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I applied for a chase slate card recently online on They said I need to wait 7-10 business days to receive a written response – approval or decline. Then they declined my credit card application due to too many credit card applications filed within 2 years. I called them and asked if I could call the reconsider phone number. They said no the decision stands. I have a 753 credit score. I make $57,200 each year. I also have only one...
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Anonymous Denying you credit is not dishonest you ***!


Anonymous Chase is a horrible bank to do business with. Chase sucks b a l l s, and I hope they go out of business

I didn't like
  • Way i was treated by your manager
  • Claims handling
  • Especially for domestic violence survivors
I called inquiring about a credit increase on my Slate credit card. The Customer service rep informed me that my credit would have to be pulled when I ask whether it would be a soft or hard hit I was told to call one of the credit bureaus and ask them. Huh! When I told him I didnt understand what why he could not give me the information . He repeated the information to me very slowly as if I was a total *** . Then I asked the million dollar...
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