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I have had several banks in my life, and have been fairly satisfied. I switched to Chase a few years ago because my mortgage was with them. I have come to realize that Chase is the most unethical and corrupt bank out there. They are thieves and preying on people especially in this difficult economy.

Last week I was out of town and used my debit card at a cafe at the hotel we were staying at. My account was low but I was getting paid in a couple days and have direct deposit. I had more than enough to cover the two small debits at the cafe. I knew this for sure because the cafe had a computer for customers to use so I checked my balance. There were no other pending transactions other than the two small transactions at the cafe I had put through.

When I got home that evening, I checked my online banking again and noticed that there was another transaction pending from later in the day from the toll authority. Apparently my transponder on my car was low on tolls so the toll authority put through an automatic debit without any warning. My account did not have enough in it that day to cover the toll authority debit so I knew I would be charged one fee. The toll authority charge was listed after the two small cafe debits so the toll charge was the last debit of the day and the only one that would have caused an overdraft.

I accepted the one fee and had no problem paying it. But after my payroll check was direct deposited, I noticed Chase had charged me 3 overdraft fees for a total of $105.00 after looking again at my online banking account. Chase had rearranged the order of the debits and put the toll authority debit before the two small cafe debits. This switch in order gave Chase the opportunity to hit me with 3 fees instead of the one.

I was furious and I called their customer service department. I told them that I knew they had rearranged the sequence of the debits which maximized their fees against me and they admitted to it. They said they can arrange them however they choose without regard for the order the debits actually came through. I could not believe what I was hearing. I asked to speak to her supervisor and was told the same thing, that basically they can do this, it is not illegal and to bad so sad.

I am closing my account and moving to another bank next weekend when I get my next paycheck. The new bank I called, which is actually a bank I used a few years ago, asked me what bank I was leaving. I told them Chase and she laughed and said they have tons of exChase customers coming over. Do not use Chase, they are thieves. I am also writing my state government to find out if what Chase is doing is legal and if so why! The greed of this bank is unbelievable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Online Banking.

Monetary Loss: $105.

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Transactions from restaurants, where they manually at the end of the day have to enter in all of the tips tend to get processed much slower than other types of transactions, that's probably what happened to you


I don't know which bank is more evil. Chase or Wells Fargo.

My son was late on a car payment. I'm not a co-signer on his Wells Fargo Car loan and my address is not on the loan as his residence. Wells Fargo hired a collection agency. An agent came to my house and, while I was gone, left a note saying to tell my son to pay his loan and to please contact them.

I went to my Wells Fargo branch and complained. They apologies, but when I continued to complain the guy got snotty and said that if my son had not been late, they would not have had to go to those lengths. I was so pissed. I got this t-shirt made that had a devil on it that said, "Even I don't take bankers".

I took it in and gave it to the guy! Wells Fargo sucks. Not the tellers, their bank.

Anyone else been treated this way? That hereticstuff site has has a bunch of screw banks shirts.


I hate that ripoff thieving crook *** bank. Helping America my ***...Ripping off the taxpayers and poor in America more like it.

Greedy bastards!

I tried selling my house for many months but could never get a pay off quote. It seems without a payoff quote you cannot sell your house. I fell behind and by the time I paid loan sharks, realtors, fees, lawyers, etc I lost 50k. They were so greedy to get all the equity.

I had to threaten them and their lawyers, carbon copy and record everything or I would have never been allowed to sell my house. I finally forced them to give me a payoff quote and sold the house the next day, but lost many sales before that all for more money. I had to end up desperate selling and lost over 50k. They are so evil it isn't even real.

Every time I see their helping America videos my soul throws up a little. Just wait till their leader is our Secretary of The Treasury...even more evil country.


If you notice, Chase's logo is a re-incarnation of the swastika logo of Hilter.


You're ignorant, even if there is a minuscule similarity the swastika is a sign of good and purity and has been for hundreds of years Hitler adopted it for that purpose it is not a symbol of evil. Chase may be a bad bank but your poor attempt to insult them based on their logo is ridiculous, if you want to legitimately warn people mention something that is actually applicable.


