Be careful. Document everything they say.

ask for a follow up in the mail and be sure to get the name of the person you are dealing with. They have suddenly decided to threaten me with forclosure. They have been saying I'm 5 months behind when I only missed two payments. I was given a small deduction in my monthly payment when I called in for a loan mod.


one told me this lower payment would equal a missed payment until they recieved a second payment. They were sitting on 500.00 plus dollars of my money in some other strange account. I had sent it in to apply to the principle and they just held on to it. The story keeps changing every time I call.

I have not missed a payment in well over a year.

I complained to the banking commision so Chase fast tracked my Loan Mod only to gleefully tell me I had been denied. They are slick and slimey liars.

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