Chase Bank Freedom Credit Card Reviews

Overpaid chase Freedom Credit card by $638.52? chase customer service refuses to refund the overpaid amount immediately. chase customer service refused to return overpayment on closed/fully paid/credit card destroyed account. chase refused to refund immediately overpayment on closed and fully paid account in the amount of Six Hundred Thirty Eight Dollars and Fifty Two cents. pissed consumer, form is total pain in the ***. can not state your...
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I didn't like
  • Unresponsive customer service
  • Refusal to return monies owed to me
I have called customer care to alert for a large purchase for travel tickets and exactly provided the transaction amount that is going to come on the card.I was confirmed that the alert was set. Despite this alert, my card was declined for the purchase and now I lost the airline ticket opportunity and need to spend more time and money for my travel. I called customer care once again and they tell me that alert was not sufficient. Hello...why...
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