Indianapolis, Indiana
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My wife attempted to get cash from our account (not Chase but at a Chase ATM) but no money came out. She went around the building and used the other ATM and got same result.

This time she also got a receipt saying it was declined (there was sufficient funds). She then drove to our credit union (much further, that is why she went to the Chase ATM) but was told she could not because that would exceed our daily limit. As it turns out, Chase deducted from our Credit Union but my wife did not get any cash.

Chase said our bank would have to mediate so we went to our Credit Union and filed the necessary action. It has been a week now and we still do not have our money.

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Then the complaint is with your credit union for not refunding your money not the bank.


They need to reconcile and balance those particular ATMs. This takes some time, depending on the energy of the employees performing the audit. Wait a few more days then re-contact your Credit union and complain.