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Chase canceling my business checking account by notifying me by mail with a reference number but could not discuss that with me. Wow thats so professional.

I called about it and they could not disclose the info with me. ok i guess i will take my business else where so I guess they can make notes but not disclose it with the customer.

Chase Bank you need to be honest with your customers and not play around. With my account i have never reported theft or loss.

So you can stick it to yourself and I will find a good bank. Thnks

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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Our bussiness just got the letter closing our accounts after 14 years keeping 6 figure balance

Goggle operation choke point,

What a way to start new year


Why did they do that? They did the same thing to me.

Maybe I was writing to many payroll checks.

They won't give me a clue. They said they have the right to close it just as I do.


Received a letter from Chase Bank with a reference number that my account will be closed in 45 days. When I called they could not give an explanation except they have a right to end the business relationship. As a retailer who deposits over $2mm a year in gross receipts to Chase Bank; I'm quite aggregated and a disgruntled Chase Bank Customer.


This happens at other banks too! rittergirl44 is correct - search for operation "Chock Point"

This is another abuse of power by Obama administration.

The Chock Point operation was initiated to illegally force gun related businesses out of business but then the program was "expanded" to other "high risk businesses" - this businesses include anything to do with adult , guns, marijuana, payday loans, etc. - basically, anything Obama administration finds not good enough to exist:

“This administration has very clearly told the banking industry which customers they feel represent ‘reputational risk’ to do business with,” said Peter Weinstock, a lawyer at Hunton & Williams LLP. “So financial institutions are reacting to this extraordinary enforcement arsenal by being ultra-conservative in who they do business with: Any companies that engage in any margin of risk as defined by this administration are being dropped.”

Read more:

This needs to be addressed with each of ours congress representative as this program, apparently, has been run without congress approval.

The way I look at at that banks are in business to, well, bank. If they find something allegedly illegal - the authorities should be notified to investigate.

Banks should not be the jury and the judge! Also, when the *** financial crisis was unfolding and "too big to fail" needed to be bailed-out - nobody from "too big to fail" asked of where that money came from and if any of the money (in tax form) were paid by gun or adult businesses. They just took the money!!!! Well, now, they afraid of "reputational risk".

We should address our congressmen and women and make whichever company was bailed out by public - a public serving company!!!! And, unless a court of law decides on illegality of a business - none should be able to force me to close my account at any of bailed-out financial institution.


Got one of those letters also. It is because I work for a topless club.

It is an effort by the Department of Justice investigation called "Operation Choke Point". The department has been approaching banks asking them to deny access to people "who may be breaking the law".


So I decided to open a small business.I then decided to bank with Chase why I guess I thought at the time it would be a good institution to bank with OHHHHHH I was so wrong.The same day I opened the account Chase sent out a letter of closure. I asked the banker who help me open the account as to why?

I get the answer "we don't know call the 800 number they will be able to give you the reason. What? okay I call they can only tell me due to the activity on the account....really?On food, and gas? "we just decided to close your ma'am" That's all?

yup That's It! :eek :?


Chase just closed my savings and checking account. Both were in good standing and both were for a small growing and legitimate internet based business.

They closed it without me knowing and now I have bounced checks and fines. After years of being so faithful to Chase, they stabbed me in the back.


Chase bank closed my business account for NO reason. I have had 11 transactions, I sent one wire to a customer with audited financials, the rest were basic expenses and I have NEVER had a negative balance. If you are interested in joining me in a class action lawsuit against Chase bank. For closing accounts with no legitimate reason and filing a formal complaint with the federal controller of currency please e-mail me at with your phone number and we can discuss.

As I had a customer service representative representative from Chase Bank and on recording illustrating my account is flawless.

Thank you.

Greg Sundem


Does anyone read what they write before they post it anymore? If you're trying to appear professional maybe try to make sure your post isn't riddled with mistakes...


Same thing here, closed my account with no reason....called them, give me no reason,and said that is the final decision, and that is their right to do that....*** Chase bank, I will close all my account with Chase.


They closed my account and all checks that are coming in are bouncing back and they keep the money for 10 or 20 days and then they will mail it to me.

No reason why.


Would be good to have an explanation, same happens with me twice so far. Guess will never comeback.

I worked in a company and their closed account without notice, blocking all funds, and amount was quiet high. All company worked without getting salary for a 3 weeks. My boss couldnt withdraw any funds. He borrowed money to pay all employees.

Crazy. He spent few thousand for attorney and got money from Chase but losses weren't covered. It was unfair. Now I got a letter all my accounts closed, without explanation.

I now we work with international clients. But is it called war with Europe now?

:) that we cant receive money from Germany, France or other countries? So *** and unfair, hope someday Bank would be forced to give the explanations!


Maybe they did it because they couldn't understand you... I hope you aren't in charge of communications for your company or you guys would be *** anyway! Lol.


I understood it perfectly; it takes a wee bit of cognitive power that's all.


I am going through this right now. I recently had a companion wire a substantial amount of money in my account so we can get some business done.

Because I sent a western union to payoff a loan they went ahead and closed my account. I also cannot get any answers on why other than the wire transfer seems to be invalid, however I have a confirmation email from bank of america confirming the transfer was successful. Now I cannot access my account nor will they give me a valid reason why they closed it.

To make mattters worse they claim they are returning the wire and the western union transaction went through and has been paid out. :(


Omg this just happened to me they totally screwed me over they closed my account for no reason and when I called they just told me they could not tell me why and that if they decided to give me my money I would recieve a check Chase is *** Please don't ever try chase.


Chase is full of it and they also said they' was going to close my account. I opened up a college account with them 3 years ago and never had anything suspicious going on into account.

When I called them and asked why they told I can't discuss that with you.

I'm not going back to chase I been hearing a lot of things about them, like there doing some crazy things. They are unprofessional and want have any business from me ever again.


Based on your inability to write coherently I take it that you gave up on college three years ago when Chase cancelled your bank account. I hope you find another bank that will 'want make the business with you' for your children's sake.

Good luck! ;)


Your life must be very boring.