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I went into a Chase branch and closed a personal checking and a savings account on Jan 8, 2011. On Jan 28, 2011 an automatic loan payment tried to withdraw from my Chase checking account.

(I thought I had updated it online to come out of my new checking account at a different bank, but I had not.)

Chase went ahead and let the payment go through against my CLOSED checking account. Then they wanted to charge me over $60 in fees to pay something on a CLOSED account!

WTF Chase! So I guess that is their plan to keep all us former Wamu customers, they are just not going to actually close our accounts when we ask them to!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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So Immber did Chase refund you your money since you had ask them to close the account?

I have learned that just because a person puts on a shirt and tie and works for a bank does not make them good descent people.

To get hired is the easy task.

Chase upper management hires and fires young men and women who can work with no conscious and do their stealing from customers. The pay is good but few employees are able to keep the job.


for an acct to close it has to remain inactive for 30 days.


I closed my account because of a rediculous fee and then when I demanded it back they said that they couldn't refund it back because my account was already closed. Sounds to me like they will close it in a hurry if they have your money already but somehow the process takes longer if you "owe" them money.