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I logged on to my account online today (Saturday) and I saw that a "debit" transaction has wiped almost every penny of my savings out. I called Chase bank and after going through the voice mail *** of entering numbers, listening to how quick and easy it is to log onto their website, etc.

then waiting for a representative, I was finally connected to someone who told me he understood, and was sorry for the inconvenience, and that it was a "collections" matter, and if I would just hold for a minute, he would get someone on the line. Instead, he connected me to a message that said the office was closed and to call back on Monday. So I called again, and after the whole waiting game again I got another person who again understood and was sorry for the inconvenience and referred me to the collections department. I asked to speak to a supervisor, explaining that someone at Chase had taken my money and I wanted it back right away, not on Monday.

She couldn't help. This is one of the worst things they could have done to me. That was all the money I have in the world and it took me a long time to save it. I don't know why they took it or if I'll ever get it back.

They are a big corporation, and I can't afford to sue them. :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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Small claims court is free.


I worked in banking for quite some time so I have heard this and seen this before. Usually this happens for one of 3 reasons, so hopefully this might give you some idea about what is going on.

Reason 1: The goverment. If you owe back taxes, the goverment can and will get a judge to sign a court order to place a levy on your acct and withdraw any funds you have.

Reason 2: A credit card/finance/or any other company that could get a judgement against you has taken the same action as the goverment can.

Reason 3:That bank feels you owe them money for something.

If none of the above fits your situation then I suggest showing up at Chase bank bright and early Monday morning demanding some answers.