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With other banks I was always treated like a person that can make mistakes and they helped me secure my account in cases were I felt it had been compromised. Chase just treated me like trash and made me feel ashamed that I had gotten scammed. They did nothing to insure my protection as a customer and only seem to care about their own profit and well being.

Original review posted by user Sep 20

I was excited to have a joint account with my boyfriend through Chase. However, we ended up getting scammed for 450 and since it was through my account they are forcing my boyfriend to drop me from the account so he can regain access.

I dont care about this so much. However, I am worried about them banning me for life over a fraudulent check that I didn't deposit. They were informed that we were scammed and I have proof as well. Im truly afraid that this may mess up my chance of banking else where or getting any kind of loan or decent job in the future.

I had hopes of buying a house in the spring and now Im not sure what is going to happen.

We have tried explaining the situation to them but they do not seem to care or want to listen. They said it is final and are holding my boyfriends check even though they have no reason to hold the whole check.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: I just want to know that this is not going to affect my credit or chances of getting a loan or mortgage or even job. I would like to be assured that my boyfriend will recieve most of his check as well..

Chase Bank Pros: Access to online banking all the time, Great benefits.

Chase Bank Cons: Lack of help through situations of fraud, Poor customer service and care, Do not care about customers, Quick to lay blame, Does not do proper investigation.

  • Poor Customer Service And Care
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