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I am trustee of my mom's trust. We, my mom and I , have a joint account at Chase. It is not a trust account, per the Attorney's advice. I was traveling (in California) and received a dividend check from a stock in the name of the Revocable Living Trust . The check is made out to me, as trustee for my mom. Chase is the only bank in the area where we have an account (all others are local, and in the trust's name, where we live). I tried to deposit the check into the account and Chase said they couldn't do that. I pointed out that I am the trustee, I am trying to DEPOSIT the check, not cash it, and both our names are on the account, and that their computer system has a copy of my Durable Power of Attorney for my mother. FInally, after speaking with three managers, over a period of an hour, one of them decided they could call our local branch (in Tacoma) to get their permission to accept the deposit. Huh?

Two years ago I had to get our State Attorney General's office involved because Chase wouldn't accept the DPOA to open a Chase CD in my mother's name, with her funds from her Chase Bank account!

Never, ever had any trouble with any of the other financial institutions we deal with: 2 brokerages, 3 credit unions, and another bank.


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"Chase Bank is 'fraudulent'…After legally obtaining POA and submitting the documents for joint account privileges, the account and all online access was blocked. ATM's and debit cards were canceled.

I am now unable to pay for Hospice Care for a terminal cancer patient. Customer service has been unbelievable as I have tried to resolve the issue via phone and in person at the local branch. The phone customer service continually directs me to contact the branch manager. The branch manager has repeatedly stated that they cannot accept a contact number or location to the account holder (for verification of POA), nor can they give a contact number to corporate management to help resolve the issue.

You are correct, the employees of Chase are conditioned to respond so as to not lose their jobs. I am distraught! I am capable and have the legal right to help this woman pass with dignity.

What gives Chase the right to deny her of that. I feel helpless!


What happens to the interest on the account if it has been closed?


Chase Bank is terrible. The branches are Ok, but the telephone banking is unbelievable.

It seems as if they basically cant do anything useful and just apologize continuously - and Im talking about the simplest things. Basically, you have to go into a branch for every single transaction or even to get information. The funny thing is I live in a small very upscale town, all the other banks have simple counters, Chase however has bullet-proof glass so you can hardly communicate with the teller.

I closed my account at Chase and compared to Wells Fargo, or even B of A Chase is a joke - they are the 'We cant do it' bank. Oh yes, and they charge for everything.


They wanted to charge me $6.00 to cash one of THIER checks, got up and walked out, I'll never have an account with them. Find a good Credit Union, you'll be better off.


Sorry to hear this. I am considering transferring a Trust acct.

of my Dads to Chase from a local bank where he currently has the account. The local bank is a P.I.T.A., (Pain In The "you know what"), about the whole thing and we're looking for an improvement in the situation.

We're looking for a bank that has a branch in Chicago as well as Milwaukee. Do you know of a better, large, bank that can deal in a sane manner with Trust Accounts?