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Chase Bank in Atlanta, Georgia - Chase orders transactions to make checks bounce

Recently had to switch my long-time checking account from WAMU (who I loved) to Chase, when they took over WAMU. Chase, like most of the other large banks, orders your transactions from largest to smallest so there is a greater likelihood that you will have insufficient funds fees. They charged me a $34 NSF fee for a negative balance of $3.24. Because of THEIR charge, there was then another charge of $34.00 for insuffient funds. A cost of $68.00 for being short $3.00 (due to the way they ordered checks). I'm closing out my account tomorrow. BEWARE!!!
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this happened to me too. they charge 10 dollars fro transfering money from savings to checking and when they charge the 10 dollars, it over drew my account so my account was -3.00 dollars.

they then went ahead and charged me 35 dollars for nsf. what kind of business is this.


If you had enough money in you account to cover the checks you wrote, it wouldn't matter what order the cancled checks.


EVERY bank now does this. It is common practice.

The days of balancing the old check book are long gone. Your account online is now your checkbook. And yes, this is done on purpose to make as much money as possible whether you can afford it or not. I repeat.

EVERY bank now does this. I can't urge people enough to stick with Credit Unions. These banks are nothing more than money eating machines with no regards to human life what so ever. Wait til Bank of America *** you over with thier keep the change program.

They will send your account into the neg so that they may transfer your change into your savings then charge you a $10.00 transfer fee AND a $35.00 NSF fee which THEY created by shifting money to your savings. Keep your money in jars or buy gold.

Its the only way to really know you are in control of your funds. Banks are here to suck you dry, not help you.


I just called their main number, raised *** and after a while they reimbursed me. 1-800-527-9562.

Screaming and yelling works wonders. I am whole again!

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Chase Bank Checking Account

Chase Bank in Chicago, Illinois - Chase takes over Wamu

We've been account holders with Wamu for over 20 years ( before they were Wamu). after the Chase took over I've had 3 serious problems with Chase: -Terrible customer service; they act as if they were doing you a favor. - Written communication concerning new fees and procedures are non-existent. When you go to the bank, you find out about the new policy! -As a customer, they do not back up your money if a merchant makes a mistake on your ATM card. I will be moving all my accounts to another bank I recommend the same! Miami, Florida.
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I agree! I've been laid off since May '09, and was a happy WaMu mortgage holder for the past 16 yrs. until Chase took over.

I tried to file for a mortgage modification loan and got zero communication from them regarding the status for 4 months! After the first month I called and they said I forgot to submit the application page and 3 other pages. This is false! They lost my paperwork, so it was back to square one with them.

It took them another month to file the 4 pages I just sent them into my existing file because it was at another location.

I paid $20 to originally Fed Ex 50 pages of my financial documents to them. I checked them over 6 times before sending. I certainly wouldn't have missed sending the obvious application form!

So months and months go by, I keep calling, they tell me they're in process. The 5th month I call and they asked if I received the denial letter in the mail. I never received anything over the phone nor in writing that I was denied. And they won't even tell you the name of the loan processor, nor let you talk to them to explain your situation.

Then they said I was denied "for reasons unknown"!!!! After talking to 5 customer service reps I found out I was denied because I kept paying my mortgage!!! Someone was helping me pay my mortgage until I could get the mortgage modified!!!!!! So now I'm up a creek.

I'll never do business with you again Chase! You're highly incompetent and I wouldn't trust my finances with your company ever again. You just ignored me in my time of need after me paying mortgage interest for the last 16 yrs.


This bank is terrible. They neglected to inform me that when I closed my account with them paying them in 2007 and paying them the 271 dollars I owed, that for some reason the transaction never cleared.

When WAMU was bought out by Chase they sought fit to take the money out of my account randomly WITHOUT notifying me causing me to overdraft 15 times. I use my debit card for the smallest thing so you can understand how distraught I was to hear that yes they did notify me though I have no piece of mail, email, or phone message about this incident. Oh and of course that no it wasn't their error so I would not get the 465 dollars in overdraft fees back.

I have never been so infuriated and frustrated in my life. How these people sleep at night during times like these and defrauding money out of people is SICK.

