I opened a savings account with Chase Bank on 3/17/09.I started the account with a savings of $633.

On 4/21 I made another deposit of $69.14. Went on line to check my balance and it was down to $533.

They have transferred funds from my account when I have no other account to transfer them to!

Chase bank has stolen money from me in only slightly more than 60 days of business with them.

Stay away from Chase bank if you wish to have a nest egg.They will rob you of your hard earned savings.

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San Francisco, California, United States #1191630

I agree.

Chase bank is not a operating bank governed by US laws and regulations.It is a bank that is being operated by Sharia law.

And they can do whatever they want to do with your money and get away with it and your politicians are in bed with them to still your hard earned money?So don't be surprised look at strait to your white house all the tifs and criminal elements are running for an office.


I had an account with Chase Bank over 3 years ago which has been closed over 2 years.I am with another bank and my social security check got direct deposited into Chase Bank!

I don't have an account with them anymore and I didn't change my info with Social Security to have them Direct Deposit my disability check into that bank. I went to use my debit card from my bank which isn't Chase and I have ZERO money. Now Social Security tells me I changed the info and had it put in Chase and Chase says it's not there. WHERE'S MY MONEY....

This is unreal how they can go and STEAL a disability check from an old customer.On my way to Police Dept to file Theft/Fraud complaint.


CHASE is STEALING former WAMU Free Checking customers money in the amount of $10 FOR A NEW SERVICE FEE.chase refuses to be bound to our written AGREEMENTS.

CHASE has simply just CHANGED the NAME of our accounts and ILLEGALLY CHANGED the TERMS of our existing written AGREEMENTS.


Auchi, Edo, Nigeria #214586

Chase withdrew $446 from my checking account a couple of months after I opened an account with them.The transaction said it was a withdrawal to another account.

I called them and they were outright rude, verbally abusive, gave me the run around, refused to transfer me to a supervisor, and stated that I would not get my money back. They withdrew the money to supposedly satisfy a negative balance from a closed Washington Mutual account from 2007. I was unemployed and have a family with two young children, now with only $21 in the bank.

Do not fall for Chase and their incentives to open accounts with them, this company is greedy, unsympathetic, and downright unprofessional.I will be closing my account with them as soon as possible.


Banks are great at stealing our *** money.

These are the banks that have stolen from me and the amounts.

TotalBank $110

Bank of America $2500 Isn't that Grand theft???

Chase bank $70

This is why I hate *** banks.


I opened my account with Washington Mutual in the year 2000.When Washington Mutual became Chase, Chase started withdrawing money from my Checking Account to another account that was not mine.

I called to see what was going on, and apparently someone with a similar name closed a negative account in 2008. I told them that it wasn't my account. I made a police report and completed all the paperwork that they requested. Still they continued to withdraw money from my account.

I'm really mad, they keep giving me the run-around and no one seems to know anything.

I'm closing my accounts and moving to a different bank.:( :(


I actually have a horrible story with chase.I deposited two checks in their atm one for $3.52 and the other for $1,470.

When I put the checks into their atm to deposit, the atm read "Error". So I called the representative and told them about this and they credited my account. One month later they took the money away from my account and claim "we need proof of those checks" . My reply is how do you expect me to show you proof when your atm took my checks.

After speaking to them for 45 minutes and to head of the Claims department, they still did not give me back my money. Now my account is at a negative and I do not have money to pay for college. I tried explaining this to them and they did not care. Their response "we wish there was something we can do".

There is something you can do, stop being so greedy and closed minded. All they care about is reading whatever is on their screen. I am extremely upset by this. If anyone is out there and would not mind helping me out can you please donate some money back to me until I get this situation settled.

This is my last year of college and I am just trying to graduate. If possible please send a paypal payment to mentalvisions@gmail.com.

I would appreciate any help.Thank you

to Mentalvisions Englewood, Ohio, United States #902321

Whatever... whoever wrote the check can reissue. Nice scam though


Chase Have Robbed many people and will continue until we stand up, because there people are watching


Everyone contact the Inspector General Office, I contacted the Bank Commissions office, we will not be herd if its one, join together and take a class law suit against them, if everybody here go to the inspector generals office, we have a case, its time to stop crying, and start fighting, I am tired of being tired, who are the lawyers that work on contingency, chase is still robbing me blind, is anybody listening this is my email, jackieamos2@yahoo.com, you can take out a class action law suit on line, lets all join now, stop talking, crying, complainning, are you ready to make this right, how angry are you? put in your browser file a complaint with inspector generals office againts chase bank, get everybody you know, that have been robbed by chase, and have them to report it to the Inspector Generals office, together we stand divided we fall.

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