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I was a WaMu customer for several years with no problems, payments above minimunm, and on time, even early. After Chase took over Wamu,things seemed ok, until I suffered Sudden Cardiac Arrest on June, 2, 2008. I had purchased WaMu's insurance program, that under their terms would have paid the outstanding balance on my acct at the date of the disability. My wife and I filled out the required forms, continued making payments, while I was without income during the ongoing filing for Social Security Disability, the reviews, etc. In the meanwhile,Chase decided that after I was awarded the disability, that because they had taken over WaMu, during the time that my claim with them was filed, it came under THEIR protection coverage, that would only "waive" payments for a 2 yr interval, with the interest still accruing.The "Event" happened,prior to their takeover, but the "award" from SSDI occured in March of 2009, so they used that date instead.In the meanwhile, they cancelled my card,and are now billing me for "past due", late fees, and over the limit fees, (they also reduced my credit line) They constantly call, attempting to collect, and send me letters offering to "help". I see this as 1. a breach of contract 2. Malicious intent,

and am now researching all the complaints similar to mine, in hopes of showing this pattern of operation practices, and hopefully getting enough people together for a class action suit. If similar circumstances and treatment of you by Chase has happened, please contact me through here, or at heavensongs@hotmail.com

Thank You

Gary Cook

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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I still have no resolution, to my situation, but they are still piling on the late fees, over the limit fees, etc. My best, our best hope, is that enough of us in the same, or similar situations, will band together and get an attorney that specializes in class action suits and possibly we can get them to resolve, and change their unfair practices.


When the doctor filled out the form, the only option was - will the patient be able to return to work (yes or no) no unknown option, but that was handwritten by the doctor on the very next question on date to return.

Now that he has been determined to be totally disabled after many surgeries, Chase Credit protection will not amend the claim.

... any ideas ?


Bill, stay in touch, and let me know what you are able to find out.We may need to work in tandem, in order to start a class action suit.I will be checking with some attorneys in my area as well, and I have e mailed one of the attornies that is/was involved in a class action against them on the "fees" action.As of today, I still have not heard back from them yet.




I read your story about Chase Bank and just to let you know they did exactly the same thing to me. But I had caught cancer and pnuemonia.

I did exactly what u did, and took out insurance. Now I have to fight with these people because I'm finding out the insurance never paid anything when Chase bought out Washington Mutual.

They have cancelled my card, collection agencies keep adding fees on what IS NOT ACTUALLY DUE. Ad now I am looking for a lawyer to help me sort out this problem because the bank won't let me work it out on my own......

Anyways, I just wanted you to know I am going through the same thing......