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I'm writing to warn people about Chase Bank's service fees. I accidentally overdrew my checking account a few weeks ago.

Not only was I hit with an Insufficient Funds fee but also a Returned Item fee. What should have been $25 was $50. Of course trying to get any resolution to this has been futile. All I get is "We can charge these fees".

In all my years of dealing with banks I have never seen something like this. I would highly recommend against getting a checking account with Chase Bank if you can at all avoid it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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chase bank took my money out of my child support check card didnt even know i had money on the card since my ex was in jail,


I'm amazed by how many people overdraft their account and choose to call the banker the bad guy...

I don't work for a bank. I just think people should step back and think about how the problem started to begin with.


Dont be *** *** hole. You are a piece of ***. You may get sick or lose your job and then we will see if you will keep your word mother ***


The only reason I like Chase is because of the many ATMs, but now I'm ready to close my account because I am with a credit union. The credit union is a much nicer place than that greedy bank. Was a happy client but now its time to say good bye to the Bank Robbers.


UPSET. i am FURIOUS. over the past two months, Chase has charged my account $1,632 in Overdraft and Return item fees. what the heck ever happened to declining a transaction. They have this no OD for more than 5 days in a row. my whole salary went in OD no wonder my account got completely screwd up with all these fees.

Please is anyone know when it it possible to complain i would love to hear.



I am going to get rid of Chase bank at the end of this month. They charged $10.00 fee on my account.


Anybody recomment any bank for me please. I have kids to feed and can't efford paying on the fee.


Very upset, I had a free checking account with Wamu for almost 8 years now. Free to Chase is something completly different. Free comes to about $144.00 a year.


Chase, what a joke. I will never use this Loan Shark again.

I once had a checking account, credit card, and even owned there stock. The Credit card was canceled and paid off after they increased my interest from %9.00 to %29.99 after I was late once. I had the card for many years with no issues. When I called them about it, they pretty much told me they can charge me anything they want.

I then told them to cancel the card and to pretty much stuff it. Now with checking account fee and the rumor of ATM Fees of $5.00 or more, I then canceled my checking with Chase.

So has my wife, mother in law, brother..

The only money I didnt lose with this Loan Shark was when I owned thier Stock, but now I see why they made so much money, gouging the average person.

My Advice, close any account you have with this "Bank".


Charges dilemma. ATM fees are an unfortunate fact of life for out-of-network banking customers.

Thanks to all the overdraft money Dodd-Frank could be taking from banks, the large money banks are seeking to fill the gap with higher ATM charges. In accordance with the Huffington Post, all Chase consumers could face $5 ATM fees very soon.


very upset , had chase for 3 years n all of a sudden within 3 months they take $5 out my checking and savings even after i did a direct deposit:( :? ...feeling like i'm just giving away my money, lost about $68 just on that alone...definitely need another bank!!!


I was a free checking wamu customer and now chase bank wants to charge me $10.00 a month for the privilege of having a checking account with them. Apparently my account doesn't meet any critera they set to waive the monthly charge.

I'll be closing the dang thing. Bank robbers.


I'm closing my Chase account at the end of the month... have had it for years for the sole purpose of paying my Home Equity payment each month, because the account was free...

I'm not about to pay them $12 a month just for that "service". I'm glad the Wells Fargo / Wachovia merger (my local bank) was more customer friendly than the Chase take over!!!


I have closed all of my personal and business Chase accounts in January 2011. Chase chased me out due to the recent unreasonable fees.

I have been with this bank since it was Bank One in the Chicagoland area. Keep what is rightfully yours and take a look around; there are many alternative banks that do not impose these ridiculous fees yet have been around for decades and continue to serve customers at the local & national scale.


I always hear from everybody chase was a good bank, but now that i read all this im not sure if switching fron bofa is a good idea :?


My wife's check from her job didn't have enough founds, so chase charge me $10 because they have to return the check to me (a copy)and they chage me $34 to stop the check.Now they want to charge $12 monthly fee if i don't have direct deposit? or $500 minimun.


9. Written by mama, on 01-04-2010 02:16

I am pissed.. I miss WAMU. I send money to my poor family in africa and I was not charged a wire transfer fee. Now with CHASE I just got a notice that they will start charging $40 on line and $45 with a teller in the branch. I only send $150 a month tell that is not a rip off. I am mad...


Why don't you use Western Union- money in minutes?

Is about 10% for $150 and can pick it up in 15-20 minutes after that

Cheaper and faster.


I have been with Chase since it was First Chicago to Bank One and now Chase. I have my problems with them as does every one else.

Unfortunately you have to keep super close tabs on your account activity in order to not be assessed fees due to the holding of postings. There is no reason a check drawn from chase should only post 200$ and the rest is held for a day or 2. The new fees coming in Feb. 2011 is even more scary.

You have to have 1 deposit per month 500$ or greater to avoid maint. fees. How many weekly paid people do you know that clear 500 after taxes? If your employer only offers direct deposit you cant combine a deposit.

I am closing my account with chase and using my ING direct account I have never gotten a fee from them in the 3 years I have been with them. Your lucky to go 3 months with out some sort of fee with chase.


Does Chase have no shame. Their new fees target those with the least income and the most to lose.

Shame, shame on Chase Bank! I would invite Chase customers to switch to a different bank.

This may not change Chase's practice, but it would certainly send a message to all others banking institutions that being greedy will cost them their customers! Talk about a Scrooge!


bank withdrawals from accounts should only be made during normal business hours....banks can make the withdrawal when the customer cannot make deposit! bad practice.

Banks became greedy when employees were forced to have their checks automatically deposited. No choice not to use their services


Sadly I got hit with $34 Returned Item Fee just because I didn't have enough money in my account for the transaction to be approved. Yet, my account wasn't even overdraft.

I just don't understand that, if the transaction wasn't approved, why charge a fee. :roll