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I went into Chase bank to cash a check for $300.00 that my mother had written for me to help her go and buy Christmas presents. The account is through Chase bank that the check was written on.

They charge $5.00 to cash a check from their bank if you do not have an account with them. How is this at all legal. The teller then very rudley told me i had to go to customer service to be finger printed. The manager and another employee then tried to make me open an account, when i said no they harassed me about not depositing the funds into my account and then wanted to know why i needed the money.

Stay away from this bank, this is why our system is broken.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Cashing.

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Yeah, this happened to my fiance too. He really needed some money so he worked for his Aunt who paid him sixty dollars.

He doesnt have a bank account, so he went to her bank (Chase) to cash the check and he was charged 6 dollars.... thats 10% of the money he earned!


the reason they charge you to cash a check is twofold in my opinion. 1) Charging you a fee to cash a check that was written on their bank gives them additional revenue that they would get by other means if you had an account with them. 2) It discourages the use of cash and cash has anonymity.


Getting finger printed and trying to get you to open an account was on purpose. They make the bankers do that to TRY to get people to open an account.

It doesnt work. It only makes people mad but they dont care.


not the point, jack ***: A bank has an obligation to cash checks written from thewir banks. plus does that give anybody the right to act in an unprofessional manner.

what I do with money is non of their or your buisness: Their job is to cash a check.. it is apparent you work for this unethical orginization because you pose the same *** unprofessional opinion and attitude.

Peolpe like you are why this country and world economy are in disary. I hope you get caught then firered and hopeful go to jail


They ARE cashing the check, they are just charging you a service fee because you are not a customer. Perfectly fair.

Just cash it at your own bank or at a check cashing service. You probably think they should do it for free too.


Go cash checks at your own bank, ***.