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Here's my story. I was pulled over for a speeding ticket last week (yes I admit it was my fault) I haven't had a traffic ticket since 2005 but since revenue's are down I knew there was no chance for the officer to issue me and warning. Being August of 2010 now, I'm eligible to attend a defensive driving school class to have it erased off my record since I have not had a ticket in the past 2 years. When I called to schedule an appointment the guy told me they only accept checks or money orders, no cash. I don't have any checks since these days I pay everything online, and I mean EVERYTHING, so it was no prob to go get a money order.

I walk inside the branch at Chase and say to one of the tellers "I have a checking account with you guys, can I get a money order or do you guys issue money orders?" She replied telling me they're $5, she could tell how absurd I was thinking that was from the look on my face and said "If you go right across the street to CVS Pharmacy you can get one for $1. She was actually very nice and I thought that was really cool of her. (So weird, the tellers when you actually walk in have always seemed so much nicer and way less rude then the ones in the drive through.) So I go over to CVS and get my money order for $202 for just a buck.

Now today. Change of events. My wife's birthday is coming up in October, she's from Portland, we currently live in Tempe, Arizona. I don't make much money at the moment and I know she's been missing her family so as an early birthday present (because her mom and sister start work back again October 1st) I found a GREAT deal on a round trip ticket to fly her out mid September and will have just enough to purchase it if I were cash my money order I was saving to do the driving school this coming Saturday. I have until mid Sept to get driving school done, so there's no problem rescheduling the class for the following weekend since I get paid again then as well. I go to chase to cash the money order so I can deposit the money back into my account so I can buy this airline ticket for my wife right away. Right away, this female drive up teller was EXTREMELY rude. "You HAVE to HAVE a BANKING account with us, DO YOU have a BANKING account sir?" I said yes, i've had one with you guys for almost 10 years. "Well YOU NEED TO WRITE YOUR BANKING ACCOUNT NUMBER ON THE MONEY ORDER SIR!!!" I said, oh i'm sorry I was unaware, no problem. I sent the $202 money order back with the account number while thinking, geeze what's her deal. There's more pleasant ways to go about to ask a customer to put his/her account number on their money order their cashing if they didn't know to do so. I never cash these things so I have no idea lol. Anyways, after 10 minuets she gets back with me in her rude snippy *** voice saying we cannot cash this because your account has insufficient funds. I said that can't be correct, and if it is, i'm unaware of my account having insufficient funds??? She then said, well if we were to cash this right now, we can only give you $15-$50 of the $202. I was like, why would I do that? I said no, please return my money order back to me. She said FINE!

So I head back over to CVS next door and find out they don't cash money orders, just issue them. Which is cool. I next check my account online via my phone and find out it is not in a negative balance as they claimed, I have plunty of money in my account so I was like what the ***??? So I go back to chase, this time I go inside. I explained to the teller what happened, he was very pleasant and nice, and said oh what they ment by your account has insufficient funds is that you don't have $202 in your account. I was like huh?? He said, however much the money order is for, that's how much you have to have in your account in order for us to cash it. At this point I was about ready to explode, but I kept my cool. So I said, say I sold an item on Ebay for $2000 and the buyer sends me a money order for payment, you're telling me I have to have $2000 in my account in order to cash a $2000 money order?? He, said yes that's how it works. I kinda laughed and said ok, thank you, and left.

So I thought i'd drive to the other chase and see what happens, when I arrive I'm lucky to get there right before they close. I go inside and tell the guy I'd like to deposit this money order into my account, my account number is already on the money order and I hand him my license. He said ok no questions asked, typed it all in, handed me my receipt and said "have a good day". Now why wasn't it like this at the other branch????

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Because you wanted to "cash" the money order during your first visit to the bank. In that case you needed to have funds equal to the money order, or more, to ensure the bank they wouldn't lose money if the money order was fraudulent.

On your second visit you simply wanted to "deposit" the money order.

Had you deposited it and immediately attempted to withdrawal those funds you'd be right back in the position you were initially during the first visit. A very limited amount would be available, or possibly none at all until verification the money order was in fact good.


You asked to cash the money order at the first Chase Bank & deposit the money order at the 2nd Chase Bank. Regardless of what kind of check it is, most people cannot cash checks unless they have equal amount in their account.

If you have overdraft protection & good credit Chase will allow you to withdraw against a portion of the deposited check which is why the first teller offered you $20 - $50 dollars. Banking has always been this way.

There is a big difference between cashing a check & depositing a check. Banks don't want to take the risk of cashing a check so you have to have equal funds in your account which is really what you are receiving & the check is in a "pending" status until cleared.


