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My husband and I have a home equity loan with Chase. We have never been late with our payments.

We have had some financial problems lately. They will not stop calling. They have called my daughter in college while she was taking a final. Tonight they called my 90 year old father in law.

They call one number after another. I am new at collections since we have always paid our bills on time. I called them tonight to complain and tell them once again not to call my family members as it is not their problem. The very rude man wouldn't even listen to me and kept talking over me and was shouting so I was shouting.

He said some very nasty things. I called back and spoke to a supervisor who was just as rude. He told me that he can call my grandmother, my brother,,,,etc. if he wanted.

He has been in collections for 13 years and he knows the law is what he so proudly told me. I hope that Chase goes out of business and all of the nasty collections people become unemployed and have collection agents calling them! The best part is they never asked me when I could pay the bill. Don't ever do business with Chase if you have a choice.

I seriously think they get some sort of personal joy out of other people's misery. I am sick to my stomach on a daily basis over the condition of my finances right now and would love to be able to pay the bill. Who would chose to be in collections?!

I certainly wouldn't......

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Loan.

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Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act there are several restrictions placed on debt collecters. You should do some research and look into what all you can do.

You can even sue the collection company and even an individual collector if he is breaking regulations.

We have all had some kind of issue with collectors in our past and as long as you know your rights and what you can do it will stop. Good luck.


I have credit cards, mortgages, savings, and premier accounts with Chase----They just woke me for the 3rd, and last time on a saturday at 8:00 a.m. I am pulling all of my accounts out and contacting the attorney general


I have the same experience. Mr.

Poindexter can take a hike, I PAY MY BILLS ON TIME EVERY MONTH AND STILL THEY CALL ME THREE OR FOUR TIMES A DAY just because I don't pay on the first of the month. I have sent them cease and desist letters but they say they didn't receive them, they have ONE SINGLE fax line in Jacksonville Florida that is always busy (SO convenient, to make it impossible for customers to respond)


They have my daughter's cell phone number because she has a bank account with them also. She only has it with Chase because it is near her school.

My father in law also has his bank account with Chase. They just run the names and any other name associated with the person they are trying to contact will come up. Poindexter nerdlinger you are a very nasty and *** person. This site is for people to write about things/people/places/businesses that "***" you off.

I am not a deadbeat or a lazy moocher. I also am not asking anyone to feel sorry for my family. I am just expressing my anger since this is what this site is for. I am not asking for your opinion nor do I care about your opinion because obviously you are a ***.

Please find some other way to get your entertainment.

Finances are a serious matter and no one wants to have problems with them. Mind your own business and go away.


I've had the same harassing phone calls and it sounds like it's from the same *** off! He would talk over us, and get rude, telling us we don't care and we know nothing!

I too wish they would go out of business, they should never have our business again! And to Poindexter, you feel as if your great?! Uhm try being unemployed and looking for job after job being told the position was taken or their not hiring! A lot of people are unemployed and can't afford their bills at this moment during this horrible economy downfall!

So maybe you should get a life and pay your own bills instead of making mommy and daddy do it! Anyways, your not the only one in that boat "Chase Hater" we're right there with you and have had several people called as well!

Their office is in Jacksonville FL, I'd love to have those same nasty words told to my face! haha WE HATE CHASE!


Why do they have your kid's cell phone number? Or your father in law?