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Here's the story I have to tell about Chase Bank. I open an account as a new customer with them online, deposit a check and I think that everything is great.

After they put a hold on my check for 4 days which I understand because I'm a new customer the funds finally become available in my account. Now I make one transaction (by using QuickPay/Zelle in their mobile app) and right after the transaction goes through I get a message that they have locked my account. After calling and speaking with them they tell me they are unable to verify my identity because they cannot get the security code to go through to my phone. Now I can't understand why that is because I'm receiving text alerts to that phone number, I received the e-mail from Chase Bank that my phone number has been verified and added to my account yet they cannot get a code to come through to my phone.

So I go round and round with customer service (who by the way are beyond rude and kept asking me if I could hold why they looked at my account and then somehow I would get disconnected from the call) when I finally reach a supervisor who finally has the brains to say to me "since we can't get a security code to come through a text to your phone may I call you on that phone to verify it is your number?" I tell her of course. She calls me she verifies that I have answered the phone and that it is actually me and says okay I'm going to continue the call on my other line and we will get your account unlocked. She does unlock my account and I'm able to get in the app again. Now I go to transfer money and when I hit process it tells me the transaction is pending.

So I figure it may need a few minutes. When I go back to get into the app I am once again locked out. I call customer service and I speak to at least 23 people and not one of them can tell me why my account was locked again. There is one gentleman who tells me I am high risk.

High-risk?? I am a brand new customer to this bank. How can I be high risk? I explained to them that I just talked to a supervisor and she just unlocked my account after she called me on my phone and verified my identity.

The customer service representative tells me yes I see the note but unfortunately we cannot unlock your online account because we cannot get a code to go through to your phone. Once again I tell her I just went through this with the supervisor and they she verified my identity and unlocked my account. sorry the customer service rep tells me I am unable to verify your identity so there is nothing I can do to help you. Why was my account locked again I ask.

No answer. They have no answer why. 23 people I spoke to yesterday and not one of them can tell me why my account was locked the first time and why it was locked the second time. Now they have had my money for almost a week now.

After all these conversations I had yesterday the last thing I was told was once you receive your debit card please call us because we will be able to verify your identity with that debit card. So lo and behold I get the debit card today and I call them and am told nope not good enough we still cannot verify your identity and that you need to go to a branch and show identification and will unlock it then now they've already told me I have to go to a branch and I've already told them I have epilepsy and I don't drive and the nearest branch is 70 miles away. Never mind the fact that when I signed up online it lists a branch where I live when in fact they don't. when I was first told that I would have to go to a branch I called the number that was listed for the branch where I live and was told that no that branch has closed and that address was supposed to be taken down.

now this was all explained over and over to the customer service reps, to the supervisors, and to there @chase support on Twitter. Now I am sure I can take a taxi 70 miles to a branch but guess what??? I don't have the money to do that because they will not unlock my account. I just thought I'd share this as I'm going to share it everywhere I can because potential customers need to be aware of how they treat you.

It has been almost a week with no resolution and I still do not have access to my account. So, Chase Bank, how you have handled the issue with my account is beyond unacceptable.

I honestly cannot believe this is how you treat people. You really should be ashamed of yourselves!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Online Banking.

Reason of review: Bank Chase refuses to unlock my account.

Preferred solution: I want my money out of this account. All I want to do is transferred to another bank..

Chase Bank Cons: Lack of any reasonable solution, Customer service is horrendous, Refusal to take accountability for their errors.

  • Poor Busines Ethics
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