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My husband is the only one that has a job at the moment and Ive lost unemployment. We are having a hard time paying our mortgage but are trying our best never to go over 2months and normaly we do ok.

Aug however we needed to pay the house insurance which was $200higher this time and we could not make the house payment. We dont buy anything anymore and have cut almost everything out do to our finance. Chase bank on the other hand wants more money out of me and is charging me $14.00 twice in one week back in March 2010 even though i pay my late fees. I called them and was told that they have to send someone out to my home to make sure someone still lives here.

Where would I go with 4kids, out to the street. I dont trust Chase Bank all they want is to charge more fees and im tired of them and all just like them. Our goverment should let them GMF all go to *** the next time they need a bail out. They have no right to charge more fees and im trying my best but if this keeps up they can have the house.

Its falling apart anyway with its broken foundation and leeking pipes that turning my basment into *** anyway.

I complained to my husband and he told me to call chase since they in truth they are the landloard of the *** we pay so much for and its worthless.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Mortgage.

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When you're late you get charged fees.....If your unemployment ran out it's because you're sitting around on your butt not working for longer than you deserve. I'm sick of people losing their jobs and then just riding it out on unemployment until it runs out and then miraculously they find work within weeks of having no money coming in. You're bank isn't your LANDLORD you picked that house and if it's falling apart it's because you picked a piece of *** or you didn't take care of you just loooved it when you moved in right?