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Chase Bank

Sold used car over the weekend for $3750.00. Buyer said would you like cash, cashiers check? I never had a problem with cashiers check so thats what I told him.

The guy that bought the car uses Chase so he brought me a Chase Cashiers check for 3750.00. Great we both use chase right down the block perfect until I went to the bank.

Went to Chase and deposited cashiers check into my account only to find out that they put a hold on it?

Thieves.... I asked them if I would have cashed the check and received the cash, then deposited the cash if it would have been available and they said yes. Closing all of my accounts with Chase tomorrow when my funds are available? Unbeleivable theives!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Banking Service.

Monetary Loss: $3750.

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After 15 months of legal battles with Chase's unethical lawyers, cashier's checks Issued on Chase's account, with a letter signed by 2 executives that the funds are to be cleared immediately, 14 court orders ruled in our favor and most recently a cearse and desist ordered against Chase by the Federal Court of NYC, they file a claim 15 minuted before the checks are to be released, that the originating account the monies were transferred to them from - has requested a stop payment on the cashiers checks held by the court system! This goes against 4_406 code of NYC UCC for release of funds for cashier's checks!

Chase has the money NOT the account holder any longer and they have HELD the funds for more than 45 days! I cannot believe we are even here! I cannot fathom why, after more than 20 contempts of court against their lawyers, fines that would blow your minds away after their getting TARP money - the courts have not thrown their lawyers in jail for these unjust tactics just to delay release of our funds! You want unjust Chase actions?

Talk to us! 1m in legal fees and we are still battling them for our money illegally held under so many ruses to delay so they can make money on ours while they hold it!

@Milliondollar Mania

Milliondollar mania...what was the final outcome?


Lots of frandulent cashier checks around, they really look legit! Now days cahier checks are not same as cash anymore! other than that you can stop payment on cashier check!


The commentor who suggested blaming the legislators who approved the laws favoring banks and not consumers, is right on.

Of course you too could buy the introduction of a corrective law by a congressperson. Think about a campaign contribution of say, $50,000.

This is how things are done in the US of A. Be sure and tell your kids about this, when they are studying civics and government, so that they can make the point forcefully to the entire class.


They are pushing up the rates on all thier loan account even credit cards, I was able to change out the morgage, but I have a 3.99% fixed rate on a consolidation balance tranfere loan on my chase C.C card with a balance of now of $22000 (started at $32000 two yrs ago), where I paid min. of at least 2% = $440 a mo.

(paying extra when I have it), well they chase decides that since they could not get away with ripping me off on the morgage, they would try to rip me off on the C.C. account. First the increased the min. payment to 5% in mid month after they had sent me the the monthly statement w/$440 min.

payment. I sent them $500 and they gave me a $39 late fee and said the min. was now $1010 and I owed them $1580 min. next mo.

or they would default to 29.99% interest.I paid them $2000 to clear and back payments. I asked them why and the supervisor accually said it was because they were not making big money on me. The supervisor after paying down $2000 also, offered me a 9.99% changeover rate for 2 years w/ a 5% bal. trans.

on the now $20000 = $1000 fee. This was an Chase trying to default the account to 29.99% or 2.5% monthly interest., then when I cought up with my emergence fund, they tried again w/ a higher limited time rate W/ A $1000 FEE TO BOOT!! I told them that they had caught me off balance, but I would stick with the low 3.99 year for the life of the loan, that I would just be paying it of quicker and each payment bring the monthly min. down.

If you have any kind of loan, C.C.,morgage, or business loan , transfer the balance to another bank as so as posible, and if chase really gets you behind the money train eightball, going bankrupt is always a option. Avoid doing business with them if you can!!!


My husband deposited a cashier's check at our local Chase branch for $9,000.00. He was told it would take 10 business days to be cleared funds. Then I called the online Chase banking and the lady said $100 would be available immediately and the rest would take one business day for cleared funds. Then the "cashier's check dept" said it would take 7 days to clear and was up to the discretion of the branch manager if he wanted to release any funds earlier.

The phone rep said to check the status online and then consult with the branch manager and plead the case to release the funds based on personal knowledge.

No-one volunteered to respond to me or pursue this matter internally.

Now I will have to phone tomorrow to speak to the branch manager while the bank retains the money for 10 days.


This one is a bit complicated...

1- Don't blame the banks for the new terms & conditions, blame the politicians that created and approved the laws.

2- While we as a nation have become used to spending today and paying tomorrow, we must remind ourself that credit is not a right, but rather a priviledge and therefore banks do not have to get your approval when lowering your credit limit.

3- The best thing people can do at this time is indeed file for bankruptcy, this will not only stick it to the banks, but also if you have any brains, it willprovide you with the oportunity of becoming a cash only person, meaning you will only spend what you can afford and will force you to live within your limits, nowadays we are used to over spend just because we have plastic money, I personally think this behavior in part is what has gotten us in the mess we are in today.

4- Depending on each individual situation, this may also be the perfect time for those who purchased a house within the last decade to let it go into foreclosure and purchase another one at a much cheaper price, of course, you must buy first, foreclose later, otherwise you will not be able to get a mortgage.

Finally, do some research.... we are not lending China, the opposite is true, we owe China over $700 Billion, and by 2020 it is forecasted that we will owe them $20 trillion. My advise to everyone ...start learning Chinese. Good Luck to all!!!


You 2 are idiots. Banks are supposed to put a hold on deposit to make sure the fund is legit.


Chase is full of ***. I deposited my payroll check on the 31st.

of Jan. and they have placed a hold on it, first till Feb. 4th, then the 6th, then the 7th. They say the bank it is drawn from has not approved the amount!

I called the bank, they said the funds are available but have not received a check from Chase. Chase has not put two insufficient funds on my checking account for no reason!!!

I have talked to five different people and the manager of the bank told me that he could fix the problem but that he won't do it!!! I am so Pissed off right now, and when my check finally clears, which probably won't be until I get another check from work, I am closing my account with them!