Joliet, Illinois

I am a Chase customer. I received a check from an acquaintance drawn on Chase account and wanted to cash it.

I was asked if I had an account and when I did not want to provide my account number was advised that there would be a $6 fee to cash the check! How ridiculous! Chase has the means to determine if the check is good and after verifying my identity should really have no right to charge. Isn't that the whole basis of the checking account, it was meant to prevent people from having to carry around large amounts of cash that needed to be traded in to purchase items or pay bills.

The next time Grandma gives her grandkids a gift check, she better keep in mind the fact that the kid might not have a bank account at Chase and will be charged a fee.

Happy birthday, Merry Christmas and all the rest. Wow.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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Look, this is not rocket science. If you really have an account at Chase providing your account number to them does no harm to you at all.

I suspect that you do not have an account.

Why, therefore should Chase cash a check for someone who is not an account holder? If they did this for anyone, pretty soon they would find every *** who gets a check inhabiting their lobby, smelling up the place for account holders.


stop banking at chase , bof a and wells the thieves


I don't know why you're shocked. Everybody knows (((who))) owns the banks. Greed, gouging, and bribing the politicians to make whatever they want to do legal is just what (((they))) have always done.


I just tried to cash a check at chase written out to cash and they would not cash it wtf is this about


VP of Customer Service (so we are told) at Chase:

Deb Walden PO BOX 15919 Wilmington, DE 19850 (302) 594-4000 office (888) 643-9628 fax

Here is another Chase contact to try to ask for help when you can’t find anyone else to help you:

Mr. Frank Bisignano Chief Administrative Officer JPMorgan Chase & Co.

270 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017-2014

Having a problem with the banking side of Chase? Here is a contact to try:

Heather Joyner Executive Specialist 800.242.7399 ext. 51279 713-262-1279 Direct Line FAX: 281-915-0984 Having a problem with Chase? Email Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon for help at or try or send him snail mail at: James Dimon Chairman and Chief Executive Officer JP Morgan Chase 270 Park Avenue, 39th Floor New York, NY 10017 Phone: 212-270-1111 Fax : 212-270-1121 E-Mail Address: Charlie Scharf CEO Retail Financial Services (i.e.

head of JPMorgan Chase retail banking) Phone: 212-270-5447 Fax: 212-270-5448 E-Mail Address: Gerald A. Smith CEO Credit Card Services Phone: 302-282-3100 Fax: 302-282-3939 E-Mail Address: Marc Sheinbaum CEO-Retail Auto and Education Finance Phone: 516-745-3838 Fax: 516-745-4040 E-Mail Address: David B. Lowman CEO Home Lending Phone: 636-735-2121 Fax: 314-256-2800 E-Mail Address: Kevin D.

Cook, Home Lending Executive Office Supervisor 614-422-7839 (phone) 614-388-9912 (fax) Here is a link to lots of contact information for Chase. Here is a number supposedly for the Chase Executive Team, whatever that is: 800-242-7339 Numbers for Chase executive customer service: 713-262-3866 (Banking, Michelle Crabtree) 800-242-7399 (Banking, General number) 888-622-7547 x 4350 (Credit card, general) 888-622-7547 x 6833 (Credit card, Jessica) 888-622-7547 x 6164 (Credit card, Sharon) 888-622-7547 x 6838 (Credit card, Patrick)


I'm sure they would love to hear from you. After all you did pay them. The least they can do is explain themselves.


$6 to cash their own check. I will never go into Chase again, at Walmart for $3.. Pretty sad Walmart is half off on Even Chase Manhatten, what a bad joke on Chase


What do I need to cash a $63,000.00 check I do not want a account it is drawn from Jp Morgan chase will I have a issue.


I received a check from a fmaily member that banks at chase, when i went to cash it, they told me that they would have to charge me $6. What a racket, I can't beleive that they charge you to cash a check that is drawn on their own bank. Just because the individual the check was written to does not have an account with them.

What kind of customer service is that ? NONE........


I'm a teller at my local Chase branch and I feel bad because quite a few of you have received the wrong information. Even though I work for Chase, I do not agree with some of their policies which is why I try to help out the customers as much as possible in avoiding the fees.

With that said, there are several ways to get out of paying the $6 convenience charge without having to actually sit down with a banker and opening an account. For non-account holders, you do not need a Chase account as long as you have any relationship with Chase (e.g. Credit Card, Installment Loan, Mortgage, etc.), you're fine. Also, any checks written for less than $50 automatically waives the fee.

Lastly, bring a friend who holds an account with Chase. Kindly ask your friend to cash the check for you as a third party check. This means you, the non-account holder, endorse the check and then sign it over to your friend, the account holder, to cash for you.

By the way, I don't understand why the person who wrote this post refused to give the teller his/her account #.

Cashing a check does not affect your account in any way--the teller simply uses your account # to process the transaction in a way that automatically waives the fee.

As ridiculous as bank fees are, some customers can be equally absurd...for no reason! :p


how much would they charge for a $900 check?


Its your own fault for not providing your acct # ***. You would not have been charged.


So I take a check drawn on a CHASE account to their bank. No thank you I don't bank with CHASE but the check is THEIRS.

They want to charge me $6 to cash THEIR check. No I will not open an account with CHASE to cash the $65 check just so that you don't take $6 of it. I have enough accounts with credit unions - don't need any other ones.

I even have a couple CHASE credit cards. That didn't help me.



I have tried to cash a check at chase from a friend who has an account there. SHE WAS WITH ME and they still wanted to charge me $6 !!!!! So it would do know good to have them call the account holder.Atleast not at the Chase banks around here.I refused and had my friend give me cash instead and made sure to let them know that they were never getting money from me and are losing future customers this way!


I have tried to cash a check at chase from a friend who has an account there. SHE WAS WITH ME and they still wanted to charge me $6 !!!!! So it would do know good to have them call the account holder.Atleast not at the Chase banks around here.I refused and had my friend give me cash instead and made sure to let them know that they were never getting money from me and are lossing future customers this way!


State wide in Texas, banks will not be allowed to charge fees to cash a check drawn off their accounts. They attempted to sue to stop that so they could, but the "Shady split tactic" is being stopped. THey follow banking law and are insured.

Check locally they may still try to charge but you can refuse and demand they cash it.

Part of the reason is, fees already charged to customers are in place. All that is legally required to be asked for is sufficient ID. It's a digital age and a paper check is checked quickly, even if they lie and gie excuses.


Not all banks do it, at least those that are honest.

If the check is drawn from their bank, they know if it can be covered. It's just another fee to try to get you to have an account with them to gain more fees.

One simple word, federal credit union and avoid it all.



"Let me understand your rant.

Basically, you have an account with Chase, but didn't wish to dilvuge your information just to argue with them!

Have you nothing better to do with your time?

If I was waiting in line behind you and overheard this I would of smacked you across that idiotic excuse for a head for wasting my time.

And that goes for all you other Jews too."

Isn't the fact that you have to have an account there to get YOUR money out of someones account ridiculous? Why is the bank charging me for money that SOMEONE ELSE gave me? It's really upsetting to know that if I want to cash my check for 25.00, they're going to take 6.00 from it. Thats 24% of my money for them doing NOTHING. If we all followed the "rules" like good little girls, like Charliedowner does, we would all be at the mercy of a never-changing unfair society.


but all of u can go cry your self to sleep, *** chase i have cheaking with lake federal, the best bank ever! no fees no *** , just money


When you go to a Chase Bank to cash a check written out in your name, but you are not holding a Chase account, ask them to contact the person who wrote the check. If that person request the bank not to charge the $6 fee, the bank has to honor the account holder's request.