Chase is one of the worst banks to deal with, liars, crooks, and thieves! They are nothing but c-u-n-t-s.


I am Peter, I understand there is no way to cash or deposit CHASE Bank money orders in my country, cannot even deposit to my Bank Account.


You are an *** that doesn't know how banks work. You can't go in and cash a check on the spot unless you go to the bank that issued it.

Chase was simply trying to cover their *** by not cashing it out and have it bounce the day after. So that's why you needed to have the amount of money you are trying to cash in your account or more. This way if it bounces they aren't out of the funds but you are.

The other Chase bank you went to was so nice because you decided to deposit the check rather than cash it. Had you gone in there trying to cash it, the same thing would have happened.


Be nice, you ***


cause the people at the other branch are clearly ***


This guy is an ***. And I 'ment' that.


You were able to deposit the check, but not cash it. You do not need a specific amount of money in your account to deposit a check or money order.

You must, however, have the amount of the check or money order in your account in order to cash it. Understand?


because u said you wanted to cash it not deposit. You would of said deposit in the first place you wouldnt have the issue u went thru.


You are absolutely funny! Oddly enough, I had to withdraw a Money Order to pay my Utilities. I am sure it will be shocking, but my Money Order is FREE! - Weird.

- Chase Bank -

Never had a bad experience.

Never received 2 different answers.

Personal Banker is extremely friendly and nice.

Received checks and debit card quickly.

For some odd reason, I can't find anything you have said that I agree with. In comparison to many other banks I've banked with, Chase has been wonderful. But, Chase does seem to design its services to people who actually have money in their bank account.

@Happy Customer

Well Happy Customer, I assume you work for Chase. Otherwise, you probably have many thousands of dollars in your account.

They treat those with low funds extremely poorly. I had an account with them for six years and had numerous bad experiences, including having my entire account changed to a completely different plan without my consent and my account drained of funds.

Different cashiers often give different answers because people have changing moods and different levels of understanding. Your experiences are either from luck, or from your positive attitude causing you to ignore rude people.

Also, you responded to a post from three years prior. Policies can maybe change in three years...

WEIRD(insert a scathing sarcasm to match your own).

Your response was annoying and unhelpful, and you speak as if you've never talked to a rude person before. Well watch out, it can happen, no matter where you go...

This post was from a frustrated person, so maybe you could try not adding to the frustration.


You actually said it yourself. There is a difference between cash a money order and deposit a money order.


He's kinda slow cause cause the other teller told him he couldn't cash it he would have to deposit it n only $15-$50 will be available n he said no then went to a next branch n did just that lol


Yes 5 bucks for a money order is ridiculous! To bad the teller wasnt good enough to explain it all to him to avoid all the hastle & thier time but i am not really a big fan!!

Thier great when ur setting up ur account but after that, they could careless about u! Its very fustrating & i'm not the kinda person who gets angry fast. Lets just say that when they dont want to talk to u they all go to lunch & tell receptionist to say thier on vacation!

Only when u go back to the bank their forced to do thier job, even if its just giving u a simple look up! This is ppls money & they take it very seriously when they cant get it!


5.00 For a money order for a customer that has been with them for 10 years. 2 checking accounts and 2 savings accounts and still paying 5 times what a drugstore charges..

or a 7-11.

Great value added service you have there for your customers.!

@Chase Hater

Only difference is Chase will actually help you track the money order and tell you who cashed it at what branch. More insurance provided for the $5


I tried to cash a money order but I guess they said I have to have the funds in order to cash it so the lady said if you deposit it then the money order you deposit will be available to me in one day so I say no problem and give it to her and I leave this was yesterday around 10:30 maybe 11:00 am I just checked my balance and it said 100 bucks in there the money order was 400 what the freak happened?


The bank employees SHOULD know the bank rules, and the bank language because they get paid, and supposedly trained, by the bank. Why does ANYONE expect the customer to know the bank's language.

If "cash it" and "deposit it" means 2 different things to the bank, then the bank employees need to make the translation. The bank employees could have offered to the customer to deposit the money order rather than cashing it. The bank employees could have asked the bank user, the customer, what was his final goal, what did he want to do with the money in the end, why did he want to "cash it" so that they could help him by translating their own bank language. You supposed bank employees, who want to blame the victim, you are disgusting.

You think the customer should do your job. Your bank language is your job - you do it for the customer. That is what you are paid to do.

Why does anyone hire you and why do they bother to teach you all that knowledge about the difference between "cash it" and "deposit it" if you cannot use that knowledge to do your job which is to service the customer with their banking transaction. You think that when you go to work you leave your brain at home to write comments to the victims you blame??


Very well put CustomerServicePerson... VERY well...