Miami, Florida

We been paying our card for years and never sent a late payment. Recently we started remodeling our home and for some reason last month we had a few bills that we never received.

One of them was our Chase/ Circuit City Statement. Today, I received a statement and to my surprise, I had a friendly reminder with a $39 late fee. My husband decided to give them call, since we are always buying from Circuit City and always maintain a balance, but never sent a late payment before.

He could not believe how rude and disrespectful their customer service was. He was told they couldn't wave the fee.

They simply did not care... My husband decided to payoff the balance and closed the account. Please do not be a victim!!!! Do not apply or accept Chase Cards.


Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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They closed my account when Circuit City closed in my town. Stopped sending me statements and I found out they've been charging me a late fee every month, even though I've been paying them $75 a month.

Unethical slimeballs. NO CHASE CARD FOR ME EVER AGAIN!!


I called and the rude guy said no refund on the late fees, they just don't do it. Called again and the nice person waived the fee. Depends on who you get, i guess.


THEY SUCK!!!! :(


This same thing happened to me as well, and I sent them 150 to cover this and double my minimum payment, and they added the late fee to my minimum due the next month, so it was twice of what I ussually pay after I sent them the 150! I also called, and received no cooperation from them at all. :(


Honey, all credit card companies are this way now. Same thing happened to me and I had to live with it. I'm actually 4 days away from paying off my credit card in full after 4-5 years of constant high balances due to insane APR fees they wouldn't help me out with.

They just want our money, which makes sense, considering we're spending theirs to get our *** we usually don't even need.