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Chase Bank Account
I went into a chase branch and deposited $370 with an actual human teller. I have to do this because I have an out of state account so they have to send the deposit to Kentucky si it usually takes 24-48 hours tops. A few days later I called because the deposit was not...
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I didn't know this was possible, but it just happened to me at fifth third bank. I made $600 cash deposit and it showed online as pending.

Then the next day it was gone without a trace. I went to the bank and the teller said no deposit was on record. I gave her my receipt and she then found record of but said the money was missing.

It's been 3 days and no credit yet. I plan to make another trip to the bank today to try and resolved.

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Chase Bank Banking Service
Well, it's nice to know that I'm not the only one being screwed by Chase who has gotten too big for their own breeches. Back in 2006, when the new government regulations was suppose to also go into effect to "help the consumer pay off their debts faster", and my...
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I have been robbed!!! My direct deposit is always pending, Then the the Fees are taken out.

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Chase Bank Loan

Chase Bank in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Chase - Credit Line Termination

August 19, 2009 Executive Office Attn: Nancy Stoneman, VP Mail Code IL1-6215 2500 Westfield Drive Elgin, IL 60124 RE: Check Gallery VISA Account **** **** **** 3805 Thank you for the letter in response to my request for Chase to re-open my account they closed due to "no activity". From the letter, I see you decided to not re-open my account but never said exactly why. Next time you might want to be clearer as to why the request to re-open an account was denied. But regardless, here's my response to your letter. First off, I am not some deadbeat consumer and I have a spotless credit history that spans some 20+ years. Have I ever been late, overdrawn, filed bankruptcy, or anything of the like? No, never, not with you or any other creditor…EVER. In times like this you should be lucky to have a customer like me on your books. What makes this somewhat humorous is a few months ago you gave my small business a credit line and then decided to cut my personal line and close my account for "any reason" as you so kindly pointed out in your letter to me. As soon as my 0% free ride period is up that account will be closed by me, you don't deserve a consumer like me, my business doesn't need a bank like you and I personally don't want to do business with Chase ever again. What's so disturbing about all this is at the same time you treat good consumers like this you are getting $25 Billion in Federal TARP money (aka taxpayer money, aka my money) to bail out Chase since they mismanaged their business. Glad I could spot you a few bucks, too bad you couldn't pay it forward. Chase is clearly a bunch of corporate crooks and it's nice that you let it be known by all this. Since this is the end of our relationship, please stop sending myself and my business "pre approved" offers in the mail. The next one that comes is being sent back to Chase with a brick attached to it. Chase is paying for the postage aren't they? Oh wait, that would be me and my TARP money I loaned Chase. Regards, Greg Wilkinson Outstanding Consumer
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Chase is haboring scams that are hiding in Arizona telemarketers. They have accounts with the scammers, Economic Freedom, My Choice Business Services, and what ever name they choose to call themselves while scamming the american people.

Chase continues to not return the funds that were disputed when they were scammed by telemarketers out of Arizona. Do not do business with CHASE, they do not care about there customers, no matter how long you have been a 20 something customer with them. I did not even sign for the product, it was scammed from my household. How is that when I am the only signer on the card.

All they say is it came out of your household. There is no product.

Chase is ???? you fill in the work


You continue to contact me and harrass me regarding a faudulent charge on my credit card that was reported to you on the date I received my statement, January 21, 2010. It has been filed with the local authorities and FBI, since the purchases were made out of state. According to the law, My obligation is for $50, if that since I reported it to you and canceled my card on January 21, 2010, yet you sent me another card which I shredded due to the amount that has been allowed to be placed by you without notifiying me of the over charges until they were done. My past charges with your company speak for themselves, I never charged those amounts and my only debt to you is as I said for the $1260.00 to Habits for Humanity which I am paying at $100.00 per month. If I receive any more harrassing calls from you then I will contact our attorney general's office for relief and the FCC will be notified of your conduct in this matter. I am the VICTIM not the abuser.

If God brings you to it, He will get you through it"

Linda S. Johnson


My balance on the Chase CC was $ 2,900 out of $ 3,000 available. Chase closed the credit line stating that it is too risky to keep it open.

I have tried to explain that they have $ 100 at risk and by closig it they put $ 2,900 at risk. It looks like people overthere who are responsible for making decisiion could not understand simple banking. Also, they could not understand that after closing LOC the balance becoming simple loan and, therefore, 29% they want to continue charging me is now usury.

