Houston, Texas
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I stopped to withdraw $100 from a Chase ATM on a Chase checking account, but hit by accident $60 so I canceled the transaction. I then re-swiped my card and asked for $100 and received a receipt that said "Transaction Denied." So, I go round to another ATM at the same drive-in bank and get my $100.

When I look at email later I have two charges for $100 approximately a minute apart. When I call, they find the charges then want me to go through the claims department. This is similar to what happened at the same machine months ago except I didn't get a receipt and the bank was open at the time so my initial complaint was handled by a banker who called in. I still had to fill out papers to get my money credited.

This is a bad ATM, Chase surely knows it, I've never had this happen at any other ATM in my life, so my question for all is how many people are losing money to Chase because they don't get instant email alerts or check their transactions each month? This is petty fraud by a huge bank. No wonder Chase can't kept track of billions worth of loses from bad trades in London, I wonder if they can do arithmetic let alone know what their machines or employees are up to.

Asleep at the wheel seems to be their M.O. or is it by intent?

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Checking Account.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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