Charleston, West Virginia

I had a hart attack a few mo ago and am unable to work. Only income I have is Food Stamps.

This guy from Chase calls me and starts telling me what I can do to get money to pay them. What really made me mad was when he said to sell my food stamps. It is illegal to sell food stamps. I think I will start recording these calls.

I have never been late on any payments until now.

I want to pay them but I cant. I am working with SSI now but it takes time. Don't know what else to do.

Cant get money from a dead man I guess. Just going to try not to worry.

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Chase Manhattan bank has a contract with the gov't to process all food stamp claims, phonecalls, etc. They then outsourced the work to India so they could make a bigger profit on American poverty---and increase that poverty by sending our jobs overseas.


No he did not suggest that. :grin


I can make you an offer on those food stamps if you're interested.


Did he also suggest sucking c***? Because that's also a way to get money in a pinch.