Miramar, Florida

I woke up one day and my debit card was not working (little embarrassing after trying to put gas). When I called the bank I was told that they were closing my account because it was a risk to them.

I was told that I had 10 days to resolve the issue. Unfortunately, I still have a business to run and suppliers that needed to be paid. A week later, my account was "restricted" i cannot make deposits or withdrawals and the checks that still need payment won't be paid. In the other hand, they are still taking the direct deposits from my credit card merchant and they are definitely keeping my money.

They first told me I could go to the bank branch and withdrawal my money. When I got there they refused to give it to me. Now they are saying that I have to wait 10 days for them to mail me a check. In the meantime I still have to pay my suppliers and I still need to run my business with a huge deficit.

My business is small and I do not know if I can keep it afloat for weeks to come.

DO NOT BANK WITH CHASE! Unless this can happen to you!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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I barely had chase for a month and today I received a letter claiming my account is being closed without reason. All I got was no account can be opened in my name ...


Banking with chase was a mistake! Hope they go out of business!


Chase closed our personal account with no notice. Have been with them for over ten years, no nsf, no problems.

They don't have a reason and say that it's under review and after ten days they will mail the balance if deemed ours to us. The money is ours and this is beyond ridiculous!


I've been a loyal credit card customer of Chase for years, and have never had a single late payment or any issues.So when I recently moved and needed a new bank for my personal checking account, I naturally thought of Chase since there was a local branch just a few miles from my new home.I opened an account online, and linked it to my credit card account with them. And began making deposits.I used their app to make a remote deposit of a check a client sent me for $1275, and was informed that there would be a hold placed on the funds.

Which was fine. I totally understand that is standard for most banks with a new checking account.And I had around $2,500 in the account anyway from my previous deposits that went fine with them.A few days after the deposit, I went into my local branch to make a small $300 withdrawal (which there was more than enough funds to cover out of the $2500 above and beyond the deposit with the hold on it.)After dealing with the teller for nearly 20 minutes she put me on the phone with someone else at Chase who said that my account had been "restricted" because of the $1275 deposit, and I couldn't access or withdraw ANY of my other $2500 in the account until the $1275 check cleared.While I was obviously frustrated, I had no choice but to wait. A few days later I got a notification that the $1275 check was fine and had indeed cleared, so I went online to make a payment from my checking to my Chase credit card and was given an error message that the transaction could not be processed.So I called Chase and after being bounced around for 30 minutes from person to person, I wound up on the phone with a very rude and condescending person in their "risk management" department who informed me that my account was being closed, I could never again FOR LIFE bank with Chase, and he refused to tell me WHY the account was being closed.All he did admit was that all of my deposits had cleared just fine, I had not had any issues with a single bounced check or any other negative activity on the account... Just that I and my business were (for no stated reason) not welcome at Chase, ever, for life.So now they are holding ALL of my funds hostage, no one will tell me if or when I will get my thousands of dollars in my account returned to me, and I just paid to order checks which are now worthless.I've NEVER experienced anything this frustrating or infuriating when dealing with ANY company in my entire life, and the part that is worse than them screwing with my money is they won't even provide an explanation of WHY!I have had a perfect history with them for YEARS as a credit card customer, have never had any issues with my checking accounts at other banks, yet I'm (for no reason) banned for life from banking with Chase?!

(Not that after this experience I'd ever even consider banking or borrowing from them! And I'd recommend that anyone who does, get's your money out of their incompetent, and rude hands as quickly as possible!)


This literally happened to me, even after the check cleared, they said they still have to verify it (going on calling them every other day for 3 weeks now) and have frozen my accounts, closed them, and are withholding ALL of my money and won’t release any of it until they somehow clear the check that has already been cleared. They won’t release the money from the accounts that has nothing to do with the check, it’s a nightmare.

They’ve now told me three different methods they use to clear these kinds of checks, and nobody seems to know what’s going on. Since they haven’t been able to get the other account owner on the phone the same time I’m on the phone (works third shift, can’t have phone on her at work, won’t accept her call when she calls in), they are holding all of my money until this happens. They won’t even schedule a time to call her, or continue trying. I am furious.

They keep saying “the paperwork you signed” LOL you don’t have legal right to steal my money. I’m contacting lawyers tomorrow.


Chase is a huge piece of trash, and I hope the god-d-a-m-n- place goes out of business soon.


JP Morgan Chase is the most horrific heartless bank out there.

They closed my mothers account without notice and reason.

She is close to 90 and a holocaust survivor

Her social security and German pension checks were returned to their respective sources causing a great deal of effort to retrieve them. All of her auto pays were bounced and it was only because she had some spare cash at home that she did not go hungry. This was done with 2 days warning and additionally her accounts were frozen. She is also legally blind.

Nazi Germany behaved much the same way.

Chase is ruthless and will stay away from them for the rest of my life. Mind you my mother was an account holder with them for close to gift years.

A lot of good that did. They are despicable !!!!!


I have the same situation to you too. Talk to your friends and neighbors hook, never banking with *** Chase bank....


From my experience with chase they cash a check I received then told me the funds bounced . They kept any money I had in there and closed my account then reported me to chex sysyems since I couldn't cover bounced amount immediately .

I can't open an avcounf for 5 years . They didn't even investigate it. The bank that the check came from said it was fraud and not chase. How can chase or any other bank cash a check with no supposed avcounf number in the banking system .

I have to use prepaid cards to paybills and other expenses. Safer and this way bsnk can't *** over. Chase offered no help what so ever. Will never bank with them or tell others to .

Have someone add you to their account if you get put into chex systems and go to chex inc.com. They list non chex sysyems banks .


This happened to me as well. I called in one day to see why an ACH payment was denied although I had a positive balance.

They claimed that I had put a block on ACH withdrawals from this company, which I never asked for or was notified about. They are still accepting my direct deposits, but I am not allowed to use the account for withdrawals or bill pay. They told me that it was "being closed because it was a risk to their company". Why?

They couldn't tell me. And they said that any remaining balance would be sent to me within 10 days. So essentially they are holding my money hostage as they gain interest on my funds that are stuck there while I scramble to update all of my auto pay bills and direct deposits, and if anyone has dealt with switching over direct deposits to another bank, sometimes it takes a few weeks if you have to send in info, especially a voided check...and since banks don't give free starter checks anymore, I have to order and wait for the new bank's checks to be delivered...and how can I pay for those if my deposits are frozen in another account? This has created such a mess for our family, for example we have had cell phone service interrupted because I can't get to my money, and need to wait 7-10 business days until we receive our new bank ATM cards to make online payments.

:( :? :sigh


This happened to me also .

CHASE IS THE WORST. They are horrible and close your acct for no really good reason, hold your money hostage, upset your life, and dont give a ***.

I hope for the day that they go under.

They are garbage. Use ANY OTHER BANK except them.


did you get your check? this just happen to me today.