If politicians wanted really to help people, they would give Chase money in exchange for reducing customer balances.

Instead taxpayer money were giving without strings attached.

I think it is about time to make banks and politician alike accountable for their actions. They should pay out of their own pockets and plans and accounts.


Join a credit union. Banks are a scam in general.


I've also had the Chase debit card issued by Texas' unemployment insurance refused at gas stations. This is a new development, and it happened at two different companies on the same day, so I'm guessing the problem is Chase. My wife returned her AARP card from Chase after they raised the interest rate.


I'm like the others...good credit, paid on time, paid more than minimal payment and they flat out cutoff my credit line. Called many times complaining.

CHASE CAN KISS BIG O FAT *** And I'm working hard to pay off what I owe. No telling what I might tell them whenever I mail my final payment.


Fia, Citi, Citi Group, Bank of America, Chase, the only one so far that I feel is a good bank is Wachovia/Wells Fargo see I use the term lightly because they raised interest from 0% to 8.75 that is very fair my fico is 600 because of the dam other banks cutting lines so it looks like you max out your cards. But we the people need to take a stand we vote in the political dip sticks and they don't help at all but give our tax money away to banks and car companys, Did you ever get a free loan or car?

If everyone goes back to the old days pull the money out of the bank and but a safe keep it home we can bring all of them to the bottom then you will become Mr.

Jone not a *** fico number. Good Luck


I have had Chase cc for at least 20 yrs, always made my payments on time, mostly in full until the last few yrs. Then one day I get statement w/over limit fee, not having charged a thing!

When I called them, they say my limit was lowered, which made it lower than what I owed, thus an over limit charge!

I complained, they eventually raised the limit to just over what I owed (so nice of them), in the meantime, it went against my credit (which until then was great). Seems like every time I think I will get ahead, they lower my limits and it makes it look like I keep charging and charging!


Few Months ago The “Generous” CHASE Bank took over WAMU…

Now they prove to be the biggest scanners I ever know.

End of July 2009 They inform met that my credit limit was lowered from 25,000 Dollars to 4,900.

They listed the reason being that My account is to new

I contacted and ask them what is too new “IS” ? Because I had it since 1998 A little over 11 years…..Never been late or over Drowned.

They told me over the phone that I need a Credit report sent to them…

I did sent the TRW report to them .It is already 2 months and no reply.


They went bagging for Federal money they do not use and go for more form us?

Incidentally as a reply they sent to me a letter informing me that interest rates went up too…

My Story…even true..I am asking any one can tell me WHAT we are going to do about it?....

Any Ideas?



OMG! I can't believe what I am reading on this site.

My 19 yr. old daughter had an account with WAMU and they were a great bank as far as I could see from her account. The situation that happened with her is this - she has a checking account in which she deposits her measly part-time pay checks in every week; she also has a savings account with over $1500 in it. Now when it was WAMU, if she overdrew on her checking account they would automatically transfer the funds from her savings; apparently Chase doesn't do this.

In July she made an $80 dollar payment to her little credit card with a $250 limit. There was not enough in her checking to cover it (short by $5); instead of transferring the money from her savings they returned it to the cc company as insufficient funds and charged her like $35 for the returned payment. The cc company submitted the payment again a few days later and again it was returned and the bank charged her. In addition the cc company charged her $37 a piece for each time it was returned, another $37 for overlimit fee (it went over the limit with the 2 $37 returned check fees), and another $37 for the payment now being late.

Now her $250 limit card has a balance of nearly $500! I have been telling her to go to the bank and find out why they weren't transferring the money from the savings. After all I have read on here I am going to take her to the bank tomorrow and try to get some of these charges reversed. Then we are going to close her accounts there and take her business elsewhere.

And beside all this, she says every time she goes in they are pushing their credit card on her saying that she's preapproved for a $1000 limit card.

She is a college student with a part time job and they are trying to push her into a situation that could ruin the credit she has!! The business practices of these large corporations are downright thievery!


I am filing chapter 7 and Chase will be screwed out of over $60,000

Doesn't make you feel better?


Everyone here knows what "Loan Sharks" are. Credit Card companies are a modified version of them except they are larger and support politicians like VP Biden.

