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I have a secondary checking account with Chase Bank. Every debit card transaction I have ever made was immediately posted on my account as "pending transaction." On 8/3/10, my account had more than $100 in it with NO pending transactions, so I paid two online bills with the rest of the money.

The next day I was hit with two insufficient funds fees of $35 each (yet I do not have overdraft protection). All of the sudden several other transactions that Chase paid showed up. They never were shown as pending.

I have contacted Chase three times to complain about these two unsavory practices, but they blamed the merchants and that my opting out of overdraft protection did not apply to paying online bills. I do not mind paying the bills, but I have told them I do not want to pay the fees, and each day this goes on they are closer to adding more fees because the account is in the red.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Online Banking.

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To Chase and Mahanpooley - I have had the same thing happen to me 4 times now (twice when it was WAMU and twice with Chase, including just this week.) They try to tell me that unless I have a printout of the online account information from the day the transactions were listed as having "cleared" (yes, in some cases they had already been listed as cleared) or "pending", then they refuse to do anything about it. I am fed up with this, and I am convinced that this activity has to be illegal to post transactions as having "cleared" or being pending, with funds still available one day and then a couple days later, everything has been rearranged and next thing you know your acct. is overdrawn. I have decided it's time to file a class-action lawsuit against them for this and I am looking for anyone interested in participating in this. Currently, I am asking for copies of your letters/complaints, like the ones above and some contact information in case I (or a lawyer) need to get a hold of anyone. If you are interested in participating in this, I would greatly appreciate it. Please get back to me as soon as possible. In the meantime, thank you for your time - Take care, I hope you have a wonderful day.

You may reach me at the following E-mail address:

Please be sure to include a copy of your complaint and a contact name if possible, and any other information you have that might be helpful to the case.

Thanks again. Ttyl.


I agree with you things usually always post as pending and sometimes they just disappear then u try to use it and the smack you with overdrafts. this happened to me before and I was pissed so I wasnt polite to the girl on the phone she caught attitude back lied and said they couldnt reverse the charges and pretty much told me to get over it and pay it back.

So I called again got a different person and they apologized and refunded the overdrafts. Chase will do anything to rip you off. I also recieved overdrafts when I deposited a check and used my card. They said the money wasnt technically available because the check wasnt cleared and charged me 35 bucks a piece for the two transactions I made even tho my text banking said the funds were available!!

I called and they reversed the oveerdraft charges there too but I cancelled my account after that. I work too hard for my money to be stolen from.

And I think that the overdraft opt out dont take effect until August 15th but I also heard ach transactions will still go through no matter what. ***


I had the same problem with my TCF bank account a few years back, and felt similar to you: ripped off, taken advantage of, etc. When I took the time to go back and track all of my purchases, I found the problem was a mistake that had been overlooked for approx.

2 months. A restaurant had neglected to close out my bill, and then I missed it when I balanced my check book for those two months. When the restaurant finally closed that tab, it caused a butterfly effect of insufficient funds fees. I have now had a Chase account for a few months, and I've noticed they tend to run slow with clearing transactions.

You, as the consumer, just need to be a little more strict about checking your numbers more often.

It isn't hard, just takes a few minutes every day. Problem solved.


Even if I accept your sarcastic remark, they shouldn't have allowed the bills to go through. I do not mind being declined; I prefer it.


You should keep track of what you spend. Back in the old days, people wrote checks - and used an ancient device called a register where they would write the check info.

Then they knew what they spent their money on and if they still had money in the bank before writing another check.

Back then folks were held responsible for THEIR OWN actions - not like today where it's always someone else's fault.