Temecula, California

I went into a chase branch and deposited $370 with an actual human teller. I have to do this because I have an out of state account so they have to send the deposit to Kentucky si it usually takes 24-48 hours tops.

A few days later I called because the deposit was not showing and they said they had no record of the deposit.

Of course I could not find the receipt. I spoke with the manager and he did whatever research he did and there were no deposits for that amount that day or that week. Without a receipt they cannot help me. I said check the security cameras He said he needs to know the EXACT time i was in the bank I don't know the EXACT time i said just check from 4 to 5 Nope he needs the EXACT time.

Meanwhile i'm racking up overdraft fees and selling my soul to get cash to cover my debit charges. 25 years banking I have never had this happen !?!?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Banking Service.

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My business partner drove to a Chase Bank in Oklahoma and deposited over $33,000 in cash to my account on late Friday. It is now Monday at 1:30 pm and this cash still has not posted to my account.

And yes we have the deposit reciept.

I am going to my Chase Bank here in Ohio with the deposit reciept and demand my money now. If they refuse I am calling the police and report them to the Attorney Generals Office.


Why do you think they have the most security of all the other banks. Because they are afraid of the customers that they consistantly screw over.


I am currently experiencing something similar. My fiance deposited his paycheck and our family lives below paycheck to paycheck.

Like we might have broke even this pay period except I got into a car wreck right before the holiday weekend. But, he lost the deposit receipt, of course, so they're stating that without the receipt there's nothing they can do. THE MONEY NEVER EXISTED! My fiance will be attempting to get another paycheck, meanwhile, I wrote out $1500 in cold checks this week and they're all about to hit our account.

So we'll be in the hole a couple of hundred in overdraft and bounced ck fees on our already extremely tight budget.

THANKS CHASE! In case you were wondering why I'm going back to 5/3rd bank...read the above!


same exact thing happened to me. Then I got the overdraft fees which totaled more than the deposit.

I refused to pay for overdrafts that should not exist, so they froze my account charged me a couple hundred dollarsto close it, and my deposit is still missing.

After dealing with customer service for over a month about the missing deposit, I finally lost my temper and started acting hostile on the phone so they told me I was being investigated for fraud even though I am the one who was ripped off. The nerve of it makes me want to do things that I cant mention without getting myself locked up.


I have deposited USD65.00 to my Chase Bank Account on 04/26/13 but I saw there is no posting of the amount in my account when I checked online. This is the second time it is happened in this Bank.

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