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I got the rushcard.com for my banking needs.The card came and I made arrangments for direct deposit.

Expecting my deposit today I checked before heading out to pay bills. When I checked I was told it would take 3 days for the funds to be attached to my card. Nowhere in the agreement does it state that. I even pointed that out to them.

They told me that the money is deposited to JP Morgan Chase asked for the number and they said they didnt have it.

I said yea right tell me another one.In order to speak ot a supervisor I had to Tell them im am filing complaints with bbb and the banking comission.Unless you dont want your direct deposit when you are suposed to get it I would seriously NOT use Rush Card held by JP Morgan chase.

Review about: Chase Bank Debit Card.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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to saanchez #1023192

I have noticed the same exact thing.

to saanchez Buffalo, New York, United States #1069023

I agree every since they changed banks you don't know when your MONEY is gonna be posted on your card even tho you get it a day early, My self after four years, this deposit for this month i am gonna switch to a more reliable card. Un Pleased Rushcard holder.

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #1015578

My Direct Deposit is late Rush Card is no longer using JP MORGAN so now Meta Bank is with Rush Card and my SSI is late it was due on Aug 3rd Rush Card Reps lied to me all *** day plus they don't understand what they are doing in English or Filipino swear I heard a kid playing in the background.

Will never use this card again!

to Lee #1102991

did it still load?


I had no problem with my direct deposit. ibwas waiting on my money as well but I ask my job payroll and they sad that payroll makes you wait three weeks before they would process my funds on my card. talk to your payroll

Brandon, Florida, United States #945658

Look I am having problems with my direct deposit I just started my job almost two weeks ago we usually get paid every two weeks on a monday but they got paid yesterday cause on the 16th of February is president day so they got paid yesterday on friday the 13th my money is not on my rush card I will be calling a lawyer because this ant right at all I trust you guys and you playing with my money and that ant going to work were is my money at rush card people I will never used yalll again at all yalll cant even help me I want my money I will sused yall were is my money

Los Angeles, California, United States #944906

Worst customer service! The people don't know what they're talking about nor do the understand what the customer is trying to resolve.

Dallas, Texas, United States #939225

Stupidest *** card ever!Had almost 8000 dollars deposited...and can't withdraw more than 1500 cash in a 24 hr period.

Really inconvenient when you need to buy a car, or anything else over 2000 dollars! Customer service is TRASH!

They don't speak proper English.They are rude and uncaring and VERY unprofessional!

to Amber Greenwich, Connecticut, United States #1292943

Go to a real bank dummy. What expect it's prepaid hahahaha

Dayton, Ohio, United States #926101

this is the most unprofessional company ever reps hang up on you can't get my money im about to call bbb and banking commission as we speak would not advise anyone to get this card its a pieceof ***

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