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I was recently in the process of relocating to the US after 6 years living abroad. In preparation, I opened a Chase checking, savings, and credit card account on a visit to the US a couple of months before my move.

Over those months I transferred significant sums to these account - all which were accepted by Chase without question. Then I tried to make a payment to my US landlord for an amount far, far, far less than my current balance and following a detailed email communication with Chase about doing so. Then - they cancelled the payment, notified my landlord to contact me regarding why (of course I didn't know why), and shutdown online access to my accounts - the only access I had 10,000 miles away! When I emailed about not having online access the response stated that they could only help with emails sent after logging in to the online service.

When I called, they told me that I needed to go into the branch where I had opened the account to regain access. Not to be redundant, but I was 10,000 miles away! Suspected fraud I was told. Clearly the line between protecting the bank and serving the customer has shifted far to the bank's benefit - there was literally no way for me to access MY money until I returned to the US.

I should have known better after previous experiences including being lectured by a phone representative about my obligation to payback what I owe when I proactively called to inform them of a failed international transfer that would delay my payment and being denied access to the value of a cashier's check for 3 weeks even after Chase confirmed with the woman who sold it to my husband and me (at the bank across the street literally minutes earlier) that it was valid and she personally remembered me. I was wrogly tempted by the perceived convenience of so many branches...

Oh - and the topper is that Chase charged me a $25 account closure fee per account. Summary - they accepted deposits - blocked withdrawals - then charged me to get my money back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

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You people are something else, found out today because I loaned my brother my card you went and locked me out of my account. But I have sent you email after email and you do not tell me a thing found this out from my brother that called the bank. I have a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to loan my card to who I wish to it is not up to you as to what I do with my card. But this is not the reason you locked down my account. You have locked it down because you wish to torment the handicapped. And guess because you’re in need of money you chose to disrespect your customers. But see I have come to grips that you are going to just steal the 1600 dollars in my account so just do it as I don’t need it as bad it seems you do. But I will go on posting all over the web that you people are a bunch of crooks and just torment the handicapped and there accounts with your bank. Remember you started this war and I love to smear people on the internet with the truth and will go on doing so with your bank. You wish to respond fine if not who in the *** cares if you do so at all.

Gina Whitecloud

Chase likes to play head games and insult the handicapped lock their accounts down, play with their money, lock it down so as they can’t pay their bills. Chase is just rude to their handicapped customers. I know as I am one of them.