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I have 7 accounts with chase, in addition to a business account. I used the chase quick pay with Zelle feature to purchase goods from someone.

We negotiated the purchase and I transferred the money, using Zelle’s guidelines. Of course, 2 weeks go by and this fraudster never sent the merchandise. I frantically calmed chase, assuming that they would protect me against bank fraud, but guess again!!! They opened a claim and within 3 days flat out refused to review further.

Wasted calls got me nothing but frustrated, and they couldn’t even give me a clear explanation as to what their fraud protection policy is!!!! Bottom line: DO NOT USE CHASE QUICKPAY

Product or Service Mentioned: Chase Bank Quickpay Mobile Application.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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How is it Chase's problem that the seller did not deliver? It's quick pay.

You paid the guy through your bank

That's what banks do. You want the money back you have two options, sue him, or pursue him.


So you frantically calmed chase?