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Chase Bank consists of the biggest bunch of idiots on the face of the earth. I have four credit accounts (2 personal, 2 business)with them.

Never made a late payment and always paid well over the minimum required payment. My reward - the one account with a zero account balance ($20,000 available balance for business)was involuntarily closed by Chase, the others had their credit limits reduced to just over what the outstanding balance was. I continued to make over the minimum monthly payments and Chase has continued to drop my limits on all three remaining cards. So much for the financial recovery of this country!

What is the incentive to pay off debt, with the hopes of freeing up credit for personal and business use, when these *** continue to drop my available credit, thus prohibiting me from entering into new business ventures and/ or buying products to "stimulate" the economy? The only stimulus I have seen is the fattening of the bankers pockets at the taxpayers expense.

No wonder why educated, hard working people like Joe Stack are losing it! The bankers, corporate CEO's, government and the IRS are in collusion to fleece the hardworking Americans for all they can.

I suggest to all that have a Chase credit card to NOT pay more than the minimum payment, and if you have a savings or checking account with Chase CLOSE IT and move your money somewhere else or bury it in a can, since their fees are more than any tiny amount of interest paid anyway.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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JP Morgan Chase Bank (aka Chase) are nothing but greedy, unscrupulous bastards. I had two accounts with them and have closed them both to go to a smaller, local home town bank where I walk in and the tellers greet me by name.

Chase only knows how to rip off their customers in fees and use the money for television commercials.

I hope they sink.


Chase *** ***!!!


Chase *** ***!!!


Chase is the biggest criminal banking organization in this country at present in my opinion. 3.3 BILLION dollar profits in THE FIRST QUARTER of 2010 while the rest of the country is kicking like mad to stay afloat! Coincidence? Not hardly. It's called EXTORTION and it is a crime. Where is the average American consumer? Weak and cowering in the corner of their local Starbucks praying that tomorrow they don't do something worse as our government (Consumer "Protection" Agency) sits on their hands and watches.

Goldman Sachs? Forget Goldman Sachs.


J.P Morgan CHASE!


The reason they are dropping your credit is because they are not making the interest they are after. The minimum payment scheme is designed to take decades to pay off, as your balance will barely move if at all.

The meanwhile the bank collects its monthly interest.

These guys would much rather drop you and your over the minimum payments and lend that credit to someone who will only pay the minimum, so they continue to make more off them in interest.