Chase is a horrible bank


I have had an account with chase for 12 years. NEVER missed a payment and I always paid more than the minimum.

Only recently have I carried a balance more than 30 days. I had a good fixed rate at 3.99 until it jump without warning to 16.99. I called them, and they refused to give any satisfactory reply whatsoever. "Lending practices change sir" is all I got.

I never agreed to these terms!! They are gangsters that will not get paid. I am filing for BK so they can go the way of the dodo. Bye bye balance!

Bye bye chase, evil corporation no 1. Is this how the bailout is being paid for? I was certainly one of the best customers... Now I am more than happy to become one of their worst.

I consolidated all my debt to this one account, now I will walk away from it all!!! UNSECURED debt.

Consumers still have rights! I will exercise mine through our bankruptcy courts!


As a follow up, I just started a new account with a credit union in my area. They do not re-arrange the order of debits like Chase and the other banks do in order to rip people off.

Also, my new credit union pays 3.56% interest on my free checking account as long as I have direct deposit and have an e-statement instead of paper. Also, their fees are a fraction of the banks. They have a great website with online bill pay and free ATMs all over. I cannot figure out why this is such a best kept secret and people don't know about the benefits and leaving their banks for credit unions.

I can't wait to close my account with Chase after I stop all my automatic debits and get everything switched over. Can't wait to tell Chase where they can go.


They are incredibly unhelpful and corrupt - I miss WaMu soooo much ;((((



Do you work for a bank? You sound like you do.

As I mentioned in my post, my anger is not at receiving the 1 overdraft, but in receiving 3. At the time of my first 2 debits, I had enough money in my account when I put them through. Unfortunately in my state, when your tolls are low they automatically put through a debit without sending any kind of warning or e/mail first. They put through the debit late in the day on the same day well after the other 2 debits in the morning.

I did not know since I just recently signed up for IPass that they did this practice of debiting your account without warning. I did not put through the last transaction that caused the overdraft. Why should I pay $70 in overdraft fees for the first two transactions when I had the money in the bank for those when I put them through! That should be illegal and apparently the fed is now cracking down on these unethical practices so I am not the only one complaining.

They have also just cracked down on the banks forcing people to accept overdraft protection for debit transactions which allows the banks to keep putting through small debits even when the person's account is overdrawn so they can continue to rack up overdrafts at up to $39 a pop. The fed is also cracking down on this too because the banks are acting like the mob. As I said before, you sound like someone who works for a bank or is married to someone who works for one.

Even the fed is disgusted with bank behavior but you are not. It is about time the fed did something about these thieves.


Wendy, most banks rearrange debits so that the large ones process first. There is actually a reason for this (besides the bank wanting to make more on fees).

If you weren't so bad at managing your money this would not have happened in the first place. Stop blaming others for you being broke!


I've been a Chase customer for 10 yrs. Always paid on time, etc.

I used a balance transfer check 6 months ago and they denied the check--claimed it was fraudulent and limited my card by $5k. What? Then recently I received a few more 3.99% BT checks so I gave it another try. I BT'd online and all was well.

Until on Sat. I noticed the BT was pending and now my credit was no longer $5k but $500. Oh no you didn't!! Chase claimed again, we thought the BT was fraudulent and there's a letter in the mail.

BS! Right, and this is a normal Co.

policy--get customers to BT and then deny the BT and cut their credit amounts. Rat Bastards!


Same thing happened to me and I plan to sue. I encourage everyone else to go to small claims court. If enough people do so, maybe the bank will change its evil ways.


This is a follow up comment to my original review. After doing some checking and listening to comments from others, I am moving my account to a credit union, not a bank.

I found one in my area. My son used a credit union out west as they are pretty popular out the in Vancouver, WA area and he said it was great.

He loved it and said they were very forgiving on fees and their customer service was great. They were not out to screw people as we have found with Chase and the other big major banks.