chase, Monday morning there was over $1,200 in my checking account with $1645 sitting as my present balance.

Note: I was assured on Saturday that the fraudulent funds would be removed by Monday morning and that everything would be going back to it's normal state. It's a shame that Chase doesn't diversify the difference between personal and/or fraudulent funds, why couldn't they put a hold on the funds that are assumed to be fraudulent while leaving your personal funds available for access?

Anyway, Monday evening I realized that my account had jumped from $600 (I withdrew some funds from my account in total of $600 that afternoon not an issue $1245-$600 ->ATM & Branch withdrawals) to just, $54.51! According to Chase, I had spent $1,116 Monday afternoon but how would that be possible seeing as though I don't have a debit card and there's a $500 limit at the ATMs? In other words, Chase appeases you with these credits when you report Fraud and then have the nerve to remove the credits from you without any kind of notifications because THEY FEEL THAT YOU are suspicious and are in fact a criminal. Horrible customer service, now at this point I decided to dispute the issue again and then at this point after being shuffled through the portals of chase I eventually discovered that my account was restricted and placed on a hold..WTF to make a long story short I had an hour long conversation with some foreigner which ultimately led to her speaking with her superior to have the hold removed, GREAT. By this time they had also assured me that the system would update and that I would have an even higher available balance on the next day. Tuesday December 18, 2012 now my balance is in the ball park of $361, now mind you I had made a $400 cash deposit Saturday afternoon (December 15, 2012) why in the *** is my balance so low? Well the customer service rep stated that it was because I had withdrew $300 from the remaining $600 balance I had on Monday. WHAT? You see how confusing things are getting here? According to her I had made 3 $300 withdrawals on Monday? That's totally false. I only made two, one from the ATM and the other was done in a branch. However, that still doesn't explain how it jumped from $600 to $54 all in one day on Monday.

Note: If the process of the fraudulent funds being returned was in fact the reason for these ''inconspicuous'' debit transactions then by all means please proceed to get that *** out of my account. But can I at least get a notification? Or some kind of alert letting me know that these debits will be occurring?

Anyway, after disputing more on Tuesday afternoon I spoke to another lady in the claims department (A senior claims analyst). She was more friendly and helpful and decided to REOPEN my claims and credit my account a second time but with the $200 ATM withdrawal involved.

Note: They also denied my claim that morning and took away the $240.00 credit from my remaining $361 balance leaving me with roughly $121 left.

After these two credits had been placed on my account I was standing with a $541.61 balance in my account, ok great...I think. That day I didn't spend a thing, didn't touch the money, NOTHING. But Chase did, they withdrew over $600 from that remaining balance ultimately leaving me with a $-34 in the hole. WTF. Afterwards, I spent the remaining day disputing with these people from seniors to seniors, to reps to reps it was exhausting. I also had to speak to a guy named Kevin in the Loss Preventions department in order to get the restriction that was placed on my account removed.

Note: So here I am doing three jobs at once, disputing the fact that these credits were removed 2x in a row from my account + the fraudulent checks (Which I DID not authorize) and working with Kevin to get the hold that was supposed to be removed from my account a day ago finally removed once and for all. Terrible

I had also been notified or lied to shall I say, that my $400 cash deposit that "I" MADE WITH MY FUNDS (Saturday December 15, 2012) was never posted to my account but was in fact, rejected. So there's the 4th problem that must be dealt with and after speaking with more analyst and reps they concluded that I go to the branch that I made the deposit to see if it can be reversed. NO WAY

So far, as you can see Chase has been jerking me around and giving me incomplete answers, assuming that I compromised my own pin, they're being unethical, withdrawing available funds from my account without any sort of heads up or alert, withdrawing credits that are DUE TO ME but they feel should not be and more.

Now my account is withdrawn over $500 (it goes up over night) due to their shady acts and Christmas is just in a few days. You can't help it if you become a victim to fraud and of course yes, you can do your part to protect yourself however, as a bank there should always be a sense of collaboration between the bank and the customer. It should never get this bad and customers should be heard out and listened to. I have too much proof to prove that I never made these transactions but Chase isn't buying it. So far, this issue has gotten so bad that I took this to the executive office (thanks Sheray Franklin) So, there you have it feel free to send over any donations or words of encouragement! Happy Holidays.

Monetary Loss: $2220.

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I had the same issue December 17 2012 smh they're robbing people


How at the beginning of the third paragraph do you claim it could not of happened because you have a $500 atm daily limit then you continue on to say you made 2, $300 withdrawals, not questioning legitimacy, but which is it. I would give it a little time to be reimbursed for the fraudulent charges, it still is kind of your fault you lost the wallet, and they somehow got your pin?

I would be hesitant reimbursing you on charges that need a pin, you cant just put someone's card in the atm without a pin and expect to withdrawal cash. Chase still sucks.