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CHASE assist. manager Whitney Desir called a police on me

March 19, 2011

To whom it may concern:

I felt helpless and humiliated by my bank "Chase" at 6529 Nova Dr, Davie, FL 33317

(954) 370-3463, assist. manager Whitney Desir called a police on me.

If at any point it seems like I'm embellishing or exaggerating, I request you watch the surveillance video and see how Whitney Desir escalated this situation from nothing.

Today is Saturday 3/19/2011. I went to make a cashiers check at this branch close to my business, I was asked for a password for my account which I did not remember because no one ever asked me that before, so I offered her all my ID's, debit cards, check book and pin number for that account and anything else that she needed, but the teller refused to make a cashiers check for me because I did not have a password, the teller called the manager who came and said that there is nothing she can do for me. At this time my husband suggested to use his business account to make a cashiers check so we can save time, while the teller was analyzing the check I made a comment to my husband (private conversation)"I find it *** that If I'm physically at my bank why can't they just let me cash a check and than make a cashiers check"

at this point the teller jumps in my conversation and says " we are just trying to protect you", I told her I understand but since I'm here there has to be a way to resolve this issue and that I find it dumb to have to go thru this hassle to access my money, she tells me since I have no respect for her, she will not attend to my transaction and we have to go to another teller. We asked the Whitney Desir assist. Manager to put us with another teller who can continue the transaction, the original teller takes the manager in the back room and I'm not sure what the conversation was the manager comes back goes on the computer, in the mean time I begin to have another conversation with my husband asking him how far do we have to go to deliver this cashiers check (again please note a private conversation) he tells me Opa locka, Miami and I responded "Oh no we have to deal with even worse there " (my exact words" this time the manager jumps in my conversation and tells me that she will not make a cashiers check because I'm disrespecting her and her employees, by this time I'm totally annoyed but since I'm in a time crunch I stayed cool,

I reminded her that this is a private conversation with my husband and its not her business to jump in every time I'm trying to communicate, she said that I'm not allow to have such conversations, dumb founded, I asked her again why does she think that she can dictate what conversation I can or cannot have with my husband, now she gives my paper work back and tells me that she has the authority to make the decision not to service my business and I should go to another branch, when this happened another customer an older lady came up to me and said this is a norm at this branch and this branch has very bad customer service and attitudes and she is used to it at this branch and have no choice, I felt bad for that lady and myself for feeling helpless so I asked the manager to close my account immediately, she told me "No" go to another branch or she will call the police, I was loosing time because I had to deliver the cashiers check to a business that was closing in 20 minutes I had no time and ability to locate another branch.

Well, the police came told me it was a civil matter, he told me outside he felt bad for me and gave me number to contact if I decided to pursue this. I was completely humiliated and needless to say lost the purchase I was making with that cashiers check.

I think, employees actions is a reflection of the immediate supervisor. An employee will act as they are trained and mimic from what they have seen from their supervisor.

I feel sorry for that old lady who told me that this is a norm for this branch and get use to it, I know changing banks is time consuming, especially for old people and business owners like me who put all there trust into one bank, I'll have to learn from this.

I'm just a drop in the bucket, check the list of unhappy Chase customers on the web.

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I hope you can sue them for real! I HATE CHASE BANK!