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This week Chase had a scare with somebody sending threatening mail to several Chase Branches. I can see why.

I have been royally screwed by this "bank" and I would love nothing better to see their name slandered in the news, and I especially feel for the employees that work there as they must hate themselves. Yes, it is true, they apparently use "creative accounting" practices when handling your checking account. They steal, they overdraft, they hold on to pending transactions that you have from your debit card transactions and wait days and days to put them thru and deliver to you several nice Over Draft Charges. Unless you have a "cushion" of at least $1,000.00 at all times, you will have Chase in your pocket stealing your money.

I hope somebody will start a class-action lawsuit against these idiots and idiots is putting it nicely. I hope the Karma will come around and do what it needs to do to this company.

Chase = Steal!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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they wont help me either i have never been late on none of my payments..and im paying high interest..what to do starv or make hose payment..think i will take the whole family out to steak tonight ..it will take a year to get us out by then the weeds will have been takin over..down with chase..


ChaseBank AreCrooks. That is the name of my facebook page.

Friend me. I am starting a page outlining the *** they have put me through with a predatory mortgage. I had an interest only Arm on a property that dipped in value 100K.

I have applied 4 times for a loan modification and been denied every time. I am now behind on the mortgage and they are completely rude and unbelievably unhelpful.

They are crooks, and that is the message I want to get out there. Sound like a lot of people agree


Oh Chase Chase Chase. Apparently they have admitted to the internal software program they use and are still using until 2010 to calculate and coordinate transactions with your debit card to ensure the best chances to create an overdraft situation.

Sick! How do they even keep any customers after this information has come to light.


Thank you Danda, you nailed it! There is some dirty shinanagens going down with "Mega" banks like Chase and Bank of America and most people that made the mistake of banking with them at some point will be a victim of their stealing tactics.

Chase has a system that creates "false balances" and they will getcha at some point for an overdraft or some ridiculous charge, not once, but as many times as you can handle until you decide to finally close your account. I promise, i'm not the thief, they are and any reputable journalist is reporting on it!

But I don't have to worry about them anymore as I thankfully took the advice of Clark Howard and moved my money. Truth prevails in the end.


Nicole and Jay, don't be so qo judge....when you use your debit card and put in your pin the money comes out right away ( it did w/ WAMU) with CHase it doesn't come out. Sometimes not for 2 weeks.

You could have 40 things pending and you check your acct balance and it says you have money. You've already balanced your acct minus the pending, but then out of nowhere 2 weeks later stuff goes through and overdrafts you.

It's a scam...and if you haven't experienced it then count your lucky stars. Don't judge others, some like myself handle money for a living and it's happened to us.


Very well said Ed. And, actually it is finally coming to pass in the media what these thieving banks are doing.

Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey have especially been talking about these banks and their thieving ways lately. The banks loyalties lies with their stockholders. All the other poor souls that intrusted their hard earned money will be robbed from. The news is reporting on it currently.

It's a fact unfortunately. They must prey off the people that are living paycheck to paycheck and they keep on sticken it to you. So, that is why you must do what Clark Howard suggests... take your money elsewhere like a small local credit union..

I have and it's been a breath of fresh air.

Oh suddenly, i'm not living with a constant barrage of overdrafts, humm, how ironic. Unless you are an insider like ED mentioned you won't be able to figure out the game and trickery of False Balancing, but they will continue to rob you blind and then some if you don't run like *** to a safer place.


The relationship between the banks and the government is the real issue. Its like having a spoiled child, if you keep bailing them out they don't learn any lessons.

The people that are financially weaker are the most at risk, i have no issue with the banks charging for overdrafts, but i do have an issue with the way the system is designed to rob you at every turn.

The system has been designed to exploit the pitfalls of middle and poor classes, its set up just like the tax system, only the insiders know how it works. I agree with one of the other comments with this to add if you don't have extra money to sit in your account, you shouldn't be using a bank, cash your checks and use cash or money orders for everything, it will be cheaper for you in the end.


All I can say to your post is to listen to what Clark Howard says about the big banks and the way they are gouging their clients with these horrific/useless fees in order for them to bring in more revenue. He says the bigger the bank the more you will be a victim of their bad behavior.


i work in chase credit card dept.

people, pay your min pay or more. plug into autopay, get online acct, put a no sharing for 3rd party/marketing.

read evrything they send you because some info they send looks like a brochure. NEVER GO LATE.

and u will never have a worry. always ask for a sup when having fees removed from the start of the call.


Chase is not stealing from you. You are stealing from Chase by spending money that you do not have and then expecting Chase to pay it for you without any charge.

What is wrong with you?

If you don't spend more than you have in your account, you won't incur any overdraft charges. Stop blaming other people for your own idiotic behavior.


You're the ***. If you made a debit card purchase then why should you care when Chase takes it out of your account?

You know you spent the money, so don't go and try and spend it again! All you people complaining about Chase fees I got this to say...you suck at keeping track of your money, and when you try and spend more then you have and get caught for it, you blame it on someone else...YOUR FAULT