If you look at the credit card address most of them are home based in Delaware State or states that allow credit card companies to basically do what they want to. I watched a article on PBS about credit card and how they operate, and how the government has allowed little or no control over them. This allows for the reduction in your maximum credit line, which effects you credit score, and if you don't pay bills like electric, car payments,or any housepayments or any bill that would effect your credit rating the credit card company's obtain this data and then raise your interest rate accordingly. Best way to deal with credit card companies...........Pay them off...Don't use them unless you have the money to pay them off.

Most of the card companies have CEO's that are lawyers, have you cheated a lawyer lately? Unlikely but, anyone here had a lawyer lately?

You just met the credit card company all over again. Providing a service with great fees attached............


I was screwed by Chase after WAMU went down the tubes. I was paying 7.9% for WAMU credit card never late.

When Chase took over The first month my interest went to 14.9% then next month 19.9% then 23.9% then 29.9% I called and complained and they lowered it to 24.9% wow what a gift for being a good customer. I now have paid off 2 credit card and have one left.

I will never use credit cards again and it is a good feeling not being a slave to these evil financial companies. So f-u Chase and all the rippoff banks


I have an even better story with chase. I have a credit line of 23000 since 5 years and use that card usually with 5,000.00.

Always payment in time, sometimes pay off in full. Had never a problem with them I have to say until now. Tehy send me an offer since months to deposit a check into my account and use my creditline of 23000. I do exactly that.

The check clears into the bank. A message that I still have on my answering service asks me to confirm and gives me a code for it. I call, cnfirm and give the code. 4 further days later chase takes the money back, although the credit line was available.

This is a regular card of mine with no late payments or anything since 5 years...Anyway, chase takes the check that already cleared out of the bank. 3 bankchecks bounce, luckily good standing with the bank, bank at least paid checks. I get charged alltogether 70.00 in bankfees plus 10.00 for chase taking the already deposited 10,000 back but it is not over, now on top of everything cancels my 23000 creditlimit down to 11000. When I call angry about all the bankfees and aggrevation that they caused they offer me to apply for a creditline increase??????

Are they insane?

They send me an offer, do not give that offer then, and additionally cancel my creditlimit down. When you complain they tell you: Yes Mam I understand what you are saying but you cann apply for an increase?????


Same as most of the other folks I've paid my bills on time and even paid extra every month. My min.

payment went up from 300. to 900. the reason I was told economic times. Band had to protect it's self from bad credit card debt.

Now I've had no problems paying the 300. but I will not pay the 900. what is one to do? any ideas?

who will protect us from them?

Our money bailed them out and here we are getting screwed.

G. Damned bastards they should have access to this web site.


When Chase took over Wamu they sent me a letter and decreased my credit limit for no reason at all so in a way I am glad because I decided since they steal 60% of my payment anyway and only apply 40% to the actual bill I just will not use the card any more and they can kiss my poor *** goodby and maybe someone will arrest them for being the thieves they are and put them out of business to. Always remember what goes around comes around.


If it will make you feel any better, my ex and i are in the process of filing chapter 7 and Chase will be screwed out of over $30,000 between the two of us.


I experienced the same action from Chase with my WAMU credit cards. Chase closed both my accounts - one with "no" outstanding balance and the other with less than a $200.00 balance.

I see from some of the comments here that I am not the only one. I didn't ever bother to contact them I just took my business to another bank!!!!!!!!


When Chase took over Wamu they cancelled my 10,000 credit card. There was never a notice or even a telephone call.

I had to find out while trying to make a purchase that was declined. I was never late, always paid more than required payment and only used 27% of credit line at any given time. WOW.

Thanks Chase. I will definitely tell everyone I know how bad my experience has been with them.


Do not trust Chase ever...My husband was taken down with throat cancer in 2001 and then brain tumor in 2002 ....Had a credit card with another bank but Chase ended up buying them out...Had insurance to pay our preiums and they paid over $3,000.00 to them but they kept adding late fees interest over the limit fees and our credit limit was only $5,000.00 and when they got done even though insurance had paid we had a bill of $10.000.00 and I fought and fought with them and they would not except my payments said it was not enough..My husband is disabled and we draw Social serciut now and they suied us and went through the courts to collect the full $10,000.00 ....At the time I could not get to court to defend this because my husband was in the hospital getting his voice box removed and hanging on for his life....and we ended up having to pay back all that which $5,000.00 or more was there charges not ours and we now have a judgement on our credit record that will take forever to go away and now we are unable to get any credit at all....We had very huge medical bills coming our way and done our best to take care of those.....this kind of pratice is all un called for....It will take us our life time to pay this off if we live long enough...Its sad that these people do the edlerdy this way is a crooked deal and they do not deal fairly...


