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I recently got my taxes back and paid my Chase credit card down from roughly $5800 to $0 in one shot. I couldn't afford to pay it all off before and was absolutely disgusted with paying $200 a month only to have about $50 come off of what I owed - the hidden fees and interest rates are ridiculous.

So, after I had paid off the card I called one of their customer representatives and asked if I could get my APR lowered to something more reasonable. The representative abruptly told me they didn't lower APR's at this time and and asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I told him to close the account and within in 10 seconds the account was closed and the call was done with.

That was 2 weeks ago. Fast forward to today and I receive a statement from Chase saying I owe them $48.66. When I called to see why, I was told it was the interest I accrued on the account between the day my last statement was made available and the day I actually closed the account. I asked them to waive that and was told no. I asked to speak with an account manager and when I asked him he told me he would not waive that fee because it was valid. His name is Chris Sanders. I then asked Chris if he had closed an account only to be billed $48.66 two weeks later, would he be upset and he sat there and told me he would completely agree with the valid fee.

This is ridiculous. We, the taxpayers, bailed these sorry *** banks out only so they could turn around and continue to financially rape us. How do these people live with themselves?

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Credit Card.

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While I agree Chase sucks, the interest you were billed is valid. The amount you owed was collecting interest between the time of your last statement and the time you closed the account.

Your account was still open during that time.

Yes is sucks that the bill came after the account was closed, but they bill the interest monthly... so it makes sense.


No one forced you to use the account to begin with! Suck it up!