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I was going to deposit my CHASE payroll check today into the ATM and saw before I finished the transaction that funds wouldn't be available till the 24th. I cancelled the transaction and it said on the screen "Last transaction cancelled" However I did not get my check back. I spent the next hour on the phone with Customer Care who actually tried upselling my on Direct Deposit and Claims who both told me "it sounds like there is an error with the...
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h.kitchener Perhaps you are not aware that Chase has many local branches where you can just walk in and do your banking?

Chase Bank is pretty high on the Greed Scale! An $8.00 fee to cash a $200.00 Chase Customer's Check!!! That is the true definition of GREED. 4% fee is higher than the local liquor store. Imagine the Liquor Store having better Service than Chase Bank. Very Sad Statement for Chase Bank. Chase also lost any chance of having me as a FUTURE CUSTOMER! I stick with Local Credit Unions due to reasonable fees, outstanding Interest Rates on Car and Home...
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Anonymous If you have an account elsewhere then why are you going to chase to cash your check? Are you *** or something ?

I didn't like
  • Excessive fees for non customers
It a *** shame I can't cash a check at chase bank because they say it's over a non customer limit but they can sure take my *** money each month for my mortgage payment no questions asked. I also think it's bull *** they charge you a check cashing fee to cash a check written on them! *** me off to deal with them! .
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bob Holy c r a p...a business that charges people for a service? How un-American of them. (Sarcasm )
Seriously chase is a For profit business. If you don't like it then start...


Chase Bank Check Cashing Review

Had a cashier check , chase bank wouldn't even cash it , it was under my name, they said i had to deposit it is full of chase, they are not military sensitive, but chase sensitive
Today....3/30/16@2:00pm... Chase Bank.... 1351 North Keowee Street, Dayton, Ohio 45404.....Banker/Branch Manger Officer NMLS ID: 887984 Taylor Ostendorf.... Bank Teller: Betty White....These 2 women displayed not only a lack of just plain common sense but also a racist, unprofessional attitude towards a potential banking member. I currently do not have an account with Chase bank. Bi-weekly I cash a check that's drawn off of Chase Bank. My...
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Anonymous So you are sexist! Your own say these 2 women represent Chase bank. Then you start a new paragraph, thus meaning the idea is they are women therefore you are sexi...