Chase Bank Cash Deposit Reviews

I do not have a chase bank account (3 credit cards though) but my son does. I went to the Chase Bank on Higgins and Arlington heights road in Elk Grove Illinois to deposit $250.00 IN CASH, into my sons account (he just moved out of state). I have a valid Illinois drivers license and my sons account number. all his banking info is still in this state. BUT...THEY WOULD NOT TAKE THE DEPOSIT. WHO DOSE'NT TAKE CASH !!! ITS A FRICKEN BANK!!! Spoke...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service representatives
  • Customer service new policies
Since I had no Chase acct before they would cash it they wanted me to open an account or pay them $6.00. Went to Chase's Fox Hills, Culver City, CA branch to deposit $100.00 cash into sons acct gor grand daughters birthday. Chase would not accept cash. I was told to go buy a money order or use a debit or credit card. For using a debit card Chase would charge a fee so would my credit union. How many $$$ doese Chase extirt out of non Chase...
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