:( Before Chase took over WAMU any deposit was credited immidiatly...especially cash...I deposited %1000 cash one day early in the morning and went and bought something in the evening...they waited 24hrs before crediting my account...and tried to hit me up for 3 overdraft charges..I b!CHTED WHINED and complained and they finally gave back the overdraft charges....while WAMU was in charge I never had an overdraft or problem....since Chase took's been one problem after another.


I too was hit by chase , my credit is execellent and I pay all my bills ontime and online .My problem begun when chase took over WAMU. I did not receive my online notification [paperless billing..] so therfore is was late my apr went up to 29 % .I later did a balance transfer to another card with lower interest rate and paid the balance in full.

I recently receive a letter from chase saying that due to the lack of use of my credit line.It was being reduced to 6,500 from 13,000.I think all these big banks are big ripoffs.They are the only ones to make a profit... citi bank is the same thing too.


melfl- it's got to be the gas station, not Chase, as I too have a Chase card, and have used it all over the place, and have never needed to go in, at gas stations

atfullcount- I can kind of see how perhaps things might evolve where only a certain card could be used, vs. their own debit cards, to decrease costs associated with credit card companies (it does cost more to a business to use Visa/MC/etc via charge, vs. debit, and either is costing the company providing that conv.). I can also see how there'd be a charge associated with a transfer but if the cost/charge of that goes up with each dollar increase (assuming you mean that the more you transfer, the higher the fee, percentage-wise), then that IS not acceptable.

I will certainly be looking for fees/unexpected activity from Chase itself as time goes on. Thanks for your posts!

Eddy ~~~


I am, unfortunatley for me, drawing unemployment from a state that uses a Chase VISA (supposedly) Credit/Debit card. It is a joke!

I can't use it at the gas pump as either a debt or credit without going inside.

And to make matters worse, I also have a Chase mortgage, and since I don't escrow insurance and real prop taxes with them, it usually takes 3 months of emails back and forth with Chase for them to finally acknowledge they have received copies of my insurance payment and real prop taxes. I will NEVER take a mortgage with Chase again.


I too, had excellent credit with Chase and only used the card for gas and payed it off on a monthly basis. I was denied another gas card on the grounds that they never made any money off of me.

The government of this country is totally off base bailing out these crooks.

I subsequently cancelled all 3 cards I had with Chase and will no longer do no business with them. BOYCOTT CHASE!!


Chase also has a nifty in with the US Navy. Sailors are required to use the Chase cards they call Navy Cash for any and all purchases while on deployment, including any vending machines on ship and using this same card to make ship to shore phone calls to loved ones back home.

The funding of this card is "easy", the sailor transfers money from his/her regular checking account to this Chase debit card (why they can't use their normal debit cards????) But.. to do this, Chase gets a killer service charge! For a $30 transfer, Chase gets $5, the more you transfer the more they take. What a racket, and here these sailors are busting their tails serving their country for little pay, really, and parasites like Chase are sucking them dry.


Wilkinson, excellent letter, thank you. Chase is fleecing America, coming and going!

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Chase bank is fee Crazy

I am an original Washington Mutual customer & Chase bank finds any way they can to charge you fees. They will put a hold on your payroll check if it not a direct deposit, There ATM machines have different cut off times when WaMu was 9pm PST, They run the largest check or debit 1st to get more NSF fees from the consumer, they charge an $12.50 fee if you balance is negative for 5 or more day even negative balance is only the NFS/Banks fees, There online transfer cut off time is 8pm EST when WaMu was 9pm PST & there customer service reps don't know there heads from *** in the ground, there are reading from a script & the accents are so heavy you can understand them & they are sure of the ATM & online banking cut off times. I have come to this conclusion that Chase wants to use my & your money to make money, but Chase pays the consumer/us with fees for the use of our money. There is something quite wrong with this type of banking relationship.
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OMG!!! I agree with everyone on this post.

