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I was raised that you pay your credit cards on time, do not go over your limit and always pay at least double your min payment and all will be fine. Well chase has been cutting my credit limits like most banks and then they closed my three accounts that they cut my limits a total of 15K with out warning.

Their reason is I am too close to my credit limits. I tried to explain to them that I would not be near my credit limits if they did not cut my lines but they did not care. Additionally, they increased the interest on my ink card to 23.99 for no reason chase said "we reviewed your account". I called to try and lower my interest but they said I have to wait 6 months.

Now that they say they can not change an interest rate on a closed account. My other chase accounts have interest rates of 8.99 and 9.99 respectively I have a very good credit score but that does not matter to chase. Of course now that they closed my three credit cards it will effect my score because of lost credit lines totaling about 40K.

I am a small business and banks will not lend or help any small business unless they do not need money. I have been in business for over 25 years but nothing matters anymore just Chases greed and horrible customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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