Chase bank is horrible. They have decided to return two of the checks I wrote because they claim that the account had insufficient funds. However, I have original bank receipts that show that my account had sufficient funds. They charged me $34.00 per returned check.

Worst bank in the nation. Stay away!!!


These idiots at Chase are greedy, simple as that. They get a bailout from us taxpayers, and then they screw the consumer outlandishly (in this case, credit card holders).

They reduce credit card limits, and if you had any transactions like a convenience check pending before they notified you of the reduction...they return your cash advance check, charge you Returned Item fees, and then decide to increase minimum payments to more than double what it used to be. And the nerve that they try to ask you where you bank (like for checking accounts) when you're at their bank. Do you think I'd want a checking account there after being treated so badly by their credit card and branch Customer Service? It's no wonder the big banks are soulless and prey on their loyal and longtime customers.

Yes, something is wrong with how Chase relates to its customers--who bailed them out!!

Grrr... :(



I was thinking of banking with Chase, but after reading the complaints, I'm wary.

Wells Fargo does it too...I sent a check to the gas company and it took 2 weeks for Wells Fargo to post it. I had forgotten all about the payment and after I made several debits, the check was posted. They charged me over $200.00 in NSF fees.

Why are banks doing this? oh I know, because they're all greedy bastards!


I agree this bank has taken over 500 dollars of nsf in my checking account! I strongly agree with everyone they switch transactions around to charge fees!

But I just found a receipt for a debit transaction I made 08/07/09.

The bank has it posted for 08/18/09 and charged a fee of 34.00. Lets get these bastards!

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Chase Bank Banking Service
I have been a Chase customer long time ago but due that they were not handling properly my CD's, Checking and Loan accounts decided to move to Bank One, It was great until Chase adquiered it and then start my issues again. The drop that overflow the glass was the...
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Thats the reason I don't deal with them . They have no clue on what to do. I would school them on the issue but they dont listen.

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Chase Bank Checking Account

Chase Bank in Hayward, California - WAMU becomes CHASE and no more FREE ATM widrawals

As you guys know WAMU became CHASE this year. One thing I loved about WAMU was FREE ATM use, which made them special since the other banks charge $2.00 per ATM usage. Also, WAMU was different with its Teller services, no charge either. Other banks allowed you to see a teller once or a couple a times in a month or they add a charge into your account for services. SO I AM PISSED THAT CHASE will Start their ATM fee of $2.00 on OCTOBER 2009...I am moving to another bank...sooon...any suggestions or comments..? I miss the WAMU logo already...
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its not working properly its a fake thing


try your local credit union or if you or a family member can join USAA out of San Antonio, TX. membership is usually for current military, retired military and immediately family members. ATM fees, up to some limit I believe $25 is refundable per month, even overseas fees.


Try Liberty Bank. That's who we have and all atm fees are refundable at the end of the month. they credit your account.

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Chase Bank Account

Chase Bank in Midlothian, Virginia - Unethical practices...close account after being 30 days late and continue charging interest and fees

I have been with Chase for almost 10 years. I recently had some life changes and missed 2 payments...actually only 45 days late on payment. Anyway, they closed my account. Closing my account isn't the bad part. After they closed my account, they continue to charge me for finance charges, late fees and other fees...four different fees each month totalling over $200. This is insane and unethical. If a company decides to close a credit account, that is fine, but at that point, since they chose to close the account, they should not under any circumstances be allowed to charge you any more fees. Is there some law about this? Could someone please share some insight?
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They closed the account because you weren't paying on it. They can continue to charge you interest because the amount you owe them is not in their bank account.

Call them directly and make arrangements to pay for it, and hopefully they will drop the late payment charges from here on out. But dont get your hopes up since you already defaulted they may not be real lenient.

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Chase Bank Credit Card
I have been a loyal Washington Mutual customer for over 15 years. When they were bought out by JP Morgan Chase, I knew that there would be changes to their policies and procedures, but was resolved to not change banks because of the overall hassle involved. However,...
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I have one Chase credit card. I got behind on payments, and tried to play catch up, but could not, and they would not work with me, so I paid what I could, the same time every month.

After about a year of this, they re-aged the account, and lowered the interest rate and closed the account.

So, I have about three hundred left to pay, then I am done with them. Then, they can go CHASE their tails!!

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Chase Bank Banking Service